10 Baby Names To Steal From The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a widely beloved show that has been on TV for 30 seasons. Thanks to its long-term success, this animated show has been loved by multiple generations of families. With the core value of the show being about the typical American family, there is no wonder why this show is successful.

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But The Simpsons is not only known for being the longest running cartoon on TV, it's also praised for its large, diverse cast of characters that live in Springfield. This show can be a great place to look for baby names. Keep reading to discover the best names to steal from The Simpsons for your little one!

10 Clancy

Clancy is one of the best names to give your little boy if you love The Simpsons. This is the name of the character Chief Clancy Wiggum. Chief Wiggum might have some downfall as a character, but overall, he is very loving and wants to do what is best for his town.

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By giving this name to your son, it could encourage him to follow his heart and to always do the right thing just like Chief Wiggum. And according to Names.org, the name Clancy is underused in the U.S. and only 39 parents chose this name for their little one in 2017.

9 Selma

Selma is a beautiful name that your daughter is sure to love. In the town of Springfield, Selma is known as one of the oldest sisters of Marge. She's the identical twin of Patty as well.

On the show, Selma can be a little rough around the edges, but she's a very caring person who loves the people she is with, especially her little one, Jub-Jub. So this name will be a memento for you and your little girl to love people with all of her heart. As Names.org reports that the name Selma was used almost 100 times in 2017 in the United States.

8 Jasper

If you're looking for a charming name for your little boy that is from The Simpsons, you want to give your little one the name Jasper. Jasper is best friends with Homer's dad and the grandpa on the show, Abe. Just like the character, this name will inspire your little one to find friends who will support him throughout his whole life.

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In the past few years, as stated by Names.org, the name Jasper has been getting more popular with more and more parents choosing this name for their sons. And in 2017, in the United States, the name Jasper parents chose over 2,000 times.

7 Mona

Mona is a lovely name to give to your little girl is you are looking for a name that they will love at any stage of their life. Known best for being Homer's mother, Mona is a character this is known for living a full and adventurous life.

By selecting this name for your daughter, it will be a reminder for them to live their lives to the fullest. The name Mona as slowly increased in popularity in the last couple of years. And according to Names.org, Mona was used over 100 times from parents to give to their daughters in 2017, in the United States.

6 Gil

Gil is a unique name to give your son if you are looking for a name that is not overused in the United States. In Springfield, Gil is an unsuccessful and unlucky businessman, but don’t let that stop you from selecting this name for your son because Gil is a person that never gives up. This is definitely a trait that you want your son to have in life.

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In the United States, Gil was only used 34 times in 2017, as shown by Names.org. So by giving this name to your son, you will know that he will be the only one in his class with this name and not have to worry about others having it.

5 Doris

If you are looking for a classic name that still sounds great in this modern world, you want to look into the name Doris. Doris is known for being the lunch lady and nurse at Springfield Elementary. But don’t let this character with her foul mouth and poor cooking skills stop you from using this name for your daughter.

Doris is also perfect since it is a name that is not commonly used and only has 92 parents use this name in 2017, in the United States, as reported by Names.org.

4 Kirk

Kirk is a one of a kind name this is perfect to give to any little boy. Kirk Van Houten is Milhouse’s dad on The Simpsons. Even though Kirk has some character flaws in the show, he always tries his best for him and his family. And by giving your son this name it will be a memento for him to always think about his family.

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And though this name hasn’t been too popular in the last few years with only 95 boys being born with this name, according to Names.org, this name is sure to make a comeback!

3 Edna

Edna is a lovely name to give to your daughter if you are looking for a simple sweet name inspired by The Simpsons. Edna Krabappel is known for being Bart’s fourth-grade teacher and being this new wife to Ned Flanders. And if you give your daughter this name it will encourage her to live a life full of love just like Edna did in The Simpsons.

According to Names.org, Edna is not a commonly used name with only 71 parents selecting this name for their daughters in 2017 in the United States. But we know that this is a type of name that parents are going to wish they had used when they hear it!

2 Roy

A perfect name to give to any little boy is the name Roy. Roy is a charming name that is sure to fit any son. On The Simpsons, Roy is a minor character who is only seen in a few episodes. In one of the episodes, Roy is seen living with the Simpsons before moving out to live with other people. Names.com has reported that the name Roy means king.

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The name Roy was also used over 500 times in 2017 in the United States.

1 Marjorie

Marjorie is a beautiful name to give your daughter that she will love at any age of her life. Marjorie, better known as Marge, is Homer Simpson's wife and mom to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Throughout the series, Marge is known for being level headed and grounded despite all of the crazy antics of her family on a daily basis.

And we know if you select this name for your daughter, she will be inspired by the character to live a life of love and understanding just like Marge does in The Simpsons.

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