Baby Namesake Ideas: 25 Rockstars With Eclectic Names

There are a lot of different forms of art, and therefore there are many ways in which men, women, and children have been expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings for many years. One of the most popular forms of art that people all over the world seem to enjoy is music.

No matter where a person is from, music is something that nearly everyone is familiar with, and something that we all love. There have been a lot of iconic men and women that have graced the music scene. There have been popular bands and singular musical performers who have inspired films to be made about their lives. They have also been the inspiration for books and movies.

The ways in which famous musical performers have inspired others is not just limited to biographical books and films. Many of them have had some pretty cool names, some of which were the names they were born with, while others have simply been names they created for their careers. In fact, moms and dads everywhere have used their favorite rockstars as an inspiration when searching for a name to give their children. Here are some of the most eclectic rockstar names for new babies.

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25 Ozzy

There are a lot of famous families on television these days. However, years ago, one of the most well-known families on television were the Osbournes.

But, some people forget that Ozzy Osbourne, who was born with the name John Michael Osbourne, was very popular for quite a long time before that because he has been quite a successful performer in the music world.

The name Ozzy has English and German origins. There are two meanings associated with this name, and they are “God’s power” and “spear of the gods.”

24 Janis

There have been a lot of very powerful women in the music industry. Furthermore, one of the most influential female rockstars of all time was singer Janis Joplin. A fun fact about this musician was that she did not have a stage name, as she was born Janis Lyn Joplin.

The name Janis is primarily a name that is given to little girls. It has a Hebrew origin, and the meaning that is connected to this name is “God is gracious.” A variation of it is Jennice.

23 Ace

There are a lot of famous people whose real names are probably not names we would recognize initially. That is especially true with rock and roll stars since many of them use alternate names. This is where the name Ace comes in.

Performer Ace Frehley, who was one of the founding members of the band Kiss, was actually born with the name Paul Daniel Frehley. The name Ace has a Latin origin, and the meaning of it is “one, unity.” In America, this is a fairly popular first name for baby boys.

22 Lita

There are a lot of women who have been very influential singers, as well as songwriters, in the music world. However, there are also plenty of them who have been pretty great at playing musical instruments as well, and that is where Lita Ford comes in.

Ford has had a very eventful and amazing career as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and actress. Lita is a fun name that is full of spunk, and it is perfect for any little girl. Furthermore, it is incredibly unique.

21 Lennon

There are many bands out there that had members who eventually went on to have solo careers. In fact, one of the most famous bands in the history of rock and roll music consisted of musicians who also had a solo career at one point in time.

That is the case for the Beatles. One of the members who had a career on his own outside of the band was John Lennon.

Lennon is a popular first name in the Netherlands, England, and the United States of America. It has also been used in Scotland as well.

20 Stevie

A lot of bands have certainly left their mark on the music business, and Fleetwood Mac is no different. One of the reasons why people love this band so much is because of Stevie Nicks. Nicks has some very distinct vocals, and she also has a very stylish appearance.

These days, this name is usually given to little boys. It has a Greek origin, and there are a couple of meanings to it. They are “garland” and “crown.” Other forms of this name include Stevy.

19 Harrison

There are a lot of musicians out there who are very bold. However, there are also some musicians who like to be a bit more laid back and quiet. That was the case for George Harrison.

Harrison was one of the members of the Beatles. He gained the nickname “the quiet Beatle.” Furthermore, Harrison was also involved in filmmaking.

Harrison is a name that is usually given to newborn baby boys. It has an English origin, and the meaning of Harrison is “son of Harry.”

18 Lucinda

Many musicians put a lot of focus into one genre of music. However, there are also others that like to dabble in various genres, thus providing their fans with a wide variety of songs to enjoy.

That is the case for Lucinda Williams, who was been involved in many genres of music over the years. Williams has been a folk, blues, and country music singer, and she has also sung rock music as well. The name Lucinda has a Latin origin. The meaning of it is “light.”

17 Elton

The name Reginald Kenneth Dwight probably does not ring any bells. However, the other name this person goes by might sound familiar. That name is Sir Elton John. John changed his name when he began to work with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

In the United States of America, Elton was a pretty popular first name for a while. However, it has not been used quite as much in recent years. The name Elton has an English origin, and the meaning that is associated with it is “Ella’s town.”

16 Patti

There are very few musicians out there who have sold over 50 million records. Furthermore, there are not many musicians whose musical careers have lasted more than five decades. However, that is exactly what singer Patti LaBelle’s career has been like. Additionally, LaBelle is also an actress.

The name Patti is usually short for Patricia. There are multiple meanings to this name, which has a Latin origin. One of them is “patrician,” and the other one is “noble.” In the United States of America, Patti was a somewhat popular first name in the early 1900s.

15 Hendrix

There are a lot of very popular musicians. Some of them became popular due to their vocal skills, and others became popular because of how well they could play musical instruments. However, there are also some people who are famous because they are equally great at both.

One of the most famous guitarists of all time is Jimi Hendrix. The name Hendrix has both German and Dutch origins, and it is quite popular in America. In fact, in 2017, this name held the 349th spot on the list of popular baby names in the United States.

14 Siousxie

There are some very talented and edgy rockstars out there. Many of them are known by their professional names instead of the names they were born with, and that is the case for Siouxsie Sioux. Sioux is most famous for being a part of the band Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The name Siouxsie is one that has a Hebrew origin. There are two meanings to it, and they are “rose” and “lily.” There are a few variations of this name, and they are Sioux and Susie.

