10 Baby Names You Never Even Thought Of

Sarah, Rachel, Joe, Jeff, Mike, Jessica, Elizabeth. These are all typical baby names and the ones that many parents seem to put on this list when they know that they'll be welcoming a bundle of joy in a couple of months. While of course some parents put some out-of-the-box names on their list, it makes sense that many wouldn't want to stray too far from the unknown.

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From wondering if the name that you want to give your new baby is too common to hoping that friends and family members will jump on board, picking a baby name can feel like a lot of hard work. It can be cool to put names on your list that weren't your top contenders at first.

Here are 10 baby names that you never even thought of.

10 Rebel


According to Bounty.com, Rebel is a baby girl name that is "Of English origin meaning outlaw or someone who plays by their own rules." What better way to choose a baby name?!

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Rebel is definitely a baby name that some parents have never even thought of since it might seem like a bit of an intense name. But when you think about it, that is what makes it such an awesome name. If you and your partner consider yourselves to have some rebellious natures or you at least like to be totally yourselves, this could be a good name.

9 Kinsley

Bounty.com says that Kinsley is a baby boy name that is "Of English origin the meaning of the name Kinsley is 'King's field.'"

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It's true that you could fall for the name Kinsley and use it for a baby girl too or maybe you're set on it being a baby boy name. Whichever way you go, it does have the old-fashioned flair that the meaning would suggest.

8 Penn

Motherandbaby.co.uk mentions the name Penn and says that it's meaning is "hill." Penn is another baby name that you never even thought of.

You might be thinking about Penn Badgley right now, the actor famous for the TV shows Gossip Girl and You, but other than that, maybe you don't hear the name Penn too often. Penn is a name that has a lot of weight behind it and just feels sturdy and cool. If no baby boy name has felt super right, Penn could be it.

7 Rosabel

Babble.com put Rosabel on their list of "exotic" baby names. This is a baby name that most parents probably aren't putting on their lists because perhaps they haven't heard of this name.

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Rosie and Rosalee might be slightly more common and typical baby names, but Rosabel? That's different. And it's amazing because it's different. When it comes to baby names that you haven't even thought of, this is one of those top ones.

6 Keely

What about picking Keely for your baby girl? Doesn't it bring to mind an adorable girl?

Of course your baby girl will be cute no matter what name you and your partner go with, but hey, starting off with a sweet name can't exactly hurt. Babble.com adds Keely to a list of baby names that are "exotic." Keely is such a fun name since it sounds like "Kelly" but is a touch different and definitely going to stand out from the crowd.

5 Fable

It might be a bit weird to name a baby "Story" but Fable is actually a baby name and it just might appeal to you if you want a different name. BabyCenter.com put this name on their list of "unusual and surprising baby names."

Since you're going to be telling your baby girl or boy lots of stories, it's pretty cool to think about naming them Fable. Sure, this name might not be for everyone, but it just might appeal to some new parents who want a name that they had never even thought of.

4 Lavey

You've heard the name Lacey (maybe you spell it without the e) and you've definitely heard of other "L" names like Lara, Lyra, and the like. But what about the baby girl name Lavey?

Bounty.com mentions this name as being one that isn't in the "top 50" names, and it's an interesting way to go. It's just as pretty as Lacey but you'll have the benefit of resting assured that hordes of parents aren't obsessed with this baby name. Sometimes it can be so nice to think beyond classics.

3 Braxton

What about naming your baby boy Braxton? This is a baby name mentioned by The Bump.

According to Nameberry.com, this means "Brock's settlement." In 2018, it was number 130. The website explains, "Braxton entered the popularity ranks in 1985 and has been climbing steadily ever since. It has gained from the all-powerful X-factor, and perhaps also from the reality TV show, Braxton Family Values."

2 Copper

While Cooper is an absolutely adorable baby boy name and it seems like it's used fairly often, Copper is a different story. BabyCenter.com calls this an "unusual and surprising" name and it's definitely such a fun choice.

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Copper is a great choice when it comes to baby names that you never even thought of. It sounds cute and people who ask what your son's name is will be interested in how you came across it.

1 Afia

According to Motherandbaby.co.uk, the baby name Afia means "Born on Friday." Isn't that so cool?!

While of course your baby might not actually come into the world on a Friday, it's still an offbeat baby name that you can pick if you want something that you hadn't even thought of. Chances are that your friends aren't naming their baby girls Afia... although they should think about it since it's a wonderful name.

When you're looking for baby names that hadn't even come to mind before, these 10 ones are a really good place to begin.

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