10 Names Perfect For A Scorpio Baby

If you are currently pregnant and your baby’s due date is expected between October 23 to November 22 then you are going to have a Scorpio baby. The zodiac sign that your baby is born under can play a big part in the type of person your baby will grow into and their personality they will have.

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You want to make sure that you select a baby name for your child that is going to suit them and be one that they can grow into. So keep reading to discover ten names that will be perfect for your Scorpio baby!

10 Casey

If you are looking for a sweet name for your little boy then you want to consider the name Casey. Names.org mentions that the name Casey means brave. This name is perfect since Scorpios are known for being fierce and brave.

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We know this name will inspire your son to live their lives to the fullest and to take chances. And what parent doesn’t want their kids to live their life to the fullest? So give your son a name that will inspire their life with the name Casey!

9 Mel

A charming, sweet name that is perfect for any girl is the name, Mel. According to MomJunction.com, the name Mel means one who is fearless and daring. The name Mel is great for Scorpio girls since the Zodiac personality traits show that Scorpio babies grow up to be fearless people who like to have authority leading them to high title jobs so they can do the most good. Make sure you give your daughter a name that will inspire her to live her life with the name Mel.

8 Duncan

A unique name for a Scorpio boy is the name Duncan. Duncan is a great name since it is still common, but not so used frequently among parents to have there be another Duncan in his class growing up. Names.org shows that the name Duncan means warrior.

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And Scorpios are known for being brave and strong, hence why the name Duncan would fit any Scorpio boy perfectly. So make sure to add the name Duncan to your list of possible baby names for your little boy because we know this name is going to be one of the top contenders!

7 Bridget

A timeless name that is perfect for any little girl is the name, Bridget. Names.org mentions that the name Bridget means great and strong. These two meanings of the name Bridget fits into Scorpio’s personality traits since they are known to be fiercely independent. Bridget is also a perfect name to inspire your daughter to live a great and meaningful life. So make sure you give your daughter a name that will inspire your daughter to do great things in their life with a name like Bridget.

6 Martin

Martin is a wonderful name that will be perfect for any Scorpio boy. The name Martin means the son of Mars, according to Names.org. Since Mars and Pluto are the rulers of the zodiac sign Scorpio, they can play a big role in your son’s life.

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Not only will the name Martin be a big nod towards Scorpios it will also inspire your son to shoot for the stars. Choose a name that your son is going to love and one that will be significant to Scorpio’s and select the name Martin to give to your son.

5 Valerie

Valerie is a beautiful name that just songs like it has a tune to music that we know any daughter will love to grow up with. MomJunction.com has mentioned that the name Valerie means “a woman who is brave and valiant.” With the meaning of the name Valerie meaning brave it will certainly goes with a Scorpio’s personality traits. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to be brave and valiant? So make sure to talk to your partner about the name Valerie for your daughter because we know they will love it as much as we do.

4 Brook

Every Zodiac sign has an element that goes with it. For Scorpios their element is water. A charming name that is perfect for a little boy that celebrates the zodiac’s element is the name Brook. The name Brook means a stream of water.

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A stream of water is a great reminder for your child in life to keep going no matter what is in their path. This will surely remind them that they need to be able to keep moving forward and to overcome any obstacle that is in their life.

3 Nix

Scorpios have two ruling planets for their Zodiac sign: Mars and Pluto. And a creative name for your daughter is the name Nix. Nix is one of the moons around Pluto, and since Pluto is one of the ruling planets to the zodiac sign it will be a perfect fit for your daughter. The name Nix is one of those names that people are going to wish they had used once they heard it. So give your daughter a name that all the other parents wished they had used with the name Nix.

2 Vincent

Vincent is a fantastic name that any little boy is going to love at any stage of their life. According to Names.org, the name Vincent means victory and conqueror. It is known that Scorpios are known for being very strong and do not give up on a task.

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This name is wonderful if you are looking for a name that can have a nickname. Whether they use the name Vince, Vin, Vinny or the full name Vincent they are going to have many options to put a nickname that will suit them.

1 Marina

A perfect name for your Scorpio baby is Marina. The name Marina is beautiful yet has a special meaning to the name. Names.org has reported that the name Marina means 'of the sea' and since Scorpio's element is water it is a perfect match for your daughter to have a special name for it. This name is perfect since, just like life, the sea can be calm or chaotic at times. And this name is perfect since you can get them to understand life through their name and to keep going even if life is rough at times.

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