Baby Spas Are Increasingly More Popular But Raise Safety Concerns

Baby spas and the services they offer are becoming more and more popular, but many parents are still concerned for their child’s safety. Others who have tried it before or are returning customers swear by the benefits of a day at the spa for your baby. However, it can be unnerving to see your child pulled and squished by a stranger. Owners of the businesses reassure parents of their safety, but it’s normal to be concerned.

In East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, massages for babies are popular and are even a cultural norm. For example, massage therapy for newborns is widely done in Indian and Pakistani families. “Massage ladies” make daily house visits for families who want to give their babies a spa day. Now, the movement for newborns’ massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular in cultures beyond the continent.

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Al Mehyas owns Baby Spa in Abu Dhabi, and she was inspired by a spa she visited in Singapore that offered services for babies between two and 18 months. Other than massages, her spa offers hydrotherapy, which she promotes as a method to promote muscular and skeletal strength, better sleeping patterns, and improved digestion and blood circulation. It involves putting a baby in a tub with jets to keep the water moving, and the babies have a floater around their neck.

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Many parents swear by the benefits of giving your baby a spa day, but others are understandably concerned for their child’s safety. You see a stranger pull their limbs, push a little strongly, and rub your child’s back a little forcefully, so the parental instinct to protect kicks in. Most of the concerns surround the thought of entrusting their child’s comfort and security to a stranger whose credentials as a massage therapist they didn’t personally see.

To solve this issue, many parents who believe in the benefits of massage therapy learn to do it themselves. Along with promoting flexibility, strength, and movement, it’s a good bonding experience for parents and their baby. With some help from workshops given by massage therapists, parents can benefit from all the pluses of taking their baby to a spa without the fears of a stranger being too rough.

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