‘Baby Prenups’ Are Becoming More Common To Help Parents Divide Responsibilities

We've all heard of a prenup, but it's usually to protect personal assets before entering into marriage. While getting divorced isn't on anyone's to-do list, it's a practical way to make sure that you keep what you've worked for.

That way, your ex won't get half of the yacht that your grandparents left you (should you be so lucky) or have any nasty legal disputes.

Is it nice to think about? Of course not, but this is adulthood. It's full of paperwork and worst-case scenarios. Now, a different type of prenup is starting to surface, and it's all to do with new parents.

According to People, life coach to the stars Vanessa Petronelli sat down with Good Morning America to discuss baby prenups. It has nothing to do with preparing for a split, but everything to do with how couples plan for parenthood.

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These handy little agreements are designed to evenly split parenting tasks down the middle. For instance, if dad only wants to change a certain amount of diapers a day, or mom wants a designated amount of weekly alone time, then it's all in black and white. Couples are actually putting pen to paper to make this a solid agreement, rather than winging it.


It might sound a little OTT to some, but Petronelli thinks it's a wise choice for parents to make. The better prepared you can be for the huge challenges that parenthood brings, the better.

Of course, it's difficult to plan every single aspect of caring for a newborn. They're all so different and by their very nature unpredictable. Things (and various bodily fluids) come at you from all angles. With that being said, it's still a good idea to think about how you're going to juggle everything once baby arrives.

If that means sitting down and evenly dividing up parenting duties so you have a good idea of how things are going to go down, then so be it. No one ever said raising a family was easy, so having all your ducks in a row can be incredibly beneficial. Just don't be surprised if it's not set in stone...so little in life ever is!

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