'Baby Shark' Song Has Made It To Billboard's Hot 100

Warning, this song might cause explosive reactions of happiness in children—although it might lead to potential eardrum damage for parents after listening on repeat (just kidding!). If you haven’t caught wind of the happy-go-lucky tune, adorable entitled “Baby Shark”, yet, we’re here to provide a thorough recap. The song has been making some serious waves, and it’s official, “Baby Shark” has even reached the Billboard Hot 100 list.

With a wildly catchy hook, the song is an absolute blast for kids. Since the song’s debut, the “Baby Shark” craze has caught like wildfire. Families have even begun to plan themed birthday parties, complete with invitations and aquatic-inspired cakes influenced by the trend. This past week, “Baby Shark” officially swam in and appeared at No. 32 on the Billboard Top 100 list. Amusingly enough, the song is actually only a few beats away from “Shallow”, a track from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The song was featured heavily in the critically-acclaimed film, A Star Is Born, and it was recently awarded Best Original Song at the Golden Globes. Billboard has also noted that the family-friendly song has reached the “Highest Ranking Debut” on the list.


“Baby Shark” started swimming onto YouTube back in June 2016, where it was first released by Pinkfong. The company is known for being an educational brand originally from South Korea. Since the song’s original debut, “Baby Shark” has garnered a whopping 2.1 billion total views on YouTube, and is also well within the list of the 30 most-watched YouTube videos, ever. If you’ve heard “Baby Shark”, we’re fairly certain we don’t need to explain the concept in great detail, but the song follows a family of sharks. With a young girl and boy at the helm, the music video shows a baby, mommy and daddy shark swimming in the sea. Later, the young children continue to sing about the tale of grandma and grandpa sharks, who also hunt together and run away from danger.

The love of “Baby Shark” truly runs deep, as toys inspired by the song were some of the biggest sellers during this past Christmas. For example, stuffed “Baby Shark” toys by WowWee actually completely sold out on Amazon before the holidays. In response, third-party sellers began to shock families by selling similar toys with skyrocketing prices. If you’re interested, Baby Shark and Daddy Shark dolls are currently selling for under $65 for Prime customers, but for some reason, Mommy Shark is marked at around $70. Congratulations to the Baby Shark family, and everyone at Pinkfong! Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo...

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