Baby Shark And 19 Other Viral Trends Mom Wishes She Could Turn Off

Moms these days have their hands full when it comes to parenting. On top of everyday parenting struggles that parents have faced for years, modern-day parents are lucky enough to get the added bonus of figuring out how screen time and technology play a role in being a parent. HealthyChildren.org suggests setting healthy boundaries when it comes to screens: “Media use, like all other activities, should have reasonable limits. Unstructured and offline play stimulates creativity. Make unplugged playtime a daily priority, especially for very young children.”

Luckily, as more and more research becomes prevalent, many parents are already ahead of the curve on managing their child’s screen time and usage. That being said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with well-managed screen time; it can be a wonderful and beneficial tool when used properly. Sometimes a Mom just has to put the TV on for a few minutes so she can get dinner ready or even just to have a minute to herself. When it comes to screen time, there’s no limit to the thousands of options kids have readily available at their fingertips. From YouTube videos to Netflix favorites; there’s a wide variety of options for kids. And one thing all parents can and will agree on? Most of them are really annoying. Below is a list of twenty viral trends moms (and dads!) will wish they could just shut off. Screen time can be a saving grace at times, but at other times, it can make parents want to shout in frustration at how annoying it can be.

20 Any Song From Frozen


Released in 2013, the musical sensations from the hit movie Frozen are not fading from anyone’s memory anytime soon. Halloweens are still full of Elsas and Annies running from door to door. And no matter the season, in any given household on any given household on any given day, you can better there are a few kiddos running around blasting the songs from Frozen. Elsa might have been able to just let it go, but modern day parents don’t have the pleasure of letting go of these hit songs anytime soon. Can I just say something crazy, Anna? Enough with the Frozen tunes.

19 The Song That Never Ends


The song appears in the album Lamb Chop's Sing-Along, Play-Along by puppeteer Shari Lewis. It is only one verse long song, written in an infinite-loop motif in a march style, such that it naturally flows in a cyclical fashion, repeating the same verse over and over. It is still a very popular tune, typically sung during long car journeys,” states Wikipedia.com on this literally never-ending song. If you’re unfamiliar with the tune, consider yourself lucky. The repetitive tune was a car ride favorite for me growing up as a kid, and I can only hope my own children don’t put me through the same thing.

18 Little Baby Bum


I personally feel insulted by Little Baby Bum, and I know I’m not alone. This is the only show my daughter ever wants to watch, so her limited TV time is basically watching this show over and over again. She does get sick of the same songs, of course. So we’ve had to resort to the Little Baby Bum channel on YouTube, and yes, we have to skip past the songs she doesn’t like. Who else feels insulted by Little Baby Bum, or Word Party on Netflix? And in case these songs are not embedded into your head enough, fret not, you can look up all the lyrics on LittleBabyBum.com, which I find hilarious.

17 Gummy Bear Song


Gummibär is a German international multi-lingual character and virtual band based in Berlin who is known for performing the Gummy bear-related series of songs on various albums, including I Am Your Gummy Bear and La La Love to Dance. It is most notable for the song and video "I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” shares Wikipedia.com. I’m lucky enough to have pretty much avoided the Gummy Bear phenomenon but I know plenty of parents who have had to endure this song on repeat. Google the song if you want to be in the loop, but trust me when I say you are not missing out. Thank you, next Gummibär.

16 Slime Videos


A quick search on YouTube leads me to thousands of slime videos. DIY’s, mix-in’s, Icee slime, relaxing Slime, an HOUR of relaxing slime, twin telepathy slime, there’s no shortage of slime video’s guys. Of the more than 5 million posts on that popular social media app tagged with #slime, most depict brightly colored stuff filled with glitter and pigments of all kinds. So the slime of today is far more vicious and elaborate than that green liquid on Nickelodeon. "Slime has become so popular that the U.S.'s Chemical Society recently published a fact sheet about it including a detailed scientific explanation for how the magic happens,” share NPR.org. The slime videos are here to stay.

15 JoJo Siwa


Joelle Joanie 'JoJo' Siwa (born May 19, 2003), is a U.S. dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her songs "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store." Siwa posts daily videos of her day-to-day life on her YouTube channel, "JoJo Siwa Vlogs,” writes Wikipedia. To be honest, I didn’t even know who she was until I heard about her feud with Justin Bieber, but I know plenty of mom’s of young children are probably well aware of who she is and don’t worry, she’s going on tour!

14 The “Line-Up” Song From Bubble Guppies


I repeat, my daughter will absolutely not watch anything but Little Baby Bum on any platform, so I have not had the enjoyment of Bubble Guppies... yet. “Who is writing the songs on BUBBLE GUPPIES? They are criminally catchy. Like... eerily catchy. Is the show a mind control experiment?” wrote Patton Oswalt on Twitter, and he is not alone in not being able to get the catchy tunes out of his head. Many parents commiserate over the Line-Up song in particular but any given song from the show seems to get under the skin of many parents. Can you relate?

13 Super Why!


Okay, I’ve had PBS Kids on the TV a time or two enough to have this theme song memorized, and stuck in my head a time or two. “Welcome to SUPER WHY, a breakthrough preschool series designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills that they need to learn to read (and love to read!) as recommended by the National Reading Panel (alphabet skills, word families, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary),” states PBSKids.org. The show might be a little annoying, but PBS Kids is actually a great resource for parents, and if you’re looking for kid-friendly websites or apps, the PBS one is a great choice for educational activities.

12 Peppa Pig


Long-running children's series following the adventures, mishaps, and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town. Each family is a different species of animal, and Peppa's friends include Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, and Candy Cat. Each episode features a new adventure, and storylines often help children to understand new emotions and experiences they themselves might encounter growing up,” explains Google. The concept of the show is wonderful, but what Google doesn’t mention is the U.K. accent that is sure to leave you wondering why in the world your child is suddenly trying to talk strange voice.

