10 Perfect Baby Names With Only One Syllable

One of the biggest trends that is going to appear in 2020 are short names for babies. And by short, we mean short and sweet and to the point. Some of the best short names for babies are one-syllable names. This trend is not just popular for baby boys, this trend is popular for baby girls as well.

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And something you might not realize about one-syllable names is that there are a lot of them! Once you start looking for some, you see that there are hundreds of more to choose throw. So keep reading to discover the top ten perfect baby names with only one syllable.

10 Dash

A charming name that you need to consider for your son is the name Dash. This is a great name if you are looking for a short name that has not been used a lot by parents. According to Names.org, the name Dash has never been used a lot from parents for their child. Though this name has been a bit more popular in recent years it has only been used a little over 320 times in recent years. Dash is a perfect one-syllable name if you want an underused name.

9 Beth

Beth is a fabulous name that we know your daughter would love to have throughout her life. Beth was once a popular name, as reported by Names.org, with over 6,000 parents selecting this name for their daughter at one point in time in the United States. Though this name has not been popular on their own Beth has been a very common nickname for birth names Bethany or Annabeth. Let the name Beth have its time in the spotlight and give your daughter this amazing name.

8 Rick

A name that you want to make sure you consider for your son is the name, Rick. This name has been used as a main character in the very popular animated show, Rick and Morty. With this show having a huge fandom behind it is has been growing in popularity of the last few years.

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Whether you are naming your child after Rick Sanchez or just if it’s just because it is an iconic name that was used in the past this name is going to be a great choice for your child.

7 Tess

Tess is an excellent name that you should talk to your partner about if you are expecting a little girl. Names.org has reported that the name Tess has been being used by fewer parents in the last couple of years. But don’t let that stop you from selecting this name for your daughter. This will let your daughter be one of the few people that have this name growing up instead of it being overused and ever girl having it. So pick a name that is not as popular, but still beautiful with the name Tess.

6 Butch

If you have been searching for names for your son for a while you need to think about the name Butch. Names.org has mentioned that the name Butch was popular in the 1960s. And though this name has not been popular for many years we think that this name is going to make a resurgent in 2020 since it has not been used in a while.

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This is going to give it the appeal that this name is now uncommon-just what parents are now looking for. Let your son have a popular name form the 1960s and give your little boy the name Butch.

5 Val

Val is a lovely name if you want a short name for your daughter. With this name being a very popular nickname for girls this name is going to be huge in 2020. Val is not just a wonderful one-syllable name, it is also a great gender-neutral name. This means that the name Val is going to be a great choice if you want a name for your daughter that is not strictly feminine. Next time you talk to your partner about baby names make sure that you mention the name Val to them too see how much they like it!

4 Hank

A great traditional one-syllable name that you can consider for your son is the name, Hank. Hank is an older name that many people picture for an old name than a young boy. Though this is a great old man name, names like these are making a huge comeback in 2020.

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According to Names.org, over the past year more and more parents are selecting the name hank for their sons. With this being a name that has been loved in the past we can understand why it is popular now. So be ahead of the trend and give your son the name Hank.

3 Joy

When you are picking out a name for your daughter you want to select a name that is meaningful and that is why you should give her the name joy. Naming your child Joy is a way to encourage your daughter to be joyful at life. This will encourage your daughter to enjoy her life every minute. Seeing the good and making your daily life fun is something that will make your daughter’s daily life into something she is excited about every single day. Let your child live a cheerful life by giving her the name Joy to have throughout it.

2 Quinn

Quinn is a dashing name to name your son if you are looking for a classic one-syllable name that will stand the age of time. Quinn just sounds like the name of someone who is inquisitive and likes to try new things in life. Trying new things and taking chances are traits we know you want your son to have so they are able to live an exciting life without regrets. Make sure you select a name that will inspire your son to live a wonderful life and give him the name Quinn.

1 Ann

A sweet girl’s name that your daughter would love to have is the name, Ann. Ann is not just a sweet name it is also a very soft name too and is on the feminine side of girl names. Meaning that this name would suit your daughter at any stage of her life, whether as a child running around with her names, a professional in her career or someone who has lived a long and fulfilling life. So give the name Ann and chance and make sure you put this on your list to think about more.

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