10 Baby Names That Are Retro Yet Cool

There are many things in life that never go out of style: a great haircut, a little black dress, a nice pair of jeans, and a classic baby name. Even though you grew up going to school with ten girls named Rachel, you can't argue with the fact that it's a lovely name. There are many baby names that would be considered retro and old-fashioned, but they are still in the running when new parents are making lists.

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When you and your partner are figuring out a solid name for your baby boy or girl, thinking about names that were really popular in the past is a good idea. Read on to find out about 10 baby names that are retro yet cool.

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10 Anthony

When you're brainstorming baby boy names and want something retro and cool at the same time, what about Anthony?

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Anthony is included on a baby name list by Mom Junction and as the website says, "The meaning of this simple name is ‘priceless and praiseworthy.'" This is a solid, sweet name and it would most likely be one that you and your partner would both love, so it could be an easy decision for the two of you.

9 Margaret

What about Margaret for your baby girl? It does have a retro feeling since there's no doubt that this was a baby name that was chosen a lot in the past... but there's something so cool about it at the same time. It's the best of both worlds when it comes to baby names.

The Bump mentions Margaret as a vintage name and says, "Saints, queens and world leaders all share this classic name. There’s St. Margaret, the patron saint of expectant women; Queen Margaret of Scotland; and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, among many strong, smart females."

8 Leo

According to The Bump, Leo is a great retro baby name. There is something truly endearing and charming about this baby boy name.

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The Bump says that this name is number 116 and describes the meaning behind the name: "Leo dates to Roman times and was the name of popes, saints, emperors and kings. For stargazers, Leo is the fifth Zodiac sign and a constellation shaped like a lion." Leo is a perfect name when you want a baby name that is retro, cool, and has an interesting history behind it.

7 Jasper

Mom Junction says of this name, "Jasper is an old name has a style, panache, and originality. The Georgia-born artist Jasper John popularized the name. Jasper is also a better alternative to Joshua, Jacob, and Jayden."

Jasper definitely has the cool factor attached to it and it's not the most popular name out there, so you won't have to be concerned about feeling unoriginal. Sure, there's no shame in picking out a classic name if one speaks to you directly, but you and your partner might want a different name. Jasper will work.

6 Delphine

Nameberry put Delphine on a list of old-school baby names, and it might not be a moniker that you have even heard before. You don't come across a bunch of Delphines.

Delphine not only has a retro and a cool vibe, but it's a name that isn't on a lot of people's radars. That can be a comforting thought when it feels like everyone that you know is pregnant and picking out baby names and all you want is something that they're not going to go for.

5 Holden

When it comes to baby names for boys that begin with the letter "H" that aren't a lot that are interesting. Sure, you could pick "Henry" and that's a beautiful, simple, classic name.

If you want to go in another direction, though, what about Holden? Parents.com put Holden on a baby name list. According to to the website, "Holden's had cool cred with hipster parents for generations, thanks to its use in J.D. Salinger's classic The Catcher in the Rye. The name has English roots and means 'hollow valley.' It's currently in the top 300 names for boys."

4 Allegra

You're pregnant with a girl and you want a name that starts with the letter "A." You also want a name that was used a lot in the past and that just feels cool.

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Allegra is an awesome retro and cool name to pick out for your baby girl. According to Nameberry, "The name Allegra is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning 'joyous.'" Of course you want your baby to be happy and to grow up content, so this seems like a super fitting name.

3 Winifred

So you're thinking about baby names and nothing is really sparking your interest. It's time to think back to the past and find a bunch of retro but cool baby names so you can find the best one.

According to Cafe Mom, Winifred is a "forgotten but charming vintage girl name" and as the website asks, "And what name has a cuter nickname than Winnie?" That is definitely true, and if you name your baby girl Winifred, you get the name Winnie, too.

2 Lottie

Cafe Mom put Lottie on a list of baby names and it's a really great contender. It's the kind of name that is super cute, so it's going to suit your baby girl perfectly, and it has a lot of flair.

Lottie definitely sounds like the main character in a great story. She lives a cool life and dresses well and everyone always wants her style advice. It's a really great name to pick out for your baby girl, and people will for sure think that you came up with the best moniker possible.

1 Arthur

Parents.com put Arthur on a list of baby names and it's definitely a nice name to pick.

If you're thinking about the animated series Arthur that many people watched during their childhood years, then that's another good reason to choose this baby boy name. Arthur is such a sweet character and his name is adorable, too. This could be the name that speaks to you the most. Arthur, like the rest of the baby names on this list, is both retro and cool.

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