Baby With Signs Of Abuse Taken By Parents From Pittsburgh Hospital Found In Tennessee

Trigger Warning: Suspected Child Abuse.

A little over a week ago, an eight-week-old baby was taken from UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh by his parents after signs of abuse were noticed.

Baby Ambrose Kligensmith was brought into the emergency room on September 26th when it was noticed the infant had bruises consistent with fingerprints on his body. The injuries seemed to cause the infant "substantial pain," reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Concerned, hospital staff reported the bruises and wanted to check for internal injuries, but before anything could come of the situation, parents, 32-year-old Jeannette Funnen and 23-year-old Daemon Klingensmith fled the scene, taking their baby and Funnen's three-year-old son with them.

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The reason why baby Ambrose was taken to the hospital in the first place is that his bowels weren't moving but before he could be seen by a doctor, his parents panicked and ran away with him. They claimed the bruising was from massaging his stomach to try and help but became fearful when the hospital staff mentioned 'abuse' and decided to run away.

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West Mifflin police were called into action and charged the parents with stopping a medical examination for a child who was suspected to be abused. The search then began for Funnen, Klingensmith, baby Ambrose, and Funnen's other son.

Police report that Funnen has previously lost custody of two of her children and was a potential danger to herself and her children. With a history of suicide attempts and lying to authorities, police knew they had to ensure both children were safe.

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After days of searching, Lewisburg police finally located the baby boy and three-year-old who were with their parents at 4:30 pm this past Tuesday in Marshall County, Tennessee (roughly 10 hours away from the UPMC Children's Hospital).

Baby Ambrose is now currently under the care of a doctor, reports TribliveHis parents were placed in custody shortly after the manhunt for them ended and were then transferred back to Pennsylvania where they are from. They have been charged with "endangering the welfare of children and intimidation, retaliation or obstruction in child abuse cases," says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Now, baby Ambrose's paternal grandparents are seeking to Foster both him and Funnen's three-year-old son while their parents are in custody. They are hopeful that the situation is a misunderstanding and the bruising was due to the baby's inability to have a bowel movement.

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