Toddler's Life Saved By 'Baby Shark' Toy After Bullet Shoots Through Wall

A toddler's life might well have been saved over the weekend after a bullet fired into their room hit a Baby Shark toy.

While parents are grateful for the songs, movies, and TV shows that briefly distract their children while they get other stuff done, there's no avoiding that some of them are downright annoying. The bright colors and repetitive nature of media intended for young children isn't specifically designed to annoy adults, at least we hope it isn't, but it also isn't created with them in mind.

Perhaps the most annoying of all the songs created for little ones is Baby Shark. What might well be the catchiest song of all time has now been viewed more than four billion times on YouTube. We're fairly certain at least half of those are viewings that have taken place inside of our own home.

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Every time you hear the Baby Shark song from now on, thinking of this incredible and heartwarming story might prevent your blood from boiling quite as quickly. During a shootout between what is thought to be two rival gangs at this point, a bullet strayed into the room of a sleeping toddler. That bullet hit the child's Baby Shark toy and may well have prevented it from striking the toddler.

via Madison Police Dept.

Gray News reports that the shootout took place on Sunday evening and police were called to the scene at 9 pm. Numerous homes and cars were damaged in the crossfire and at last count, 45 shell casings had been found. Amazingly, there have been no reported injuries caused by the incident but had the bullet into the toddler's room strayed even a little, this story could have had a far more tragic ending.

Most parents won't look at their children's soft toys and imagine that one day they might save their life. Hopefully, most parents reading this don't live in a neighborhood where there is even the remotest possibility of that happening. Whether you do or not, next time you hear Baby Shark, remember that a toy spun from the song might well have saved a toddler's life last weekend.

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