10 Baby Names Inspired By Once Upon A Time

Everyone remembers the fairy tale stories that our moms read to us while we were growing up. Once Upon A Time turned classic stories that we all know into an amazing T.V show that lasted for seven seasons.

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 Once Upon A Time was a fantastic show, which is definitely why millions of viewers tuned in week after week. With characters we loved for several seasons there are many great names to choose from if you are expecting a baby. So if you are looking for a magical baby name for your little one then keep reading this list to see the best names from Once Upon A Time.

10 Sidney

Sidney is a charming name for any little boy. In Once Upon A Time, Sidney is the human form of the Magic Mirror. When you give your little one, this name will encourage them to live a life on honesty just like the character he is named after in the show.

According to Names.org, the name Sidney is not an overused name. In 2017, in the United States, there were only 177 boys given the name Sidney that year. The name Sidney is also ranked at the 612th popular names for boys.

9 Roni

Although Regina Mills (aka Roni) is the name of the Evil Queen in Once Upon A Time, we promise your baby won’t be evil if you give her this name! Roni is just such a unique name to give to your daughter that she will surely love at any stage of her life.

This isn't a very common name as only 26 parents used this name for their babies in 2017 in the U.S. as noted by Names.org. You will know that she will be the only Roni in her classroom. Skip all the other overused, common names and give your daughter the name Roni.

8 Killian

Killian is a strong name to give to your son if you love Once Upon A Time. Killian Jones is better known as his fairytale form as Captain Hook, who is always looking for an adventure. And this name will be a memento for your son to always go after want he wants in life!

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Names.org says that the name Killian has been gaining momentum by parents over the last five years. In 2017 in the United States, over 1,400 parents chose this name for their sons.

7 Zelena

In Once Upon A Time, the Wicked Witch of the West is better known as Zelena. Zelena is definitely a rare name that any little girl would love to have.

This name is perfect for fans who want to choose a name that is not typical and not going to be overused by other parents. And from 1880 to 2017, only 166 babies were born with this name in the United States, as reported by Names.org. So give your little one a name that won't be heard a lot and choose Zelena.

6 Walsh

Since everyone knows the great Wizard of Oz, it was only fitting for Once Upon A Time to include that character into the show as well. The Wizard of Oz is known in his human form as Walsh. And Walsh is a charming name to give to your son.

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Walsh is also perfect for any boy because he will be able to grow into his name. With the name Walsh being so uncommon, it has been overlooked by many parents. According to the ranking by Names.org, it stands at 85,929th.

5 Milah

Milah is a beautiful name for a little girl. On  Once Upon A Time, Milah is known as being the wife of Rumpelstilzchen. According to Names.org, the name Milah means miracle. And anyone who has a baby knows that a baby is always a miracle.

The name Milah has also become very popular with parents using it for their daughters since the early 2000s. In fact, more and more parents chose this baby name every single year. In 2017, there were 225 baby girls born with this name in the United States. So get ahead of how popular this name is going to be and give your daughter the name Milah.

4 Quinn

Quinn is known in Once Upon A Time as being a werewolf. And this name is a delightful name that any son would love. And even though not every werewolf in Once Upon A Time makes the best choices, the name Quinn means wise one, as reported by Names.org.

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In 2017, the name Quinn was used almost 900 times in the United States. This is a name this is sure to grow in numbers since it is the perfect name for a little boy! So make the right decision and give your son the name Quinn.

3 Lacey

Lacey is definitely an adorable name for a little girl. And Lacey is the human name for Belle in Once Upon A Time. Lacey is a perfect name to give your little girl if you want a softer sounding name for your daughter. When you speak the name Lacey, you can tell that it has a natural flow to it, and that's not always the case with names.

Many parents don't go for this baby name, though: in 2017, as stated by Names.org, only 500 girls were given this name. So don’t make the mistake of overlooking this name and make sure to put Lacey on your list!

2 Jefferson

If you love both Alice in Wonderland and Once Upon A Time then you want to give your son the name Jefferson. In the TV show, Jefferson is the human form of the Mad Hatter that everyone knows and loves! And according to the Names.org, the name Jefferson has had many ups and downs through the years.

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In 2017, Jefferson was chosen by parents for their son’s name only 353 times, in the United States. So give your son a name that he will love, before it becomes popular again, with the name Jefferson.

1 Marian

Marian is a beautiful name to give to any little girl. On Once Upon A Time, Marian is the love interest of Robin Hood. This is a gorgeous name that any little girl can grow up into and still love as an adult. And with this name being rare, it is not used by many parents. According to Names.org, the name Marian was used less than 300 times in 2017, in the United States alone. This is a type of name, though, parents will hear and wish they gave it to their little girl!

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