10 Cutest Gender Neutral Cactus-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

These days, more and more pregnant moms are opting for gender-neutral choices for their babies-to-be. It’s an upward-going trend and many mothers are starting to veer away from the “blue is for boys, pink is for girls” kind of mentality. Favorably, this trend gives us a refreshing gaze on gender norms that we have since grown into.

Gender-neutral motifs are the way to go, starting from baby items, room decor, and even gender reveals (quite ironic, isn’t it?) to baby showers. And when we talk about gender-neutral parties for the coming baby, a cactus theme could be one of the easiest things that pops into our minds.

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It’s a no-brainer. They may prick you, but who cares? Cactuses are cute and hip. If you’re planning to throw a gender-neutral cactus-themed baby shower, here are a few cute ideas to make it happen.

10 Indulge in green, blue, and white colors

Green would be the most obvious favorite color for this theme but you don't have to be locked into this lush color. Blue, white, or even orange hues could complement the color green and you could keep this idea handy when you start your decorations.

Or if you're feeling quite bold, you could use the color black to match all the greeneries in your decor. Some moms add specks of gold to accentuate some of the designs in their party spaces. Gray could also blend in quite well with this set of colors.

9 Make those tassels shout "party time!"

One of the easiest decorations you could make is a tassel decor and it wouldn't take long to do all the garlands you'll need. An ideal color combination for tassels would be cool colors like teal, sage green, or pastel pink. They freshen up your decor pretty well and they add a little boho vibe to the party.

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To make tassel garlands, you'll just need tissue paper, ribbon or cord, and a pair of scissors. You just fold the tissue paper cross-wise and fold again length-wise. Cut them until you get fringes but make sure to leave about an inch uncut. Unfold the tissue paper to see the crease, roll the uncut part together until you get a tassel then hang in a ribbon or cord. Easy as that.

8 Blow up some cactus balloons

You could buy cactus balloons in party stores and even in Amazon but if you're on a tight budget, why not make a DIY version? And if you think tassel garlands still take a lot of time, you should try this one.

All you'll need are three balloons of different sizes. Green would be the preferred color but you can use whatever color you'll like if you're looking to be more creative. To do it, use the biggest balloon as the trunk and use the smaller two as its arms. Glue them all together and use a marker to draw its thorns all around the balloons. If you feel a little extra, get some pompoms (of whatever color you like!) and glue them on top of the arm to make it look like its fruit.

7 Assemble a cactus diaper cake

Diaper cakes are cute decor for any baby shower and the good thing is it's just easy to make, too! You just grab a pack of diapers, roll them up, and assemble two to three tiers until you make a "cake." Now, to make it cactus-themed, you don't really have to look for green diapers. White would be the most easily accessible pick and if you can find plain ones, all the better.

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You can use ribbons to hold them together and top it off with the cutest cactus or succulent you can find. You can also make it a bit more personalized by adding cardboard letters or names. A little more greeneries could also help–add leaves or twigs if you prefer some nature vibes.

6 DIY cactus letter standees

If you already have a name in mind, you can make standees to introduce your little one's moniker to the guests before he or she even arrives. And to make these standees fit the theme, green would be the best-preferred color. You can purchase already made letter cardboards or you can make them yourself if you have enough time to prepare.

To actually mimic a cactus, poke through some toothpicks to resemble the thorns. You can also add pompoms on top of the letters to mimic the cactus fruit. These standees could also be just your little one's initial and they equally make a cute centerpiece for tables.

5 Get those cactus cookies

If you do not have the knack for baking, it's easy to just grab cactus-shaped cookies from your favorite baker. Some cookies could be from $24 for a two-dozen pack, which isn't so bad, especially if they taste good. Others can be a little bit pricier, depending on the design's intricacy.

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These cute treats serve a dual purpose: not only do they make a good dessert, but they can also double as your take-home treats for your guests. If you're into minimalist designs, a basic cactus-silhouette could do the job but if you wanted to go a little extra, you can request your baker to craft not only cactus but succulents of different kinds.

4 Or some cactus cupcakes, too

Cactus cupcakes are cute add-ons for your party too if you're not satisfied by just having cookies. Likewise, they serve as cute decorations and dessert but make sure to grab extras of it. Cupcakes and cookies are foods that guests can easily grab and munch so they go away really fast. Just so it could still serve its decor purpose, you may want to bulk up their amounts and fill up your cupcake stand whenever you have to.

Unlike the cookies, cupcakes can cost a little bit more. You can, however, save more by buying only the plain cupcakes from Target or Walmart and then just get the cactus cake toppers from pastry makers.

3 Print or stamp cactus goodie bags

You can easily DIY these party favor bags by printing them straight onto a paper bag. Or, if you're hesitant to do it, you can just print stickers and paste them on each bag. You can also have a rubber stamp personally made if you only want some minimalist design to it.

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In case you're wondering where to find these rubber stamps, Etsy could be the best place to browse and for sure, you'll drown with all the options there. Stuff your bag with cactus candy lollipops, lip balms (which you can customize, too, by adding cactus sticker labels) and or cactus keychains.

2 Take-home succulent giveaways

Since succulents and cactuses are cheap, why not just make them your giveaway for the guests? They are really an adorable option for a giveaway because it's functional as they can be used as a decor), low maintenance, and not to mention, a very cute and unique way of thanking your guests.

Succulents and cactuses are available in most dollar stores and it's not impossible to find dozens of them in your place. You could also check your nearby nurseries if they sell bulk succulents to save more. For a personalized touch, top them with thank you notes and wrap them with ribbons for added decoration.

1 Or grab some succulent giveaway soaps

Who wouldn't just love useful giveaways from parties, right? If you want to take your baby shower to the next level, you can opt for succulent-shape soaps that your guests will surely keep and use when they reach home.

The down side is, they can be a little too expensive if you're running on a tight budget. Nonetheless, these cute bubbly succulents can truly be worth it, seeing your guests go crazy over them. Or they might never use them at all–just because they're too darling all they wanted to do is just put them on display.

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