10 Trendiest Baby Shower Favors That Will Be All The Rage In 2019

A baby shower is a staple event that every pregnant woman should have during her pregnancy. It’s a chance to gather around your friends and family that love and support you and your baby to be. Baby showers are also great to have one final party to celebrate your little one before your life changes in such a huge way. Though baby showers are great to celebrate and play games at, they are also known for giving a little gift for each party member to remember the special event. But at your shower, you don’t want to give your guest a gift that they are going to put in a drawer and forget about or toss in a bin. Look through this guide to find the trendiest baby shower gifts you should give your party goers!

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10 Baby Feet Soap Favor

How adorable would it be to receive itty bitty baby footprints that can double as an amazing bar of soap? They appear almost too precious to even use them as a method of cleaning your body. This would be one of those party favors that may sit in someone’s shadow box or sentimental box in the back of their closet.

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Seeing those tiny prints can really pull at a person’s heart-strings. If you were to receive this cherished gift from a mom-to-be on the day of her baby shower, and you know that in your heart you won’t be able to use it, perhaps you can set out this gift of beloved soap bars since they most definitely are all the rage in 2019.

9 Wildflower Seed Packets

A sweet and thoughtful gift to hand out for your party favors are wildflowers seed packets. These charming little seed packets will allow your guests to grow their own flowers just like you are finishing growing your little baby. These seeds will grow into beautiful flowers that will remind your loved ones about the celebration they attended about your new little bundle of joy. And just like your little one makes you smile, these flowers will make your friends and family smile and think back to their lives before they met your little one and how great it is to have your baby in their life.

8 Baby Shower Themed Notebook

A perfect party favor for guests to receive and would actually use are stationery items. These baby themed notebooks with attachable pens are able to be personalized with your baby’s gender colors and their baby shower date. A little notebook like these are great for people to use to create a shopping list, to write down ideas or to jot down notes.

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People can even use these notebooks as a memory keeper to write down thoughts and events that are related to the baby and can even give it back filled out to Mom and baby for their one-year birthday. No matter how your guest will use it, they will love having a small notebook and pen to carry around.

7 Sugar Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love shower scrub cubes? They usually smell so amazing, are often great for exfoliating the skin, and can make you feel like you are at a spa in your own house. This is a simple gift that moms-to-be can give her baby-boy attendees as parting gifts. These are bound to be all the rage in 2019, so don’t be surprised if you attended a baby shower and received these excellent sugar scrub favors. Moms-to-be can even make those simple tags that say, “From My Shower To Yours.” What a genius idea this is.

6 "About To Hatch" Kitchen Egg Timer Favor

The “About to Hatch” kitchen timer is a gorgeous yet very nifty party favor and can be used anytime a timer needs to be set. It comes in an adorable container that has little chickens on it.

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It is simple, yet easy to create and would make the perfect baby shower gift if a mom is looking to gift her party attendees something that is more than just a beautiful paperweight since it also is 100 percent functional. This is definitely something that will be all the rage this year!

5 Personalized Hershey's Chocolate Bars

Who doesn't love chocolates? And there are so many little things you can do to wrap up and make Hershey's Chocolate Bars specials. Just by adding a simply designed paper to the outside you can transform the boring wrapping paper to fit your party theme! All you need is a computer and a blank document where you can add your favorite images and text. This favor proves that with a little creativity and a computer you can create your own custom chocolate wrappers. Use this idea to show that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great favor!

4 Tea Bags

Drinking tea can make a person calm and can help them relaxed after a stressful day. So handing out tea bags to your guests is a considerate favor that they will love. With so many flavors of teas to choose from you can customize a special bundle for each person and create a gorgeous wrapping with your baby shower date on them as well!

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These tea bags are fantastic because it is something that does not go bad right away and can be used at the convenience of each guest. No wonder why this favor has been a hit at baby showers this year!

3 Candles

These baby favor candles are all the rage right now at baby showers and they are so simple to make. You can even get a blue or pink candle based off of your baby’s gender to add a personalized touch. These candles are very elegant and usually come with a computer program and stickies so that you can customize and print out your own special, personalized labels. Any baby shower attendee would be thrilled to leave the party with their own fabulous candle that can help people remember this day for all of eternity.

2 Baby Feet Chocolate-Covered Oreo

What is the best way to get to a person’s heart? With chocolate of course! And not just chocolate - we are talking about chocolate covered Oreos. These white, milk or dark chocolate covered Oreo’s with tiny footprints on them are sure to be all the rage this year in 2019.

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Not only do they look beautiful, but we are also sure that they are quite tasty as well. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate. The hard part may be convincing the mom-to-be to share her chocolates with everyone else at the baby shower!

1 Gender Reveal Bath Bombs

Imagine going to a baby shower and not knowing the gender of the baby. At the party Mom still doesn’t announce it to her guest, but instead, she sends each guest home with a bath bomb that will show the baby’s gender based off of what color the bath bomb turns into! This is a one-of-a-kind idea that will leave your guest talking about the favor until the baby arrives-and maybe even after the baby arrives too. And not only will this favor be exciting for people to see what the color turns into, but it is also an item that they can use for a bath.

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