Baby Powder And 14 Other Things That Can Be Dangerous For The Baby

Becoming a parent is thrilling, life-changing and sometimes downright confusing. Once mom's little bundle of joy arrives, she is suddenly fully and completely responsible for their well being. Sure mistakes will be made, accidents are bound to happen, but no one gets out of this parenting gig unscathed, with many parenting mishaps occurring due to product ignorance.

You can't know every single thing that might cause harm to your baby, but it doesn't hurt to educate yourself where you can. So here is your minor, infant education crash course concerning everyday baby products. Just because you purchase these items at your local Target store or get them with a push of a button on Amazon doesn't mean that they are foolproof. Some infant products out there can actually cause more harm than good. The problem is that that are often times so innocent looking and convenient to use that we don't think of them as dangerous. It's challenging for the parental brain to associate soft and fluffy objects with freaking death traps.

These fifteen infant products are defiantly tempting and the problems that arise with them are pretty rare compared to other dangerous objects that can hurt your little ones, but it's still best to know that some very common things come with some very serious warnings. These fifteen no-no's are wolves in sheep's clothing.

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15 The Not So Jolly Jumpers

Via: keepingupwiththejones3s Instagram

Door jam jumpers are a lot of fun and have the ability to keep babies entertained for roughly five minutes, which in case you aren't aware is like three hours in infant time. You can almost make an entire sandwich in that space of time and when you are a new mother you will almost do anything for five minutes of baby free hands. This is where the jumper becomes seriously alluring. The baby is happy, you are finally feeding yourself, what would be wrong with this picture? A lot actually.

According to HealthyWay.com, overzealous babies can actually dislodge the jumper, causing the heavy parts adhered to the door jam to come crashing down on their tiny bodies. In 2005 some 29,000 jumpers were recalled and the CDC issued a warning telling parents of the possible dangers associated with the product.

14 Certain Essential Oils

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It seems like these days everyone is turning to essential oils to solve their many woes. Many claim that these small vials of smelly stuff almost (but not quite) hold magical powers. According to lovers of the oils:

They can heal just about every ailment known to mankind and alter any mood with just a few drops and a diffuser.

We aren't saying you can't continue to use your beloved oils once your baby arrives, but remember that baby's skin is much different than your own and should be treated as it's own entity. According to Reader's Digers, essential oils can be heavily perfumed and might actually be irritating to your child's skin. When it comes to rubbing down your tiny tot, it's best to stick to simple and natural products that are specifically designed for infant skin.

13 Bath Seats Aren't As Safe As They Look

Babies and baths can be a scary combination. We hear so many horror stories of parents turning their heads for a split second and kids slipping under three inches of water and drowning in a matter of seconds. It's enough to commit to sponge bathing your child until they turn 12 I swear. So with this very real fear swirling around in our parenting skills, bath seats seemed like a freaking Godsend.

Too bad they aren't any safer than perching next to the bathtub and watching your baby like a hawk. These contraptions can give parents a false sense of security, and sometimes moms and dads assume that bath seats are a substitution for watchful parents. They most definitely are no fill-in guys. According to HealthyWay.com, the CPSC reported some 174 deaths and 300 accidents associated with bath seats from 1983 to 2009.

12 Co-Sleepers For The Bed

Co-sleepers became all the rage once we parents realized that sleeping alongside our infants could actually kill them. Yes, that was one scary realization. Many parents inherently want their tiny ones as close to them as possible, especially during the nighttime hours, so the invention of co-sleepers seemed like the answer to our nighttime prayers.

So co-sleepers are designed to keep your baby safe from being crushed by a rolling over parent, the problem is those tiny beds aren't exactly made of steel.

HealthyWay.com has warned that the sides are extremely flimsy and new parents are extremely tired.

These beds won't stop a grown adult from rolling over onto a six-pound baby and causing harm.

11 Ditch The Car Seat Toys

via geniusbaby.com

Quick question: how many of you have had the pleasure of driving in a vehicle while trying to soothe a screaming infant? If you answered yes, then you undoubtedly sought out some car seat toys the very next day. After a few trips with a screaming infant you probably rushed right home and googled 'car seat toys' before you even took your shoes off. They can certainly be sanity savers, but they aren't always a safe bet.

According to Healthyway.com, car seat toys that come with car seats undergo crash tests with the toys attached, so you can be sure that they are safe in case of an emergency. Third party toys have no such guarantee. These toys aren't tested with your specific vehicle and car seat so there is no way to know if they will hold up during a crash. They could very well become dislodged and harm your precious baby!

10 Baby Slings

Via: Pinterest

I had one of these back in my new parent days too and I remember looking down at my scrunched up baby and thinking, "Hmmmm, this doesn't look very comfortable nor very safe." I was young and inexperienced and I figured that if they were being sold left and right, then they were likely okay and I was probably being overly concerned. It turns out my intuition was spot on though. Baby slings aren't exactly the safest way to tote around your newborn.

Sling carriers have been the culprit behind some 14 infant passings over the last two decades, as reported by HealthyWay.com. Infants have also suffered injuries from falling out of the slings and tumbling to the ground.

If you must use a front carrier, make sure you are using one that complies with safety standards and is assembled properly.

9 Crib Tents

via nataliesnotes.typepad.com

I won't lie, I was very close to purchasing a few of these myself back when my one and a half year old twins decided that crawling out of their cribs and then crashing to the floor was the cat's meow. I did my research, (because the twins were certainly not my first rodeo and Lord knows by the time they arrived I had learned a thing or two,) and found what many other mommies before me had also discovered.

Crib tents aren't very safe. According to HealthyWay.com, little ones can get tangled up in the fabric, causing strangulation, or can become wedged between the crib rails and the tent. Some tents have even collapsed on kids, causing harm to them. In the end it's best to ride out the crib ejection stage and forego the crib tent, as tempting as they seem.

