Baby Namesake Ideas: 25 Athletes With Unique Names

As a parent, it can be so tough to choose a baby name. One day, the most popular names on the chart sound right, and the next, a bizarre name seems fitting. If moms haven't caught on yet, any name is socially acceptable. Let's take Gwyneth Paltrow's first born, Apple, for instance. The trolls bashed it for a few days and moved then moved on; there is no right or wrong answer when naming a baby, it is entirely up to the parents.

Celebrities tend to have unique and different names. Obviously, Blue Ivy may not be fitting for a small town little girl, but maybe Luna or Brexton is! But, what about athletes? Athletes tend to live under the radar a bit more, so naming their child Stormi is bound to have them stick out like a sore thumb in school. It seems like athletes name their children more unheard of names, but names that are pure gold. So, We have compiled a list of unique, different, adorable, and trendy baby names of professional athletes. And, there may also be some eye candy to see as well!

25 Leni


Stanley Cup winner and American hockey player, T.J. Oshie is the father of this adorable gem. The Washington Capitals right winger is actually a father to two sweet girls, Leni and Lyla. If you follow T.J. Oshie's wife, Lauren, on Instagram, then you know this Leni is the most down to earth little girl. She will have you LOLing with her personality!

Leni is a German and Greek name and perfect for any little girl with spunk. Plus, the odds are in your favor because this name is commonly found on a list like "Supermodel Baby Names." But we know, beauty starts on the inside, which is perfect because the name Leni means "light" in Greek. Your daughter will be the shining light in this world.

24 Capri


So, maybe you clicked open this article for a bit of male athlete eye-candy! I am right there with you sister! And who is this? Meet the Spanish soccer player, Francesc "Cesc" Fàbregas Soler, and his adorable little girls. Not only am I a soccer fan now but totally in love with his little girls' name Capri.

According to nameberry.com, Capri is an Italian name that means whimsical. This unique name is perfect for any little girl you want to stand out. It has a soft sound with beautiful Italian history to it. We love the way it rolls off the tongue.

23 Luna


Goodness, these soccer players! Once again, a handsome soccer dad nailed it with his daughter's name. Frank Lampard is a retired professional soccer player who is now the manager of Championship club Derby County. He has two daughters, Isla and Luna. Cute, right? I meant the names, duh!

According to babynamewizard.com, Luna is Latin. The name means moon. Luna was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon. If that doesn't say powerful and precious all at once, then I am stumped. The moon is one of the most beautiful, yet, powerful things in this world. Why not give your baby girl this strong name? We love it!

22 Tatum



Well, when you mix two powerhouse humans, you get an adorable baby like this! PGA golfer Dustin Johnson and wife Paulina Gretzky chose the name Tatum for their son. It makes total sense that the little boy already knows how to swing a club when his dad is a professional golfer and grandpa is an NHL legend. This kid is going to make history in sports!

Tatum is a gender-neutral name that is sparking the charts. Plus, for a quick nickname, try out Tate. The name Tatum means, "cheerful bringer of joy." That is every mom's dream for their little boy, so why not start off on a good foot and give your baby a name they can grow into! Tatum, you're a cutie pie!

21 Bowden


Here me out on this name! Retired NFL quarterback, Christian Ponder, is all about naming his children after sports legends. His daughter, Bowden, was named after Bobby Bowden, who was Ponder's Florida State football coach. Their recent son, Robinson, was inspired by some of the great, Jackie Robinson and David Robinson. If you haven't clued in, this family is all about sports!

The name Bowden for a girl isn't one you hear often, but I actually like it. It sure is one that teachers won't hear often and has a cool vibe to it. According to Sheknows.com, Bowden is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning messenger. This name is totally one that will shock your family, but I promise you, it will grow on them!

20 Brexton


Kyle Busch is our American professional race car driver and team owner, but also a dad to son Brexton. Brexton is already filling daddy's shoes and received a mini version of dad's racing car for his 3rd birthday. Sounds like Brexton will be behind the wheel before we know it. Let's just hope he doesn't take after dad's nickname, Rowdy!

The name Brexton is an Old English name meaning, "Brock's Town," according to Thebump.com. The name is on the charts but definitely not one you hear yelled every day in the park!

19 Azurie


NBA Rookie of the Year and Boston Celtics player, Kyrie Irving, slays it in the dad category. He even has matching Celtics jackets for him and his little girl. According to his twitter account, this adorable 3 year old, Azurie, put mommy through 35 hours of tough labor. Yikes!

The name Azurie is French and is very rare. Azurie sounds like the name for a little girl who is upbeat and full of life. Stand out and be different, name your girl Azurie. Love it!

