Baby Shower Gift Ideas For When Mom Doesn't Need Much

When a couple is expecting baby number 2 or 3, especially if they were both girls or boys, they normally have stuff saved back from baby number 1. They may or may not have a shower, it's considered bad etiquette in some circles but acceptable in others. By the second (or further) pregnancy, the mother already knows what products she'll use and which ones are a waste of money. More than likely if she has a shower for this pregnancy, it's a way of celebrating but people still expect on bringing gifts. Even without a shower, there will still be gifts given so if she doesn't create a registry (and mention to only shop items on the registry), what are some things you can get so you won't waste money and won't give her something she can easily reuse from previous pregnancies?

Diapers. They can come in any size but try to refrain from newborn (or get a gift receipt so she can easily exchange them if baby outgrows them too fast). Diapers are an item that can never be reused and really shouldn't be reused if you're cloth diapering. They are also really expensive and always needed. They will always be a welcome gift and even if everyone in the party gives them to her, it's just less she has to pay out of her paychecks.

Wipes. This is the exact same idea as the diaper suggestion. It's best to go with sensitive skin and natural since those tend to be good for all baby skin and some babies need sensitive skin wipes. If the baby hasn't been born, you don't know what wipes work best for that baby's skin so going natural will always be a safer bet.

Rattlers/teethers. These are small items that go in baby's mouth that really get a lot of use. When a baby is teething, they tend to put their rattlers and teethers in their mouths more and usually by the time baby number 2 comes along, those toys are too used up to reuse.

Bottles or pacifiers are two more great ideas. Bottle nipples and pacifiers are also items that aren't reused and if a baby takes a paci, they go through them fast.

Baby wash/shampoos/cream and other home care items. They have a shelf life, are always needed and are the first things to sell at yard sales, so if they're unused they can still provide mom with some extra cash (but stuff like A&D and Aquafor work well for adults and older kids as well, so they will be used and baby oil is great for dandruff and dry skin).

Any little "baby's first," memory books and all other small items to use to record baby's milestones. Beyond that, you could include special blanket toys or other special items either made just for or bought just for baby. A monogrammed shirt or teddy bear won't be something you can pass down from child to child and all babies need some special comfort toys.

If you use any of these gift ideas at the next shower you attend, let us know in the comments! We would love to hear about all of your stories.


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