10 Of The Most Popular Baby Names, Inspired By TV Shows

It's always fun when moms and dads take inspiration from entertainment when it's time to name their kids. For the kids, it'll give them a good indication of the shows that were the most popular around the time they were born. The rest of us can have a good chuckle at the parents who were so engrossed in their shows they thought it'd be good to name their kids after its characters.

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That's not to say that all of the names are ridiculous. Baby Center regularly tracks trends and spikes in baby names, and they just so happened to have compiled some of the most popular TV-inspired baby names of recent times. Some are classics, some are a bit more out there. Either way, here's a list of some of their findings and some insight into the characters that inspired the names.

10 Rachel - Friends

Although Friends was an ensemble show, Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green, was basically the unofficial lead. She inspired women around the world to get short, layered hair cuts. Even all these years later, Rachel is one of the most popular TV-inspired names for little girls.

Since Rachel, which is said to have Hebrew and German origins and mean things like "beautiful" and "sacrificial lamb," is a more traditional name, we can't give Rachel Green all of the credit. But she definitely gets some of it.

9 Glenn - The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead is kind, loyal and an absolute terror to zombies. Who wouldn't want to name their baby after him? We're not even surprised that there's been an influx of babies named Glenn in recent years.

Straying away from the fictional inspiration, Glenn (sometimes spelled Glen) has a meaning that isn't widely known. It's said to have Scottish origins.

8 Ayra - Game Of Thrones

Even if you don't watch Game Of Thrones, an HBO series based on the novel "A Song Of Fire And Ice" by George R. R. Martin, you're probably heard of it. It ended this year and is one of the most popular shows in recent history.

Ayra Stark, performed by Maisie Williams, was one of the most popular characters on Game of Thrones. She was so popular that some parents felt that Ayra was a suitable name for their newborns. Ayra has Arabic origins and means "respectable."

7 Rick - The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes was the star of The Walking Dead for a decade before the actor who plays him, Andrew Lincoln, exited the show. Honest, level headed, and a natural born leader; Rick played an essential role in keeping himself and his loved ones safe from the flesh-eating zombies who hunted them daily, as well as the murderous vigilantes that also wanted them dead.

While Rick lived a hard life, he possesses traits that most parents would love to see turn up in their children, later in life. With that said, Rick, which is said to have Indian origins, is already a pretty common name.

6 Temperance - Bones

Temperance Brennan, the central character of Bones, a comedy-drama that focuses on the world of anthropology to solve murder cases. Emily Deschanel played her for the entire 12-year run of the show. Temperance is a highly educated albeit somewhat eccentric anthropologist who proves to be a key figure in helping the FBI uncover the truth behind gruesome crimes.

Temperance appears to have English origins. It means "moderation of passion."

5 Huck - Scandal

Huck is probably the last Scandal character that you want to meet in a dark alleyway. He's a fiercely complicated man with a dark past as a former assassin. The beginning of the series shows him working for Olivia Pope at Oliva Pope and Associates, mainly as their muscle. Huck's qualities probably aren't very attractive to parents, but they obviously love the name more than they disagree with his actions.

The real world meaning of Huck appears to be unknown. Its origin is thought to be English.

4 Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore will probably forever be everyone's favorite cool mom. If you're familiar with Gilmore Girls, then you already know all of the reasons that this name is popular among parents, but we'll share them anyway.

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Even though Lorelai had her daughter, Rory, when she was young, she didn't allow that to stop her from achieving her dreams. She also rejected financial help from her very rich parents, which further proves how self-sufficient she was! Lorelai's meaning appears to be unknown. Its origin is English.

3 Cyrus - Scandal

Cyrus Beene was one of the least popular characters on Scandal, the crime drama which aired from 2012-2018. In a land filled with rogue politicians and the people who "fixed" their crimes, Cyrus still managed to be a thorn in many people's sides. He was the Vice President when Fitz Grant was in office and was involved in too many shady dealings to count.

That hasn't deterred parents from naming their precious babies Cyrus. In the real world, Cyrus means "God's messenger."

2 Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper is the rude, socially inept genius at the center of The Big Bang Theory. The series ended earlier this Spring, but the social impact of Sheldon and his antics will live on since more and more parents have been naming their babies Sheldon in recent years.

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Honestly, it just makes sense. Sheldon might be hard to deal with at times, but he's also a successful scientist and comes through for his friends when they really need him. These are attributes any parent would want for their child.

1 Khaleesi - Game Of Thrones

Contrary to popular belief, Khaleesi isn't the name of a character on Game Of Thrones. Khaleesi is actually a title of Daenerys Targaryen, portrayed by Emilia Clarke. A Khaleesi is the wife of a Dothraki warlord within the GOT universe.

Khaleesi is a made up term created by George R.R. Martin, so there's no real-world meaning for the name. It originates from the novels the show is based on.


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