10 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean "Love"

When you’re picking out a name for your baby, there are a lot of things to think about. You want to find a name that feels just right and that matches their personality. There are many routes to take when picking a name for your newborn from family names to popular names to unique ones. One of the biggest emotions that comes up when thinking of your new baby is love. You love your baby already and will grow to love them more through the years, even through all of the difficult stuff. Because of this, naming your baby something that means love, or a variation of love, could be a perfect choice.

We’ve put together a list of ten baby names that mean “love” including names for both boys and girls.


Connelly is typically a boys’ name, but with the Y ending, it could work for a girl as well. This name could be repurposed to sound more natural if you aren’t as into gendered naming. Instead of naming your baby boy something more common like Connor, this could be a great choice. This is an Irish name that means love and friendship. So, if you want to have a child that grows up to value the important things in life, this is a wonderful name.


Amanda is one of the more common names on this list. While it might be a name that’s been used a lot over the years, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a more classic name. This name means “one who is worthy of love.” Seeing as your new baby girl will be worthy of all the love in the world, this name meaning is quite appropriate. Many think this name was first used in the 17th century in Britain by a playwright who used the name in one of his plays.


When picking a name that means love, there are many names from all over the world to look at and consider. There are also names that were more common in the past that make for beautiful names now.

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Amias is technically a boy’s name, and it definitely has a regal feel. It’s also been commonly used as a French name and it means "loved." This isn’t the type of name you’re likely to hear very often. So, if you want to give your baby a name that stands out, you could consider going this route.


Vida is another beautiful name that you might not have heard very often. The name has two different origins. One is Spanish and means “life.”

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The other is a variation of the Hebrew name Davida which means “beloved.” Vida as a name definitely sounds elephant and feminine. One other interesting fact is that Mathew McConaughey named his daughter this. So, while it might be popular, it’s no unpopular either making it a good choice if you want to have a hip name.


Davis is another more classic name on the list but this time for a baby boy. While David might be the more popular name here, Davis is a good alternative. Davis is also an alternative of the Hebrew name and also means “beloved.” While the name might also be a fairly common surname, it’s used as a first name, too. This is an example of a name you have probably heard but didn’t realize meant something to do with “love.”


Esme is a feminine, pretty-sounding name that wasn’t super popular until recently. As the name was given to a character from Twilight, the name did get a bump in popularity for a time. It is a classic sounding, elegant name, so it makes sense that people would attach to this name after hearing it in pop culture. The name comes from English descent and was used in Scotland in the 16thcentury. It is also a variation and shortened version of the Spanish name Esmeralda. It means “esteemed and beloved.”


Sajan is a beautiful and royal sounding name that comes from India. In fact, it is a somewhat popular name used by Indian parents.

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This name means “beloved or one who is dearly loved.” While this name might be heard as often in the United States, it is a handsome name that is used for baby boys. When considering all of the names that mean beloved, it’s always interesting to hear names from many different cultures and countries around the world.


Imogen is a name that’s origin is a little bit debated. The meaning of the name is said to mean “beloved child” by some and also “maiden” by others. Most scholars think the name was first used by Shakespeare and was an invented name. The character who was given this name was supposed to be of Gaelic descent, but this is likely just made up. This name comes from his play, Cymbeline. Regardless of the actual origin of the name, it is beautiful and reminds one of a queen. If you like royal sounding names, this option could be the perfect choice for your baby girl.


Priya is another name that means a variation of “loved.” The name is said to mean “dear one, nice, or beloved.” This is a Sanskrit name that is fairly popular for Indian parents when naming baby girls. The name has recently become more popular and into the public eye in America because of the fame of actress Priyanka Chopra, which is a variation of the name. This name is definitely gorgeous.


Overall, there are more common girl’s names that mean love than there are boy’s names. This is why there is another girl named on this list since it was hard to narrow them down. This name comes from Norse mythology. Freyja was the goddess of love and fertility. This name could definitely be fitting for your little goddess as well.

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