Baby Number 3: 20 Things About Mario Lopez's Adorable Growing Family

Mario Lopez rose to fame as one of the stars of the TV show, Saved By The Bell, a light sitcom which saw the rise of many actors and actresses, including Tiffani Amber-Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Mario kept his career momentum going by appearing in The Bold and the Beautiful, as Dr. Christian Ramirez, and voicing "Social Smurf" in Smurfs 2. He also has tons of TV and film credits. He's a hard-working guy who provides his family with an enviable lifestyle.

During January of 2019, it was announced that Mario will be Access Hollywood's new host. The show is going to be revamped and re-branded as "Access." Producers at NBC are hiring Mario because they believe that he can revive the show.

Though Mario never stops working,  he always puts family first. His wife, Courtney Lopez, is currently expecting their third child. Mario is very excited about becoming a father for the third time; anyone who is a fan of Mario's will enjoy reading this list. It's filled with fascinating information about his baby news, as well as his marriage and career.

20 Mario Says His Wife's Pregnancy Is Miraculous


Mario Lopez is currently ecstatic because his wife is expecting a baby. He considers this third pregnancy a miracle. Mario and his wife, Courtney, were trying for another baby but weren't sure what would happen. They knew that they were already blessed because they have two happy and healthy children.

Mario's successful career keeps him really busy and being a father to three kids will make him even busier. He's definitely up for the challenge. He's very family-oriented. Mario shows off his kids on social media all of the time. He's doing his best to give them amazing childhoods. His family does seem very happy.

19 He Wasn't Sure He Was Destined To Be A Dad Again


When Mario and Courtney started trying for another baby, Mario was philosophical. If it happened, it was meant to happen. If it didn't, that was all part of the plan.

Mario has strong spiritual values and he felt blessed when Courtney did get pregnant. He got the good news at Christmastime, which is one reason why he considers the good news miraculous.

Mario is ready to look after a baby again. His kids are way past the baby stage, but he'll still need to rest up before the baby arrives. Once he has two young kids and a baby, he'll need all of his energy.

18 Mario Has a 5-Year Old Son


Mario's son is definitely his mini-me. The adorable little boy is basically a carbon copy of his famous dad. Mario often poses proudly with his son. They look very cute together.

Sometimes, his son, Dominic, is all dressed up in little suits, with matching sneakers. However he's dressed, he has his dad's hair, smile and eyes. The resemblance between Mario and Dominic is hard to miss.

Dominic is five and he's growing up with lots of love and attention from his parents. Mario calls his son Nico and little Nico is already taking wrestling lessons. Mario loves boxing and martial arts.

17 Mario's Daughter Is Now 8 Years Old


Dominic's older sister is Gia Francesca. That's a beautiful name, isn't it? She's currently eight years old and the apple of her dad's eye. Mario sets aside quality time for his daughter. They have "daddy-daughter dates", where they hang out together and bond.

Gia, Dad, Mom and Dominic soaked up the sun in Mexico last Christmas. They explored caves and played on the beach. Mario absolutely loves spending time in sunny Mexico during the winter. I'm sure his daughter does, too.

Courtney must have found the Mexico holiday relaxing as she's expecting. Hopefully, she found some time to nap while Mario took care of Gia and Dominic.

16 They Don't Know If Baby #3 Is Male or Female


It looks like Mario and Courtney want to be surprised when it comes to the gender of their third child. They probably won't go the gender reveal route which is so trendy these days.

Lots of celebs, including fitness guru, Kayla Itsines, and Kate Hudson, have posted fun gender reveal videos (Kayla is having a girl: Kate's daughter, Rani, is already born), but Mario and Courtney are going to wait until the labour and delivery to find out what they're having.

This old-fashioned approach does tend to create a lot of anticipation. Every family is different and Mario and Courtney would rather wait to find out if they're having a son or daughter.

