10 New Year's Eve Photo Ideas For Baby

Pretty soon, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be here, a time when everyone will ring in 2020. There are usually parties on this evening. Loved ones usually gather together to countdown and watch the ball drop. Food and drinks may be enjoyed. And some fun photos will probably be taken, as well.

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If anyone is looking for inspiration, when it comes to New Year’s photoshoots starring a baby or some babies, look no further; there are 10 unique and adorable ideas down below, and all of them would be the perfect way to end this year and start the next.

10 Letter Board

A letter board like this is a great prop and decoration to have around, as a person can switch out the message with the season or every day. At the end of the year/start of a new one, a cute or classy little note can be spelled out on the board then held up by or placed next to a baby. This one is extra fun, as there is a banner in the background and a festive headband, too. Plus, the message is short and sweet, getting straight to the point: What’s up 2019?

9 Confetti

Nothing says party like confetti, and it can be a neat addition on New Year’s Eve; everyone counts down, and once the clock strikes midnight, little bits of colorful paper can shower down in an awesome way. And that is when a photo should be taken! Confetti is mesmerizing, especially to kiddos, so there is no need to even stage this one. Simply snap some pics, as babies and their siblings and friends are dancing around in a colorful storm. It may take a while to clean it all up afterward, but it will be worth it. 

8 Countdown

On a similar note, the countdown experience itself can make for some great photo opps. This looks different for everyone, but it will involve a drum roll leading up to the big moment, for which everyone is waiting.

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Oh, and if a baby is actually not going to be awake at midnight, that is okay and makes sense! Just have a mini celebration before or after New Year’s… one that could involve a big balloon like this, which rains down confetti (since kiddos love that, as mentioned).

7 Top Hat

Miniature versions of anything means extra cuteness, and that includes a tiny top hat like the one seen here. These are common during this time of the year, and they usually include a holiday greeting or at least the number for the year that is coming up next. By placing one on a babe, an adorable photograph can be taken, printed out, shared, framed, sent off and enjoyed by all. This kid was not even awake for it, yet everything turned out to be fabulous!

6 Clock

A symbol associated with the end of December and the beginning of January would be a clock; people reminisce about the times they have had and prepare for bigger and better ones. Therefore, a clock-themed photoshoot can be great to share.

This baby is in a basket, on top of a furry blanket. A cute hat has been added. There is a yardstick to show height and a clock to show the time of birth. This is extra special for babies born on December 31 or January 1, but any clock next to any baby could make for a terrific pic.

5 Cake

Something else that is often seen on New Year’s is cake, as a way to make a party even more awesome. Children love smashing cakes, eating cakes and playing with cakes, so have that camera ready!

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Also, feel free to continue to run with the New Year’s Eve theme, as seen here with a sort of Father Time vibe. There are star streamers, there is a tiny hat and bowtie, there are twinkle lights, and there is another clock.

4 Flat Lay

Really, anything could be used as a prop for an end-of-the-year photoshoot, and then a New Year’s-themed caption could be incorporated. For instance, this flat lay has a couple of cute little items lying around a cute little baby. There are number balloons. There are pom pom balls. And there is a banner with an appropriate note. All of this pops against a white blanket yet keeps with the neutral color story of grays, blacks, whites, and silvers. But feel free to utilize any color scheme at all!

3 Party Hat

Another hat idea is up next! Many people don pointy hats like this on New Year’s, as well as blow into horns like this when January 1 arrives. And once again, these ordinary objects have been placed on a sleeping child, in order to capture an incredible pic. Was the baby asleep? Was this really taken in early December? It doesn’t matter… It is another great thing to share on/around New Year’s Eve and a thing that will serve as a memento for years to come.

2 Balloon Backdrop

A common theme at parties is to create a wall out of balloons, which can serve as a focal point and as an amazing backdrop. This one has black and gold balloons, some of the balloons have numbers that are counting down, and in the middle, there is a message: Tonight, we’re gonna party!

Everyone who is celebrating could snap a selfie in front of this wall, and children can stand front and center for a very fun and festive photoshoot. Plus, it has a sort of Gatsby feel, which is always fun for a party theme.

1 Fashion

Whatever photo idea is used, remember one thing: A pretty outfit goes a long way! There are basic yet bright T-shirts with 2020 on them. There are tiny tuxedos that can be worn. There are shoes that light up or have pom poms on them, which could match some of the props mentioned above. And there are elegant ensembles like the one pictured here; the glittery stars on the leggings, the tutu, the themed bodysuit, and the bow would help take any picture to the next level.

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