Baby Shower Canceled Due To Name-Shaming Of Unborn Child

In the wake of the Abcde debacle that resulted in Southwest Airlines apologizing for one of its employees making fun of a child for a name whose first name constituted the first five letters of the alphabet, you'd think people would be a bit more sensitive in the moniker department.

Nope, not even close. Which is why the woman who cancelled a baby shower after receiving flack for the name she chose for her unborn child deserves a medal for doing the right thing. When she announced that her forthcoming child would be called Squire Sebastien Senator, a legion of self-appointed name judges responded on social media to ridicule her choice. The issue? Squire Sebastien Senator comprised the kid-to-be's entire first name.

The woman, who hasn't been named, cited a number of reasons for the cancelation, adding that a smaller function with a much smaller invitation list would take place instead. But what shocked her was how judgemental she felt her family had become once she made the baby's name official. It turned out her support network of friends and family was smaller than she suspected since most of them voiced some rather negative and hurtful opinions on social media.


The woman fired back about the nay-sayers already formulating some rather derogatory statements about the child, which hasn't even set foot into the real world yet, being chastised for a decision it had no part in making. She justified her choice of Squire and Senator on account of her lineage, as it contained plenty of ancestors (and a few currently living) who were in those professions. She claimed that those names reflect power and success, the hope for her is that those monikers would reinforce what lays ahead for the child.

While folks are free to think about the woman's choice of names any way they wish, and even voice their concern, it's sad that most of the responses were made without any degree of sympathy or even consideration of the mother's line of reasoning. There have been some unusual name choices in the past, especially among celebrities. Frank Zappa was the father to Moon Unit and Dweezil, with very little negative feedback. Gwyneth Paltrow has a daughter named Apple. And Kim Kardashian shares children with Kanye West named North, Chicago, and Saint.

Say what you will about the choice by this non-celebrity mother. But we know several folks have their own names to call those name-shaming detractors.

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