15 Mario's Wife Revealed The Pregnancy After The Holidays


The family announced the pregnancy following the winter holidays, by uploading a fun and lighthearted video to social media. This video appeared in January of 2019.

In the video, Mario let the audience know that he was there to give a family update. He talked about how busy his work schedule was and then asked his wife, Courtney, how she was doing. She then lifted up her top to show the world her baby bump.

The kids were also in the video and they started cheering when she announced her pregnancy. That was a pretty cute way to announce the pregnancy. Congrats to the Lopez family!

14 Mario's Wife Is Named Courtney


Mario and Courtney are both Libras and the things that they have in common don't stop there. Courtney and Mario are sticking it out because they are so compatible.

Courtney jokes around on her social media pages (she has more than two hundred thousand followers), just like Mario does on his own social media accounts. She recently joked about craving Cinnabons. Hopefully, she got her hands on one.

Mario and Courtney still enjoy date nights, even though they are so busy. They make time for each other. They both like football. Looks like Mario found his ideal match. Their home seems to be a place where there is plenty of laughter.

13 Courtney Was Once Married To Ali Landry


Mario's first marriage was short-lived. Remember the "Dorito's girl", Ali Landry? She was Mario's first wife.

Mario has to take the blame for the fact that this relationship didn't go the distance. He behaved badly at his bachelor party, right before the wedding, and his new wife found out about his misconduct shortly after they got married.

This was a marriage that lasted mere weeks. Mario later admitted that he just hadn't been in love on his wedding day. He felt obligated to go through with the wedding, so he did go through with it. Apparently, the second time is the charm for Mario Lopez.

12 Mario Turned 45 A Few Months Ago


Mario is embarking on fatherhood all over again at age 45. He's got the energy for it, though, because he takes such good care of himself. If you check out his official social media pages, you'll see that he works out a lot and prepares healthy food.

This may be the reason why he seems to age in reverse. Genetics may also have something to do with the fact that Mario looks so much like he did decades ago. He has a full face with dimples. He hasn't lost the softness in his face as he's gotten older. His son has the very same dimples.

11 Daughter Gia Wants A Sister


Mario Lopez' kids were really excited by the pregnancy announcement. Gia definitely wants another sibling. Maybe she's hoping for a sister? That's not unusual and wouldn't be a surprise, as she already has a younger brother.

Both Gia and her brother are September babies. Baby number three will be a little different. Last September, Mario and his wife threw the kids a joint B-day bash. Mario and Courtney hired a bartender for the Jumanji-themed celebration because Mario has Mexican roots and lots of Mexican children's B-day parties allow parents and other adults guests to have a bit of fun, too.

10 Son Dominic Wants A Brother


Little Dominic Lopez is also stoked about becoming a big brother. He'll soon be a middle child. That's a big shift from being the youngest. Since Dominic gets so much love from his parents and sister, he'll probably make a smooth transition from youngest child to middle child.

Middle children have certain characteristics which are really interesting. They are typically very diplomatic and they are also quite independent. Sometimes, they may feel a bit overlooked. Mario and Courtney can make things easier for Dominic by making sure that he gets tons of attention when the new baby comes. I'm sure this will not be a problem for them!

9 Mario Is Really Into Fatherhood


Mario is in the public eye and being a devoted family man is great for his image, especially after that whole marriage thing with Ali Landry. While Mario does make sure that his family is featured in a lot of magazine stories, his love for his wife and children definitely seem sincere.

He's not just posing with the wife and kids. He's taking his wife out on nice dates, taking his son to wrestling, and setting aside one-on-one time for his daughter. Mario is a public figure, so he puts a lot out there about his life. His wife does, too.

8 Mario's Looking Forward To Having A Party Of Five


Mario wants a party of five and he'll have one pretty soon. It won't be long until his family is bigger. Luckily, he has a beautiful home, which is more than large enough for his growing brood. Mario is particularly proud of his big kitchen. He loves to cook.