11 Unboxing Videos


Wondering what an unboxing video is? It’s basically exactly what it sounds like, people unboxing items they received online. One child’s unboxing YouTube channel description reads, “Kids Unboxing Tube is a fun and entertaining toy unboxing channel! Join Gigi as she giggles and opens the latest toys. FREE gift contest at the end of some of the video's out of Gigi's surprise box just follow the link on the banner to that social media app to see if you won!” It is a weird trend, and one I do not really understand, yet kids everywhere seem to be obsessed with channels like this.

10 Anything Doc McStuffins Says


The series chronicles freckled, six-year-old (later seven) Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins who decides she wants to become a doctor like her mother, a pediatrician. The show takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She practices her dream by fixing toys and dolls. In the UK, the show was redubbed using [U.K.] voice actors, replacing the original [U.S.] soundtrack,” explains Wikipedia.com on the premise of this show. Though the plot lines and stories can get a little annoying for parents to watch, many parents praise the premise of this show and state that it provides a great theme overall for kids. I mean, anything gets annoying if you have to watch too much of it.

9 That “Dog” Song From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


I don’t even have to watch this show but the song is always stuck in my head. “How?” You might be wondering. Well, it came in the form of a little musical guitar gifted to my daughter. It’s a Mickey Mouse guitar that sings the H. Dog (yep, that tubed meat) song when you press the buttons. Sounds super fun, right? Not. “H. dog, h. dog, h. diggety dog, Now we got ears, it's time for cheers, H. dog, h. dog, the problem's solved, H. dog, h. dog, h. diggety dog” These lyrics are surely ones to get embedded into your head until the end of time, or so it feels like.

8 The Troll’s Theme Song


….or any song from Trolls for that matter. The hit movie released in 2016 now has several spin-off series available on Netflix where you can your fix of the catchy tunes. I won’t lie, the movie is pretty darn cute, but I can understand how the songs would get annoying if you had to listen to them over and over again. If you’re still reading from above you’ll understand I don’t really have this problem because, well, Little Baby Bum. The Trolls soundtrack was produced primarily by Justin Timberlake, so if you are a fan of his, you will probably actually enjoy the soundtrack.

7 Elmo’s Song


We get it Elmo, you have your own song. “This is the song la la la la, Elmo's song, La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's song. La la la la la la la, la, La la la la la la la, la.” It’s just enough la’s to drive anyone a little la-la, if you will. He wrote the music, he wrote the words, so if you are looking for someone to blame for getting this song stuck in your head, over and over, look no further than the little red guy himself.

6 YouTube Videos Of Toys Being Taken Apart


“With the increasing success of fun and even absurd videos being created by and for tots on the number one video platform, it may be a good time to hop on the children’s comedy bandwagon,” shares YouTuberMagazine.com. Another one of these YouTube sensations that I just don’t really understand, is kids taking toys apart. Ever wondered what the middle of a rubber duckie looks like? How about a Tamagotchi? You name it, some kid on YouTube has probably taken it apart to see what’s inside of it. Any parent of a modern-day kiddo has probably seen more than their fair share of these videos.

5 The Wiggles


For songs you will really wish would just wiggle themselves immediately out of your head, look no further than songs from The Wiggles. Formed in 1991, the group is still going strong today, though with many new members. “They have earned several Platinum, Double Platinum and Multi-Platinum records, as well as sold 23 million DVDs and 7 million CDs, and have performed, on average, to one million people per year. The group has also earned multiple Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA)and Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards,” shares Wikipedia.com on the success of the group who has also successfully driven parents to the point of craziness a time or two.

4 “I’m Not Ready To Be A Princess” From Sofia The First


Okay, admittedly I do not know this one, and I would go play it to see but I’m hiding from my toddler and sneaking a few teddy grahams right now and I don’t want her to come running, which she totally would if I started playing any kids' song. The Princess in question has mixed reviews with fans on Twitter but the overall theme seems to sit well with viewers. The series is no longer producing new shows. The existing seasons are a never-ending hit amongst kid, therefore they are a never-ending headache for parents of super fans of Sofia The First.

3 Yo Gabba Gabba


More like No Gabba Gabba. “DJ Lance Rock starts the fun each show with the magic words 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' Five friendly monsters -- Muno, Brobee, Foofa, Toodee and Plex -- encourage kids to sing and dance along with the preschool series. Part animated and part live action, 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' mixes cartoons and magical ideas into the musical episodes,” shares Google in the description for this kids show. Any parent familiar with this show and its catchy tunes are sure to know that the gabbing should just stop already. Are you familiar with this show? It’s one of the more strange ones, in my opinion! I would take Paw Patrol over Yo Gabba Gabba any day.

2 Paw Patrol


Maybe it’s my love of animals, but this is one show that gets to some parents, but not to me. “A group of six rescue dogs, led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder, has adventures in 'PAW Patrol.' The heroic pups, who believe 'no job is too big, no pup is too small,' work together to protect the community,” says the show description on NickJr.com. It sounds super cute, right? As with anything though, once you hear the same thing over and over again, it gets to be a bit much. Have any little Paw Patrol fans in your family?

1 Baby Shark


The number-one annoying song that has taken over social media, "Baby Shark." "'Baby Shark' is a children's song about a family of sharks. Having long been popular as a campfire song, it has been popularized since the mid-2000s by social media, online video and radio,” says Wikipedia.com. Aside from the catchy song, you can even get your hands on some Baby Shark merch. Additionally, this song has caught the attention of club-goers and DJ’s, who have created some club versions of the song. It’s all a little crazy. If there’s one catchy tune sure to set off even the most tolerant of parents, "Baby Shark" is that song.

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