Baby Saved By Truck Driver After Car Seat Falls Out Of Vehicle

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers on the road these days. For the second time this week, a Good Samaritan has rescued an endangered child on or near a busy road. Incredible dash cam footage captured a terrifying incident on the road in Mankato, Minnesota on Monday involving a young toddler and a car seat that was not properly secured.

Chad Mock was approaching a slight bend in the road when only a few feet ahead he saw something he couldn't quite believe: a child, strapped to a car seat had just tumbled out of the car in front of him right into the middle of the road.

"If it didn't happen in front of me I’d never have believed it," he said in a post via Facebook.

The camera kept rolling as Mock, as if in a daze, stops his own vehicle, jumps out and dashes toward the child, waving his hands frantically in an effort to alert other drivers to stop. He approaches the girl and stood over her for a brief second as if to say, is this real? He then bends down and sets the car seat upright, remaining in a crouched position ensuring that she is okay.

Immediately, other drivers are seen running into view, hoping to help. Others pull over. Towards the end of the 50-second video, Mock is seen scooping the girl up in her seat and carrying her to the side of the road to safety.

According to the Mankato Public Safety Department in a statement, the toddler who fell into the road was securely belted into her seat, however, the seat and the car door weren't secure. Her mother, Maimuna Hassan, was reported to have returned to the scene after police had arrived, and was "crying and upset", hugging her child. She told police she believed the girl had unlocked the door herself, however, officers found no restraint mechanism to secure the seat in the back of the vehicle. She has officially been charged with child endangerment, failing to properly secure a child passenger restraint and a misdemeanor driver’s licence violation.

Fortunately, the child was assessed on scene by emergency personnel and was found to be uninjured.

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