18 Sundance


Don't worry ladies, we have some female athletes in here too! Volleyball player Kerri Walsh and volleyball partner Casey Jennings, have a family of 3! Oh yes, the mom rocks a six-pack and bikini after giving birth three times! Walsh's three kids are Sundance, Joey, and Scout. Since this unusual name doesn't have much information behind it, here is their story!

Sundance name was going to be Kelly, until the 3rd trimester. They didn't feel the name fit for their baby boy. They told People Magazine, "When Casey threw out the name Sundance his eyes lit up like the sun and he smiled so big and bright. “Baby,” he said. “Can you imagine a little Sundance?! Picture our 5-year-old little boy shaking hands and introducing himself at school. ‘Hello! my name is Sundance,’ in his cute little voice. And then when he’s older, sitting on his porch watching his grandkids run around — ole Sundance!”

17 Sovereign-Dior & Chosen


NFL football star Cam Newton has a few interesting name choices for his kid. Although they may not be our #1 choice on the baby name list, he does make a very good claim for his reasoning behind them. Instead of naming his child Cam Junior, he picked Chosen. He felt his child should not have to grow up with that kind of pressure, which we totally agree with. Obviously, he had to give his daughter a unique name with just as much spice, so he picked Sovereign-Dior. Again, very different than the normal John, Mary, Joe names, but that was what he was going for. Her middle name is Cambella and as you can tell, the name "Cam" is in it. Cute and clever!

16 Genevieve


Baseball superstar Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and we are totally gushing over their name choice. Miss little Genevieve! Kate Upton tells People Magazine that she was in love with this name from the start but Justin was having serious name commitment issues all the way up to delivery! She said, "He knew Genevieve was my favorite, so I just left him to fill out the paperwork. I was like, ‘I can’t deal with that right now,’" The name Genevieve is a classy French name that will always we in style! Well Verlander, well done!

15 Rayden


The Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, is the father to a little girl and boy! In 2015, Sherman and his girlfriend gave birth to their first son, Rayden, just days after the Super Bowl! Luckily, the gift of his first born son quickly made up for the tough loss to the Patriots that year. Weirdly enough, Sherman wears number 25 on his jersey and his little boy entered the world on 2/5. Rayden is an American name and perfect for a hard-working athletic boy! We think this is a great choice for a little man!

14 Jagger


Let's get real here, if you rock a solid beard like Brent Burns, you can name your kid Jagger. Brent Burns is an NHL Sharks player and basically has a hashtag about his massive hairs. Burns recently hit his 1,000 career game and little Jagger joined him on the ice. Burns and his stunning wife, Susan Holder are also parents their newest family member, Peyton.

Jagger is a great name and so trendy for this generation of babies. It sets your child up to be a star and be pretty cool, in my opinion. Jagger is not commonly heard, so why not be different? Trust me, Burns is not the first celebrity to name his kid Jagger!

13 Breleigh


This might be one of my favorite forgotten names. I don't think anyone needs an introduction of who Brett Favre is. Clearly, you know by that charming face. What most people don't know are his kids' names. His two daughters are Breleigh and Brittany. Clearly, they have a thing for B name! His daughter got his athletic genes because this one is at college killing it on the volleyball court.

Breleigh is the name for a southern bell. It has a soft ring to it but also a "don't mess with me" attitude. The name Breleigh because Bree is a perfect nickname too!

12 Rylie


Talk about mom goals and one tough cookie! That smiling face right there is the former captain of the United States women's national soccer team, a 3-time Olympic gold medalist, and also a 2-time FIFA Women's World Cup champion. Oh yes, Mrs. Christine Rampone!

She accomplished all that and still gave birth to two happy girls, Rylie and Reece. We seriously love when parents stick with the same letters for all their kids names. Rylie is becoming more popular over the years but is spelled so many different ways. The name carries a smile with it and a drive to succeed. I guarantee these girls will set the bar even higher than their mommy did!

11 Luca


This is another child who will get some crazy athletic genes because both parents are amazing athletes. Former NBA player Steve Nash and volleyball star Lilla Fredrick gave birth to their first little boy, Luca Sun.

Luca is a Greek name and often thrown in the category of "hipster" names. Either way, we love the short and easy name. They definitely won't have any trouble learning to spell or write it! The name Luca is the name for a caring young man who loves to do things for others!

10 Hendrix


Jason Zucker may not be a name you hear often unless you are a hockey fanatic. Zucker is an NHL left wing for the Minnesota Wild. Zucker and wife, Carly April, gave birth to their first baby boy Hendrix in October 2017. The little man had the cutest custom made swaddle to leave the hospital in.

