10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Friends Who Know Nothing About Kids

So your best friend is having a baby and you know absolutely nothing about kids? Great! We’ve got you covered! While shopping for a baby gift may seem like a scary way to spend your Saturday, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, this is your time to shine! You have the chance to really wow at the baby shower, or whenever you deliver your present, by picking a thoughtful and useful gift.

While some expecting parents create baby registries, these can be limited and even sold out by the time you go shopping. Plus, some people may want to give something that is not listed and will make for a memorable baby shower gift.

We agree, so we found a few products that are both useful and thoughtful for those who have no idea what to buy a new baby.

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10 Milestone Blanket

If the new mom is into social media, then she most likely wants one of these blankets. A great thing about milestone blankets is the ability to customize them. It’s easy enough to find a site offering to create a milestone blanket perfect for a friend’s impending baby, and this gives you the opportunity to show some personality in the gift.

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Of course, it’s also a great idea to create a blanket in theme with the nursery or parent’s interests to really score some brownie points!

9 Offer To Babysit

This may seem like a no-brainer at first, however, not everyone thinks about offering up their babysitting services. Sure, parents may not be ready to have someone besides family watching their newborn. But if this isn’t their first child, then mom and dad would surely love for someone to come over and entertain their older ones.

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Taking care of kids in addition to a newborn is quite the task, and having someone volunteer to take them to dinner or a movie— even if just for an hour or two— could provide mom with some much-needed rest and relaxation.

8 Soothe Shirt

Much like a baby carrier, but only more comfy looking, these soothe shirts offer a great way for fathers to carry babies. Of course, moms use the shirts too as they provide a great way for hands-free baby carrying and some even come with built-in nursing bras. These shirts look far more easy to use as they cradle the baby close to mom or dad while on the go than some other options. Forget all those straps and harness carriers as this shirt has the baby slip in for comfort.

7 Subscription To A Food Service

Subscriptions to food delivery services are growing in popularity with companies offering ingredients for entire meals and already prepared meals. Paying for a month or two subscription to a meal delivery service would save new parents from not only cooking, but also grocery shopping with a newborn.

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You wouldn’t have to worry about getting a gift the family may never use as they would surely be grateful to have dinner taken care of for a few weeks after bringing home their new baby.

6 Monogrammed Keepsake

Getting the new baby’s name monogrammed on a blanket, outfit, jewelry box, stuffed animal, or any other keepsake is always a good idea. This is a gift not only the new parents will love, but the child can keep into their adult years. When the baby outgrows the outfit, blanket, or stuffed animal, it can easily be put in a shadow box for a future memento as well. You can’t go wrong with this idea! And it shows you put thought into the gift, which is a major win.

5 Portable Bassinet

A lot of parents are eager to set up their baby’s nursery, and this includes purchasing a crib. However, newborns usually sleep in bassinets closer to their parents before transitioning to a crib. Bassinets are also very handy when the parents want to keep baby closer during the day and can move them to whichever room they wish. Because of this, bassinets are a must for newborns.

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The parents may have already invested in a bassinet for home, but travel bassinets are also a great idea. They can be compacted for on-the-go travel, with some having storage for extra diapers and supplies. Talk about a win-win!

4 Floor Cushion

Floor cushions come in many different shapes, textures, and sizes. These knotted rugs provide a soft place for baby to lie while hanging out with the family. Some flatter cushions can also be used when a baby begins tummy time to keep them off a hard floor.

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They make a great portable gift for parents to take when visiting friends or family and need a safe place to rest the baby. As the baby ages into a toddler, big enough cushions can still be used to sit on while playing or just hanging out.

3 Something Special For The New Mom

Baby showers are more than just gifts for the new baby! Think about how mom’s life is about to change: it’s going to be busier and messier than ever. The new mom may not think about taking time for herself, even though she needs and deserves it. So this is your chance to lovingly remind her!

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Gift her a spa massage, pedicure, or a basket with goodies just for her. Think face masks, energy bars for breastfeeding moms, refreshing shower gels, or a cute “mama bear” shirt that are so popular right now. Hey, moms want to be trendy, too!

2 A Warning Sign For Visitors

This may seem like a silly gift, but it’s oh-so useful! How will people know there’s a new baby sound asleep in the house unless someone tells them? And that someone can be you! These signs are popping up all over the internet right now as parents get on board with the “don’t wake the baby” trend. Plus, it keeps pesky solicitors away as the only people who will make their presence known are those with your phone number.

1 A Baby Hygiene Care Kit

This may or may not be on the baby shower registry, if they have one, but it’s so necessary! Most people tend to buy the cute things from a registry, so this can often be overlooked as there isn’t much cute about nail trimmers and nasal aspirators. If you really want to give a great gift, opt for nail trimmers smilier to those pictured on the left — they take away the fear of using cutters on newborn nails. There are also other great alternatives to products, such as forehead thermometers.

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