10 Baby Names For Fans Of Stranger Things

One of the biggest original shows that Netflix has released that is loved by fans everywhere is Stranger Things. Since its first season coming out in 2016 fans have loved watching the characters grow as they overcome new and bigger problems.

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And if you and your partner are fans of Stranger Things then you should take inspiration from it for a name for your little one. With so many wonderful characters from Stranger Things, we know that you will be able to find the perfect name for your baby. So keep reading to discover ten baby names that are perfect for fans of Stranger Things.

10 Jim

One of the best characters in the show that has the most emotional growth is Jim Hopper. When we first meet Jim he is an alcoholic, but as the show goes on we discover there is much more to him than meets the eye.

Jim is passionate about his work and getting justice for any wrongdoing. He proves time and time again that he cares for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Jim is a great name that any boy would love to have. Make sure you talk to your partner about the name Jim for your son.

9 Barbara

No one can forget the tragedy that happened to Barbara in the first season of Stranger Things. Though Barbara was only on our screens for a short amount of time the impact she made on viewers was huge. People love that Barbara was a voice of reason among her friends and that she was responsible.

Naming your daughter after Barbara is a great way to pay tribute to her character. The name Barbara is a classic name that will not go out of style. Pick a classic name form the show you love and select the name Barbra for your baby.

8 Steve

Steve Harrington is someone that you cannot forget when you watch Stranger Things. In the show, Steve first seems to be mean towards his classmates and controlling of his girlfriend. But we quickly discover that Steve is a very complex man who cares about his friends and loved ones.

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Steve even takes on the “mom” role of the group and becomes a go-to person for the younger tweens in the town when they are in trouble or need advice. Give your baby a name that will inspire them and give them the name Steve.

7 Joyce

The mom that is most involved in the show is Joyce Byers since he is the mother of Will who gets trapped in the Upside Down. Joyce is a woman who will not stop until she gets answers and her son back no matter what the cost is.

Though she has some downfalls she cares for her sons and wants the best for them. Make sure to put the name Joyce on your list if you want to give your daughter a name that is from a strong woman.

6 Lucas

The group of friends in the Stranger Things world are very unique. Sure they love video games and being with their friends like any kid their age, but the group in Stranger Things has to go through and deal with the Upside Down and everything in it.

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In the show, Lucas is a wonderful comic relief when it comes to his struggles with girls and his choice of weapon, a slingshot. Though his choice of weapon might not always protect him, he is still fearless at a young age. Give your son a name from a fearless boy and give him the name Lucas.

5 Nancy

We think that everyone can agree that Nancy Wheeler has to be the best big sister in the world. Nancy, at first, seems cold towards her younger brother now that she is in high school and dating the popular guy.

But since the tragedy of Barb and her younger brothers’ interest in finding Will, Nancy becomes someone who can hold her own in a fight against anything. Giving your daughter the name Nancy can show that you want your daughter to be strong and independent just like the character.

4 Dustin

Growing up can be tough and for Dustin, his life was already tough before the Upside Down since he has cleidocranial dysplasia. But this condition does not stop him from being extremely intelligent and passionate about his projects and games.

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Dustin does not let other people stop him from loving his hobbies or be ashamed of who is even if they pick on him. We know this is a trait you want your son to have. Name your son after a character who is not afraid to be who he really is and give him the name Dustin.

3 Robin

A character that was added in season three let made people fall in love with her is Robin. We meet Robin since she is Steve’s co-worker at Scoops Ahoy. Robin is a person who was dragged into the Upside Down universe once Dustin discovers what is really happening underneath the mall.

Robin is smart and willing to put up a fight when she needs to, to protect herself or her friends. There is no better way to show how much you enjoy her character by giving your little one the name Robin.

2 Bob

Since the town of Hawkins, Indiana is small, Bob has known Jim and Joyce since high school. Though he never made a move in high school, Bob becomes a fantastic partner to Joyce with everything that he is going through in season two.

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Bob is goofy, no doubt about it, but he embraces it and who he is. Bob is also very sweet and brave when he needs to be. Let your son be named after a heroic character in Stranger Things and give him the name Bob.

1 El

We cannot have a list full of baby names from Stranger Things without the girl that this whole show is about. Eleven, who is known as El for short, is a great name for a daughter. Since the name El has been used by parents for years only you and your partner will know who she is truly named after.

El is smart, caring, and very protective of her friends, which are all great traits to have. Give your daughter a name after the most powerful person in Stranger Things and give her the name El.

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