While his baby, which is due in the summer, isn't going to need solid food for a while, Mario will be able to whip up some great recipes for the rest of the family. Maybe he'll try his hand at homemade baby food.  Mario does work a lot. He is extremely successful. He does well at hosting gigs. He's a great provider for a bigger family.

7 The Due Date For Baby #3 Is Sometime In July


Mario and Courtney's baby is due in July. It's not going to be a September baby like their other two kids. The baby will be born under the sign of Cancer or maybe Leo. Their oldest child, Gia, is a Virgo and little Dominic is a Libra like his lookalike Dad.

Courtney seems to be feeling great. She's radiant in her recent social media posts. Pregnancy is never easy all of the time, but she focuses on the positive. She's excited about the future. Being a parent is wonderful. It's the best thing in life. Courtney's already had two kids, so she knows just how special being a mom really is.

6 Courtney's Showed Off Her Baby Bump Online


When Courtney showed off her baby bump for the first time, in January of this year, fans were really happy. The pregnancy announcement video was pretty adorable. Fans who follow Courtney may be able to see more of her growing baby bump on Instagram in the future.

Courtney seems to enjoy posting a lot on social media. There's nothing wrong with that. It's fun, right? When her kids are older, they may not like being featured in her posts quite so much. For now, they have no complaints. These kids may end up in showbiz, like Mario. Lots of celeb offspring end up seeking out the spotlight.

5 Mario's 2 Kids Wore Adorable Shirts For The Pregnancy Reveal


During the pregnancy reveal, Courtney's kids wore really cute t-shirts. Dominic's featured the words, "best big brother". Gia, the oldest daughter, wore her own version of the novelty t-shirt. Clearly, these kids are enjoying happy childhoods and feel that the more is the merrier where the new baby is concerned.

Dominic (Nico for short) is ready to become an older brother to a baby. He'll be there to help his parents and older sister take care of the newborn, and he'll have a new playmate once the baby is a little older. This is a special time for the growing Lopez family.

4 Wife Courtney Is 36 Years Old


Courtney Lopez is now 36. She's definitely in her prime and she's ready to become a mother again. She's not in her twenties, but she's not in her forties, either. A lot of moms in Hollywood are having babies later in life these days, anyway.

Courtney tried to have another baby but lost the baby. That sad experience was hard for the family. Now that Courtney is expecting, with a visible baby bump, she can heal. It's hard to say if this third baby will be the last for this family. Mario and Courtney may try for more kids in the future.

3 Mario Won An Award For Being A Good Dad


Mario won an award for being a good dad. That must have made him really happy. He's clearly very into fatherhood and getting honoured for his parenting would be a source of pride. He's always pictured holding his kids, or talking to them, or playing with Play-Dough with them.

He takes them to events and on fun family holidays. He has a very busy work schedule, but carves out time for his children, or just takes them along wherever he needs to be. He seems to have achieved work-life balance. When he's hosting Access, he's going to get even busier.

2 Mario and Courtney Were Both On Broadway


These two met on Broadway. Mario had a starring role as Zach in A Chorus Line and Courtney was an understudy for a few roles. Since Mario and Courtney have the same interests and passions, it's not surprising that their marriage is going the distance. While they haven't really been married for that long, they seem really happy together.

Mario always has a big smile on his face when he's with his wife. Courtney seems very content also. The new baby is going to bring changes. Mario and Courtney are ready. They've turned a Broadway romance into a happy family.

1 This Family Is Excited For The Future


Mario Lopez has such a bright future ahead. The hard work that he does to stay relevant in Hollywood has really paid off. His career could easily have fizzled after Saved By The Bell, but he didn't let that happen. He evolved by taking different types of roles and moving into hosting.

He found his niche and now has an estimated net worth of sixteen million bucks. He's also got a beautiful family and another baby on the way. Mario is an example of how hard work and family values really pay off. He's matured so much over the years.

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