'Baby Rave' Dance Parties Are Trending Among Bay Area Parents

In a completely absurd trend, Baby Rave is an extremely popular Bay Area event for kids and parents. The Bay Area Children's Theatre hosts one Baby Rave a month and tickets always sell out.

Simply named Baby Rave, it is exactly what it sounds like. It's a rave for babies. There's music, flashing lights, and areas to play, run, dance, and go crazy. Guests an also play with ribbons, hula hoops, tunnels, scarves, and more. Babies are encouraged to do whatever they want and be free. In order to rave, children must be four years old. Baby Rave has been around since 2016 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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The event is sold out until February 2020. Each rave starts at 10 am and goes for an hour and a half. This morning activity is different from the usual trip to the library or a generic overpriced class. Babies and toddlers are here just to burn energy. There is no structure or story. There are no lessons or learning. It's all just dancing and checking out what's in the room.

Basically, it's a fantastic and fun way to waste time and burn energy before nap time. Held in North Oakland, these raves are never advertised yet hugely popular. Baby Rave even has it's own DJ to keep the party going. DJ E.T. AKA Edward Hazzard III has been spinning at the event since it's launch. This is the first gig he's had where he is performing for babies.

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Nina Meehan, The Bay Area Children's Theatre executive artistic director says it's by and far their most popular event. At only$7 a ticket (free for ravers under one) it is a highly affordable event for the ultra-expensive Bay Area. The Los Angeles Times attended one of the Baby Raves and reported on all the excitement. Adding to the fun, attendees and parents are encouraged to wear crazy rave attire.

Via BA Children's Theatre

Thinking back to those abandoned warehouse raves you may or may have not attended in your youth, did you ever think all it was missing was some toddlers? We didn't think so. But in this case, it works. Not only is Baby Rave affordable, but it's also different. Toddlers love running wild and touching everything so it's a wonder that no one thought to throw them a rave before.

Would you love Baby Rave? We know your baby would at least. This place must be a dream for curious and rambunctious toddlers.

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