10 Names Perfect For A Sagittarius Baby

If you are expecting your baby to be born between November 22nd and December 22nd, then your baby is going to be a Sagittarius according to their zodiac sign. And many people believe that whatever their zodiac sign is will tell us a lot about how the person will think and behave based on when they were born.

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A wonderful way to honor your baby’s zodiac sign is to give them a name based on what Sagittarius personality types are typically like. So if you are a big zodiac believer then you need to keep reading to discover ten names that are perfect for a Sagittarius baby!

10 Flint

A charming baby name that would be perfect for any Sagittarius boy is the name Flint. Flint is a perfect name since the Sagittarius element is fire and flint is used to start fires. This name can not only connect your son to their zodiac sign, but it can also remind your little one to find things that they are passionate about and that lights them up inside. And what parent doesn’t want their child to find their true calling in life? Make sure you give your son a proper Sagittarius name by giving him the name Flint.

9 Journey

If you have any friends who are Sagittarius or if you are a Sagittarius yourself, then you will know how adventures people with this zodiac sign tend to be. A name that will suit your daughter perfect is the name Journey. This can well be a memento for your child to follow her gut and not to be afraid of adventures. Not only will with inspire her to go on adventures it will remember her to enjoy the journey of the adventure as well! Next time you talk to your partner about baby names bring up the name Journey to see what your partner thinks of it.

8 Althea

A beautiful name that will suit a girl at any stage of her life is the name, Althea. This name would be a perfect choice for a Sagittarius daughter since, according to Mom Junction, the name Althea mean creative.

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With Sagittarius being naturally creative you want to give your little one a name that will remind her to be creative when everyone else is not and just sticking to the rules. Add the name Althea to your list of possible baby names you want to use for your little girl!

7 Connie

Sometimes when people mention that their zodiac sign is Sagittarius people can have some strong feelings about people with that type of personality. This is because Sagittarius is known for being strong-willed. Though there is nothing wrong with being strong-willed you want to make sure that your child is not just shutting other peoples opinions out. The name Connie can help your daughter find the right balance with being strong-will and being able to compromise. Meaning of Names mentioned that the name Connie means strong-willed and wise meaning your little one will know when she is wrong and should listen to others.

6 Wendell

When you are trying to select the perfect name for your baby you want a name with meaning and name they are going to love. And that is why you need to look into the name Wendell. Ranker reports that the name Wendell means traveler.

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This name is a fantastic choice for a baby boy who is a Sagittarius sine they love adventure and a lot of adventures are about traveling. Select a name for your son that will encourage him to list to his adventure instinct and travel the world with the name Wendell.

5 Fallon

Since Sagittarius are known for being adventurous and creative they make natural-born leads. This is because of the confidence they have in themselves which makes others believe in their ability too. So why not name your daughter a name that means leader? She Knows mentions that the name Fallon means leader. Fallon is a gorgeous name we know your daughter will love too since it is not too common here everyone will have this name, but it is common enough where everyone has heard this name before and wished that they used it!

4 Jupiter

Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet and for Sagittarius the ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is a dashing name that we know any son would love to have. Since you can see Jupiter without a microscope on clear nights this name will be a reminder him that there is something bigger out there for him.

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Not only is the name a perfect name for a Sagittarius boy it is also perfect for any parent that loves space and our solar system. Select a name that your son is going to be happy to have and make sure you and your partner consider the name Jupiter.

3 Ailani

After going through so many names for your baby and not finding one that you and your partner love it can feel really discouraging at times. That is why you need to look into the personality traits that Sagittarius are known for having. A name that your daughter would love that fits Sagittarius’ personalities is the name Ailani. She Knows reports that the name Ailani means high chief which is also known for being leaders of their tribe. Give your daughter a name that will encourage her to embrace her true self with the name Ailani.

2 Jimi

With zodiac signs have common personality traits, both good and bad, that people have you want to make sure to pick out a name for your son that shows off Sagittarius positive traits like the name Jimi. Mom Junction mentions that the name Jimi means creative. With Sagittarius known for being creative and thinking out of the box, this is a name we know your son is going to love! Let your son have a name that fits into his zodiac sign and give your son the name Jimi.

1 Eliane

A sweet name that any little girl would love to have is the name Eliane. Eliane is a beautiful name that we know a Sagittarius baby would love to grow up having since this name means sun according to Nameberry.com. With Sagittarius element being fire this name will be something your daughter will cherish since you put so much thought into it. Since you are naming your baby after the biggest fire of them all, the sun, this name is going to inspire your child to shine bright for the things she loves to do in life!

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