Baby Shower: 5 Reasons Not To Have One (& 5 Reasons Why You Need To)

One thing you might be debating on during your pregnancy is whether or not to have a baby shower. For many people, waiting until their baby shower is unbearable. But that is not the case for other expecting mothers. Some mothers dread having a baby shower and even contemplate if they should have one.

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Although you might think you have to have one, it is ultimately up to you. So if you are unsure about whether or not to have a baby shower, you need to keep reading to discover reasons why you should and shouldn’t have a baby shower.

10 Not Having One: Gives You Time To Focus On Other Things

One reason why some expecting moms do not want to have a baby shower is that they feel like it is going to take up too much time from them and other baby prep. Typically, baby showers are not hosted by the pregnant women, but they can help out and put their input in which can take many days to get on the same page as the host.

Then there is the whole day where you would need to prepare and have the shower. If you rather have more time with your partner and getting ready for the baby then you should skip the baby shower.

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9 Need To Have One: You Deserve It

Sometimes it can be tough for us women to accept good things that happen to us. Throughout your pregnancy, you could have been working while trying to get your baby’s nursery together and you deserve to take a break and to celebrate the life you are creating.

You might not think it, but you deserve to have a wonderful baby shower where you can see everyone that loves you. Let yourself get a little spoiled, play fun games, and eat good food and have a baby shower.

8 Not Having One: If Health Doesn’t Allow It

Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some women might not feel any sickness throughout their pregnancy, while others can get put on bed rest. Sometimes the pregnancy can be so tough on someone that they feel so sick they can barely get out of bed.

If your body is not allowing it then you should not have a baby shower. Your health and your baby's are more important than trying to keep yourself together for hours.

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7 Need To Have One: Get To See People (Since You Won’t Have Time After Baby Arrives)

After you have your baby your life is going to change. Your nights out with your friends on the weekend are going to be changed to spending the night at home with your baby. Especially when you have a newborn, your social life becomes nonexistent while you focus on your baby.

Having a baby shower is a fantastic way for you to see people that you won’t have time for after your little one arrives. Have one last hurry with your family and friends and have a baby shower.

6 Not Having One: You Have No Time

Before your baby arrives you only have a short amount of time to get everything together. Not only are you going to want to get what you need ready for your baby, but you'll also want to spend as much time as possible with your partner before your time is switched from cuddling to handling a crying baby.

If you would rather work on things for your baby or take time for one-on-one moments with your partner then you should skip having a baby shower. Don’t let anyone let you feel guilty for focusing on yourself, your baby or your partner over a party.

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5 Need To Have One: You Can Get Great Advice 

Sometimes when you are pregnant you can feel unsure about how you are going to be as a mother, since you don’t have experience caring and raising a baby. Being nervous is common among first-time parents, but a great way to get rid of those negative feels is listening to other mothers and getting advice.

Having a baby shower is an excellent way for you to get advice. You can even have people write down what they wish they knew down in a journal for you to keep and look back at.

4 Not Having One: You Get Things You Don’t Need Or Want

Baby showers are a wonderful way for expecting moms to get items for their little one, but not everyone will follow the registry list. Some people think that they know what you need and end up getting you items that you do not approve of or even want.

This could lead you to return gifts or donating these items you know you are not going to use. If you do not want to stress about the items that you do not want/need then forget having a baby shower.

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3 Need To Have One: Get Items You Need

At baby showers, it is common for guests to purchase items for the expecting mother and baby. Many times people will ask you what you need or you can give your guest a baby registry for them to look at.

Baby showers are a fantastic way of getting items that you need for the nursery and little one since people are very generous when it comes to baby showers. Enjoy getting prepared with items you need and love by friends and family.

2 Not Having One: If You Are Uncomfortable Being The Center Of Attention

Each woman has different personalities; some love making new friends and being the center of attention, while others get uncomfortable if they have all eyes on them and would rather be with just a few close friends.

There is nothing wrong if you are more of a homebody and feel more at peace when you don’t have to show off your bump. So if you know that you are going to be uncomfortable having to go to a baby shower then skip it and just celebrate your little one with a few close friends instead.

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1 Need To Have One: Gives You A Chance To Celebrate Baby With Family And Friends

The top reason why your friends and family are asking if you're having a baby shower is that they want to celebrate you and your baby. They are excited to see your family grow and are thrilled for this next step in your life.

Having a baby shower is a wonderful way for you to celebrate the new life you are going to welcome into this world with the people who love and support you. Having a baby shower for your loved ones can show you that they support you during this pregnancy and when you welcome your little one.

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