10 Baby Names That Work For Boys And Girls

Some parents can't wait to find out the gender of their baby and they want to have that information ASAP. But for others, it's part of the magic and mystery of having a baby, and they don't want to know until they're at the hospital.

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When couples are picking out baby names, it does help to know the gender since that narrows down the potential list of monikers. But at the same time, why not pick some names that would sound great for a baby boy or a girl? You can keep the element of surprise and also pick an awesome name.

Here are 10 baby names that work for boys and girls.

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10 Mason

Have you heard the name Mason before? Of all the potential baby names that would work for boys and girls, Mason is one that is really interesting. It's quirky, chipper, and makes you stop and think for a minute.

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While names like Ashley do technically work for both genders, a lot of people do find that is a pretty girly name. With Mason, though, you'll be choosing a great name that suits a boy or a girl (and has a bit of a hipster vibe to it, too).

9 Ryan

Ryan is another baby name that is great for a boy and also for a girl. It's really easy to picture either gender being given this name.

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Maybe you love the name Ryan but thought that it would only work for a boy's name. That's totally fair since it is typically more of a boy's moniker. But when you think about it how adorable does a girl with this name sound?! If you give a baby girl the name Ryan, it has a really interesting vibe, and she'll appreciate the atteniton that you paid to picking an awesome name.

8 Charlie

According to Nameberry, Charlie is a name that works for boys and girls. Again, like the name Ryan, this might be something that you thought was better for a boy. It's definitely fun to switch things up and pick a traditional boy's name for a girl.

Of course, Charlie is a classic name for a boy, too, so you really can't go wrong with this one. This is a really good choice when a couple is leaning toward classic, traditional names but also wants something with some interest.

7 Hudson

When parents are deciding what to name their baby boy or girl, it seems only logical to go through lists of classics, family faves, or even names that one of them has liked for several years. Hudson is probably not a name on those types of lists since it's not common like Dave or Matt, but it totally deserves to be used more often.

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When it comes to baby names that work for boys and girls, it would be tough do better than Hudson. It's simple, cool, and easy to like.

6 Jordan

Nameberry notes that Jordan is a perfect name for boys and girls. Chances are, many people would agree.

You have a built-in nickname here since you can call someone "Jord" and that couldn't be more adorable. Jord, like the full name Jordan, is great for a boy or a girl. Parents who want to be surprised with the gender of their little one should think about this name, that's for sure.

5 Rory

Womansday.com puts Rory on a list of names that work for boys and girls. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, then you are most likely thinking about the famous Rory Gilmore.

There's no reason not to go down this name route and pick Rory for a girl or boy. No matter which one you have, you can rest assured knowing that you're naming your little one after such a great TV character. Maybe your kid will love coffee and talking fast, too?

4 Payton

Payton has two things going for it: it's a fairly rare name, that's for sure, and it's also a name that sounds great for boys and girls. Nameberry put it on a list of such names.

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Payton can also be spelled like "Peyton" with an "e" so that's another thing to keep in mind in case you prefer that spelling. If you love this name, it might be a good one to consider if you don't want to know if you've having a baby boy or girl. You can the name off your list and smile, knowing that you found one already.

3 Cameron

Cameron is another great contender for baby names that work for both boys and girls, as noted by Womansday.com.

Like many of the names on this list, Cameron sounds more like a boy name, but upon further consideration, it would be awesome for a boy or girl. Imagine giving birth to a beautiful, sweet baby and naming them Cameron. It just sounds great.

2 Avery

It's pretty easy to get stuck during this type of brainstorming session since it's such a crucial decision and can feel like too much. In these types of situations, it helps to have some kind of theme for a baby name, and thinking about a name that works for boys and girls can help a lot. In this case, what about Avery?

Avery can be a girl or boy name, as mentioned by Nameberry, and it's definitely a name that parents should think about when they're brainstorming.

1 Dylan

The final baby name that works for both boys and girls would be Dylan. It honestly sounds amazing for both boys and girls. It's adorable for a boy name and it's got a cool factor to it when it's used for a girl.

Parents really can't go wrong here, and it's definitely a good one to put on your baby name list when you want to pick out your name beforehand but still be surprised at the hospital.

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