10 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are an exciting time for loved ones to gather to celebrate the impending birth of a precious baby. While it may seem simple enough — get a cake, hang some balloons, and play a few games — a lot actually goes into planning these parties. There are special details to consider, such as finding the perfect party favors to thank guests for attending.

Sure, pink or blue candy-coated almonds are a classic, but they’re also overplayed and outdated. So what favors are likely to create an adorable and lasting impression at your baby shower when candied almonds are off limits? Well, we’ve created the perfect list to help guide your decision!

10 Baby Succulents

This may be one of the most trendy and popular favors right now, and for good reason! Succulents are easy to care for and make very affordable baby shower favors. Unlike edible favors, these little guys will last past the weekend and will be enjoyed by your guests for months and perhaps years with the right care.

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For an added bonus, you can dress up the pots with a cute saying or stick a customized sign into the soil to really give it that baby shower vibe.

9 Make Your Own Flower Bar

How cute is this?! This creative idea at redtri.com is too sweet to pass up! Not only is it easy to simply put out vases of flowers, but it also adds a colorful touch to the baby shower. Of course, guests will gush over how fun it was to put together their very own take-home bouquet for days to come, and that’s really the whole point of favors!

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You’ll want to coordinate types of flowers so they mix well in an arrangement and also provide guests with a way to organize their stems, such as string to tie off their finished projects.

8 Feed The Birds Favor

Birds are so relaxing and fun to watch— especially when they’re enjoying treats in your garden! This DIY baby shower favor isn’t just for the birds, though, as it also will bring joy to those who receive it with hopes of attracting some song birds to their yard. It’s basically the baby shower favor that keeps on giving! And who knows, perhaps some of your guests will develop the new hobby of bird watching thanks to your ingenious gift! Plus, this bird seed favor is budget friendly.

7 Tiny Champagne Bottles Ready To Pop

The mommy-to-be is ready to pop and so are these itty-bitty champagne bottles! It’s a win-win as guests get both adorable party favors and a sweet treat to enjoy at home. Sure, it may seem like a no-brainer baby shower favor, but trust us when we say guests will love it! As with any other favor, you can customize the bottles for your baby shower.

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Print some label stickers or tie a cute note around each bottle for the perfect (and tasty) favor.

6 Petite Rose Bushes

So much yes! Everyone loves roses, but not everyone loves caring for giant rose bushes. So we introduce these mini rose bushes that are sure to be a crowd favorite at your next baby shower! They’ll add a pop of color not only to your party, but also to your guests’ homes as they reminisce on what a fabulous time your baby shower was. They make the perfect favor for someone who wants to give out a living plant, but doesn’t want that plant to be a succulent.

5 DIY Candy Station

If you insist on giving out sweet treats — hey, we don’t blame you! — then why not have some fun with it?! Let your party guests make their own take-home goodie bags with options such as retro candies and other not-so-ordinary treats. Not only will people have fun customizing their favors, but it will also encourage people to mingle as they share in their favorite sugary snacks. Of course, you’ll also get dibs on the leftovers, which makes this an even sweeter idea.

Have fun with decorating the candy station by using various glass vases and providing cute jars for guests to use to make this an adorable and tasty thank you gift!

4 Watch Me Grow Seed Packets

This interesting idea makes for some cute photo ops as the packaging can be customized to say adorable things such as “take me home and watch me grow.” It’s a fun way to coordinate the favor to the baby shower as guests get to anticipate their flowers growing just as the new mom is anticipating her little one’s arrival. There are a few other positives, such as seed packets being very cost efficient and guests being able to pick out which type of seeds they’d like to take home.

3 Tasty Teas To Brew

As the baby shower saying goes, “there’s a baby brewing,” so why not send your guests home with some tea to brew? It’s safe to say most people do enjoy a glass of either hot or iced tea, which makes this favor a relaxing way to thank people for attending. To take it an extra step, tea mugs can be given out with the tea bags so guests have a more permanent memento from the day. Mugs can be personalized to reflect the party date or have a cute baby shower saying to make it even more special.

2 Cute Circus Animal Crackers

There is no age limit on circus animal crackers, so why not remind your guests they’re kids at heart still? Part of the baby shower fun is indulging in goodies that one may not usually, and these retro cookies just might fall into that category. Your guests are almost guaranteed to comment on how long it’s been since they’ve had these famous circus animal snacks and will definitely enjoy the trip down memory lane. Plus, this adorable baby shower favor looks very modern in a clear plastic box with a ribbon that will guests will be gushing over them!

1 Lavish Soaps

Candles, lotions, and soaps may seem a bit too cliché, but in this case, it works. The super adorable saying “from my shower to yours” is too perfect to pass up when it comes to giving out fancy soap as a favor.

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Even if the guests chose not to use it in the shower, it still makes a pretty addition to everyone’s bathroom sink as they enjoy the lavish scents and remember the amazing time they had celebrating the new baby.

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