The name Hendrix is Dutch. It has an edgy vibe to it and is often placed in a rocker category for names. It is most commonly found as a middle name, but we say if you can rock it, do it!

9 Isla


In October 2017, race car driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr, had his first little girl with wife Amy Earnhardt. Dale Jr. sure is cute about fatherhood and learning how to be a dad. He told USA Today that, "he has learned [alot] about her - like she inherited the "Earnhardt smirk" and hiccups a lot." Precious moments!

Isla is a Scottish, Spanish name meaning island. When I think of an island, I think of a strong landmass holding itself up. A girl named Isla is bound to be independent, confident, and ready to take on the world. According to nameberry.com, Other than Isla Black Hitchens from Harry Potter and Queen Elizabeth's great-granddaughter, there aren't many Isla's out there!

8 Dash


Golf is one of the toughest sports out there. The mental toughness one faces during a match is far greater than in other sports. PGA golfer Jason Day has it mastered on the course and at home. Jason Day is a father to three incredible children. Dash and Lucy were his first beautiful gifts. Jason's wife, Ellie Day, publicly shared her news of a miscarriage about a year before their third child was born, Arrow. The name Arrow was chosen from a biblical verse that she couldn't get out of her head. We love all three of the Day families names but we are a sucker for a name with such an emotional and meaningful back story.

7 Mateo


If you can't tell who this athletic father is, let me give you a hint. Picture him with his jersey off running across the soccer field after he scores a goal. Ah ha, yes, Lionel Messi. The Argentine soccer player who is both a captain and forward for the Barcelona national team. Messi is more than a foot fairy, he also does a stellar job as a father. Messi has three wild boys running around all with unique names. Thiago, Ciro, and Mateo, but you already know which one is our favorite. The name Mateo is bold and bright. It is a name for a wild and free little boy. Also, I don't think anyone will be messing with those kids with a dog that size! Yikes!

6 Charlise


It must be a hockey dad thing to come up with cool names for your kids because here we are again. New York Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, named his baby girl Charlise. This is not one you hear around the block every day but is super feminine and trendy. According to names.org, Charlise means "womanly" and Henrik may be the only "celebrity" to name his daughter this. So, if you are looking for your daughter to be the one and only, this is a slap shot!

5 Dawson


Devon Dubnyk, Canadian NHL Minnesota Wild goalie, is the father of this cool and collective name, Dawson. Clearly, as seen in the image, it fits his studious little man. Based on his dad stopping every shot, I think there is a good chance Dawson will grow up to be awesome!

Dawson is a Hebrew name. According to nameberry.com, it means son of David. This biblical name didn't catch on till after TV show Dawson's Creek aired in 19998. Although this show helped create energy for the name, it was first heard in the hit movie, The Titanic, because of Jack Dawson.

4 Dream


Clearly, this name is so fitting for 2019. With female's all about chasing goals and personal growth, this name will hit the charts. Luckily for NBA player, Allen Iverson, he caught the name first. Allen Iverson is a father to five kids all with unique names. His five kids are Tiaura, Isaiah, Allen II, Messiah, and of course, Dream. The name is fitting for his baby girl as dream means inspiration and hope. Just like every father wants for his children. Although it is outside the box, we feel you on this name Allen!

3 Vivianne


If you aren't in love with this couple, then I highly recommend you watch an episode of their TV show, because your mind will change! You will be crushing on her husband hard and jealous of her confidence. We just adore Eric and Jessie Decker. Country singer, Jessie Decker has given birth to three children with NFL hubby, Eric Decker. Our favorite name of her kiddos is Vivianne. Its popularity has increased over the years and is of French origin. Of course, like most celebrities, they went outside the norm and named their recent baby, Forest.

2 Paisley


Three cheers for another female athlete! This mom is best known for her softball career. Medal-winning Olympian, Jennie Lynn Finch, is the mother of three adorable kids. This mom not only crushed it on the field but was able to balance her professional life and personal life all at once. Jennie is married to former Major League baseball player Casey Daigle, who is the father to Paisley, Ace, and Diesel. All three of her babies names are different, but our favorite is Paisley.

The name Paisley is of the Scottish origin and means church according to barycenter.com. Paisley has a fun vibe to it and is someone who would be a good friend. Also, we love the nickname Paize for short!

1 Boomer


Alright, I might be obsessed with the Phelps family name choices. Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, is a father to two adorable boys, Boomer, and Beckett. The swimmer told Jimmy Fallon how they picked the name. "Boomer, like boom boom — we didn't know either," he laughed. "We had no second option — once we picked that, we were like, 'Yeah.' I mean, he's definitely gonna be the cool kid." Cool kid and a shark in the water for sure! The kid is already hanging out in the pool with his parents!

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