13 Elvis

Many of the most influential rock and roll stars originally came from the southern area of the United States of America. One of the most popular rockstars there has ever been was actually born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Elvis Aaron Presley was a very successful musician. He was also well-known for some of the films he starred in as well.

The name Elvis comes from a Scandinavian origin. The meaning of this name is “all wise.” This is a name that is currently very popular in America, as it holds the 904th spot on the list of popular baby names in that country.

12 Etta

The music world has seen a lot of incredible talent. One of the most popular and talented singers from the past has been Etta James. James was known for quite a lot of songs, including “At Last,” “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and “Why I Sing The Blues.”

The name Etta has a couple of origins, and they are Scottish and English. The meaning of this name is “estate ruler.”

There are a lot of names that are very similar to this one. Some of them are Ida, Ada, and Edie.

11 Jett

Joan Jett has certainly become a legend in show business. She is a huge star in the music world, and that is not just because of her vocal skills. Jett is also a songwriter, composer, and record producer.

Furthermore, she has also dabbled in acting as well. Jett is a very talented woman, so it is no surprise that she has inspired some people to name their babies after her.

Jett is a very unique name, and part of what makes it even better is the fact that it is fitting for both male and female children. Journalist Lisa Ling has a daughter named Jett and so did actor John Travolta.

10 Adele

There are a lot of musicians from the past who have been very influential in the world of music. However, some of the musicians that just recently became popular are quite impressive as well, and one of the most talented ones out there is the singer Adele.

Adele has managed to capture the hearts of millions with her beautiful and unique vocals. Furthermore, Adele is her real first name, and it is quite beautiful, so therefore many parents have been inspired to give their children this name.

The name Adele came from a French background. The meanings of it are “noble” and “nobility.”

9 Mick

Singer Mick Jagger has a lot of talents. He is a songwriter, singer, film producer, and an actor. Jagger was the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Furthermore, he was also a founding member of the band.

Due to his many talents, Jagger has a lot of fans around the world. Some of them were inspired by Jagger so much that they named their little ones after him.

The name Mick has both an English and a Hebrew origin. This was a very popular name in America in the 1900s.

8 Gwen

There are a lot of very cool and unique female rockstars that are popular these days, and Gwen Stefani is one of them.

Stefani currently has a successful solo career, but she also used to be the lead singer for the band No Doubt. Stefani is pretty awesome, and some parents have even named their children after her.

This name has a Welsh origin. This name has many meanings, and some of them are “holy,” “blessed,” and “fair.” Gwyn, Gwynn, and Gwenn are a few variations of this name.

7 Axl

Over time, there have been a lot of very popular bands in the music business. That is especially true when it comes to rock and roll. In fact, one very famous rock band is Guns N’ Roses.

This is where the name Axl comes in. Any child with this name shares his or her name with the lead singer of that band, who goes by Axl Rose.

This is a name that came from a Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name Axl is “father is peace.” A few of the variations include Axe, Aksel, and Axill. Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel gave this name to their baby boy.

6 Cher

Sometimes there are performers who have a career that is rather short-lived. But on the other hand, there are performers who have careers that last for many decades, and that is the case for singer Cher.

Furthermore, she is not just known for her vocal talents. This very talented and beautiful legend has also appeared in a few movies as well.

This name originally came from a French background, and the meaning of Cher is “dear.” Despite the popularity of the performer, Cher has never been a very popular first name in America.

5 Ringo

There have been a lot of very popular bands in the music business. However, very few of them have reached the fame that the Beatles managed to achieve. Furthermore, many of the band members also had quite successful careers on their own as well.

Additionally, some of the band members were talented in other areas as well. For example, Ringo Starr, who was their drummer, is also a singer, actor, and songwriter.

The name Ringo has an English origin. Part of what makes this name even cooler is the fact that it is very unique.

4 Olivia

There are some stars who seem to be loved by many people, and singer Olivia Newton-John has been one of them for a very long time. S

he has a stunning voice, and she is also a very skilled actress as well, and she has also inspired many parents to choose the name Olivia for their new babies.

This name originally came from a Latin origin. The meaning that is associated with the name Olivia is “olive tree.” This name has been extremely popular in the United States of America for a long time.

3 Dylan

Many musical artists have used their talents to bring awareness to serious issues going on around the world. Furthermore, some musicians use their work to help their fans deal with serious issues.

Singer Bob Dylan is certainly someone who has sung lyrics about some very difficult situations, which might be why many people love his work. Some fans have even named their babies after him.

The name Dylan has a Welsh origin. Furthermore, the meaning of this name is “son of the sea,” and it is extremely popular in America.

2 Dolly

Many people have a lot of different jobs on their resume. In fact, one of those people is singer Dolly Parton.

Along with being a singer, Parton is also a songwriter, record producer, author, and actress. Furthermore, she has done a lot to help those who are less fortunate than her, so it is no surprise to see that some moms and dads have given their child the name Dolly.

Dolly is an English name. Another version of it is Dorothy, and the meaning of it is “gift of God.”

1 Otis

There are a lot of singers who have very distinct voices, and one of them is singer Otis Redding. Redding sang many iconic songs, including “These Arms Of Mine,” “Try A Little Tenderness,” and “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay.” Any child named Otis shares his name with a truly talented musician.

The name Otis has a German background. The meaning of this name is “wealthy.” Otis is a pretty popular first name in England, as well as America. Names that are somewhat similar to it are Otto and Orson.

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