Baby Rescued After Mom Accidentally Locked Infant In Car

A mother shares her experience of when she accidentally locked her baby in the car on a hot day.

It is that time of year again, the weather is getting hotter and children are dying from being locked in cars. Some parents are knowingly leaving their kids in the car so they can run inside to do grocery shopping. Other parents are accidentally leaving their children in hot cars. Both of these scenarios can easily kill children. Studies have shown that the temperature in the car can be 20 degrees hotter than the temperatures outside. Even a 70-degree day can become extremely unpleasant trapped in a car. Parents should never leave their children in the car even for short amounts of time. Parents should also double-check their car before leaving their vehicle so they don't accidentally forget a baby.

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One mother experienced a terrible event when she accidentally locked the car while her baby was inside. The mother had just finished shopping at the Lincolnwood Mall. She had parked near the Olive Garden. She had put her infant away and then she started to pack her stuff away in the vehicle. However, something happened and the vehicle became locked. Thankfully she still had her phone and called 9-1-1 and asked for assistance. Dispatchers responded to an "infant locked in a car."

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When the first responders and a tow truck arrived the infant had been in the vehicle for about 10 minutes. The temperatures outside where in the '90s and the temperature inside the car was measured at 112 degrees. Although the baby did not seem to be harmed she was taken to the nearest hospital to be evaluated by medical staff to make sure that she was not injured.

First responders are yet again pleading parents to be more vigilant when it comes to the children and cars. Although this was an accident and mistakes do happen it could have been avoided and the outcome could have been much worse. If your child does get locked in a car during a hot day then it is essential that you call an emergency responder to help you remove the child swiftly. Thankfully this mom was able to call help right away so that her child didn't suffer long term effects from being locked in a vehicle that reached such high temperatures.

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