Research Finds That A Baby's Diaper May Hold A Key Source For Probiotics

Will baby poop bacteria really become the next probiotic?  Researchers are questioning whether or not infant feces can be the solution to help with gut issues in adults.

Recently, researchers have decided to start investigating baby poop as a potential for an aid in gut health. They have suggested that there might be a potential source of microbes that could help to contribute to a healthier digestion. The research has even shown that some of the bacteria in baby feces could potentially help promote the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). The findings came about from experiments done with mice and researchers predict the same helpful reaction could be found in the human gut.

SCFA molecules "are a subset of fatty acids that are churned out by some types of gut microbes during the fermentation of fiber. They're associated with maintaining gut health and protecting against disease."

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Probiotics that contain the beneficial aspects of the baby poop could help with gut health. The digestive well-being of adults could be helped by "boosting SCFA production in a compromised digestive system."  Poop has already been investigated to help with different issues that affect the stomach and digestion. For example, fecal microbiota transplants (FMT), or "poop transplants" have been found to be useful. FMT  "can treat a type of gut disorder with an infusion of diverse bacteria from a healthy digestive system, distilled from a donor's poop." This can potentially help by correcting imbalances in the gut. Using the same research that has backed poop transplants, researchers want to create a probiotic that people can ingest to help improve digestive health.

Much more research is needed before baby feces will be considered as a source for probiotics. If the research actually reveals that baby poop can help with gut health then scientists will begin to implement their theories into real supplements that can be used by humans. People are always looking for help with their digestive systems and maybe this is the answer we have been searching to help those suffering with gut issues. It will be interesting to see if people actually trust a baby poop probiotic.

If a probiotic had baby feces in it would people actually be interested in trying it? The prediction is that people might be suffering from such poor digestive health that they would be willing to try anything, even baby poop! Only time will tell.

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