Baby Shark May Inspire Baseball Team To Win World Series

The Washington Nationals are using the Baby Shark song to boost their chances of winning the World Series. The baseball team is hoping that something that started as a joke will be their key to keeping morale and hopes high during each game. With their continued use of the song, it will forever be stuck in our heads.

The Baby Shark song took the world by storm ever since it first went viral on the internet. The catchy tune was created by Pinkfong, a Korean education start-up company. Part of the song’s success is attributed to big K-Pop groups who covered the songs and performed the dance for their fans. Now, the video has over 3.6 billion views on YouTube, and the iconic tune is easily recognized by everyone; doo doo doo doo doo doo.

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The Nationals’ outfielder, Gerardo Parra, originally had the stadium play the song as he was walking up to bat—complete with a video of Parra doing the dance playing on the big screen. The second the song starts playing, almost all of the fans start to do the shark dance as well. Parra originally did it as a favour to his kids, but now, it has become the team’s lucky charm.

The first time he had the stadium play the song, Parra got two hits and the team’s hot streak began. After that, the team began the Baby Shark tradition. Since then, the Nationals reached the playoffs, won their wild card game, won the NLDS, and now they’re leading 3-0 in the current Championship Series against the Cardinals. With one more win, they’re going to the World Series.

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The song also helps keep the players’ morale high and fans’ excitement at a maximum. When the song comes on, the audience gets really hyped up dancing to it, and Parra’s teammates enthusiastically do the shark dance as he’s coming up to bat. Even his teammates waiting at the bases are excitedly imitating the shark to show support. The charm is working so well that Parra received a box of baby sharks from Pinkfong before their third game against the Cardinals last Monday.

If they do win the World Series, the entire franchise needs to erect a statue of Baby Shark in their stadium.

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