8 Crib Bumpers

via institutrakyat.org

Crib bumpers are sweet to look at and can certainly add a little something extra to a precious nursery, but they definitely aren't worth your child's life. These guys gained popularity when parents started becoming concerned about their infant hitting their head on the hard crib bars or getting their limbs stuck between the crib rails. Soft and plush bumpers seemed like a simple solution to the problem, but they ended up causing much more harm than good.

Babies have actually suffocated themselves by rolling into the soft material and not being able to breathe. They become wedged and can not roll themselves away from the danger. The crib bumpers have caused such a ruckus that states like Maryland have actually banned them entirely, as pointed out by HealthyWay.com. It's best to put your infant to sleep in their crib with nothing more than a fitted sheet.

7 Walkers

via momjunction.com

Walkers ruled the tot world just a few decades ago. If you grew up in the eighties or the nineties, then you spent roughly fifty percent of your young lives in one of these bad boys. They kept babies busy, tired moms hands free and were a sure fire way to manage to get something done during the day. Walkers however were causing all sorts of toddler injuries. Kids were walking right off the edge of the stairs in them, tumbling down to some pretty serious injuries.

Healthyway.com has reported that in 2010 alone, some 4,000 kids were injured by using walkers according to the CPSC. Besides being downright dangerous to children, walkers have been shown to limit children's development in regards to walking. It's probably best not to turn to this contraption for some relief moms.

If you need to be hands-free, perhaps opt for a playpen.

6 The Bumbo

via kendrapedpt.com

Back when my oldest daughter was a tiny lump desperately trying to sit upright without crashing over onto her side every seven seconds, The Bumbo was my best friend. I used it every single day because it made my life easy and it was super cute to see this little infant sitting up in a chair looking like a real person.

I had no idea that this contraption is way more dangerous to little ones that it appears to be. I was a first time mother, I basically knew nothing! Bumbos can easily tip over, taking baby down with them. Mighty tots can also eject themselves from these seats on rare occasions. According to HealthyWay.com, after the product was originally recalled in 2007, (and for the record my child was born during that year,) they started coming with little seat belts. Still if you aren't monitoring your child in this thing or you place the Bumbo on high surfaces, they might end up hurting your child!

5 Blankets

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The generations of mothers and grandmothers who came before us current mommies were all about the blankets, but in this day and age blankies are basically a smothering risk. It is now widely accepted that loose sheets and blankets should under no circumstance be used in cribs because they are so dangerous to infants.

Babies can easily have their faces covered by blankets, preventing them from properly breathing, as reported by HealthyWay.com.

It is recommended that babies sleep in their own crib without anything except a fitted mattress. No loose materials or fluffy objects should accompany your little guy to Dream Land. Go ahead and smile when your Great Aunt Sally gifts you with a homemade baby blanket at your baby shower, but don't let your kiddo take it to bed with them...ever

4 The Infamous Baby Powder

Via: Jenny McCarthy

Baby powders are a relatively new 'no no' in the wonderful world of parenting, but many medical professionals are now warning against using the good old white stuff to soothe their kiddo's bottoms. The reason for calling for a powder outlaw is pretty simple actually.

"The aerosoled particles are quite irritating to babys' lungs and have the potential to cause respiratory problems," revealed Manhattan-based Dermatologist and mommy, Dr. Nazarian to ThisIsInsider.com. When your baby's cute little tooshie starts looking a little red, go ahead and slather on something like Aquaphor to give them some relief.  Skip the powders, you simply don't need them and they do more harm than good in some cases.

3 Wipe Warmers

Via: perleebeans Instagram

If you want my opinion wipe warmers are way too extra anyways. Babies have had cool wipes on their bums for ages and have never suffered ill effects due to a cold baby wipe. Of course we want our kids to be as comfortable as possible, but please moms! They don't need 78 degree bum wipes to complete their circle of infant happiness.

As reported by Today.com, several models of these comfort creatures have even been recalled because they pose a threat of electrocution and are a fire hazard. Wipe warmers are a risk that is far too great to take with your children. You don't need them and you most certainly do not need a house fire or a case of electrocution on your hands. Just skip the wipe warmers and go with common sense and down to earth child rearing practices.

2 Scented Sunscreens

via babycenter.com

In order to minimize your infant's exposure to unnecessary chemicals on their skin, stick to sunscreens that are zinc oxide based.

Very young babies however shouldn't even have that on their precious skin. For infants who are younger than six months of age, This Is Insider suggests that you'll want to protect them from the sun by keeping them shaded whenever possible and dressing them in ultra-violet blocking clothing.

Once babies hit six months though it is recommended that sunscreen by applied liberally roughly 20 minutes before they undergo sun exposure. And remember! Once is not enough. You have to slap that stuff on every couple of hours to prevent burning. Furthermore hold off on the spray sunscreens until kids are older. Even toddlers can inhale the sprays and create irritation or damage to their lungs.

1 Drop-Side Cribs

via verywellfamily.com

If you are an older mother like myself, you might remember having a drop-side crib. One side of the crib lowered down significantly, making it much easier to place the baby on her mattress and retrieve them when they decided that sleep was clearly for the birds. The cribs might have made life easier, but they also made life more dangerous. According to HealthyWay.com, drop-side cribs have been responsible for the deaths of some 32 infants since the year 2000.

Millions of these types of beds went through a recall in the 2000's and were completed banned back in 2011. So yes, cribs are now more inconvenient, but we are willing to stretch a bit further to put our kids to sleep if it means that there is less of a chance of harm.

References: healthway.com, theinsider.com, today.com, rd.com

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