Baby With Spina Bifida Has Surgery To Repair Spine While In The Womb

A woman underwent a surgery when she was 27 weeks pregnant to correct her son's Spina Bifida.

For the first time in the UK, doctors performed a pioneering surgery for infants in the womb who have Spina Bifida. Sherrie Sharp found that her son had Spina Bifida while she was in the middle of her pregnancy. Sharp found out that her son, Jaxson, would need surgery in order to correct his disorder. The surgeons at the King's College Hospital in London completed the surgery when Sherrie was 27 weeks along.

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Sherri found out that her son might have Spina Bifida during a 20-week scan. The scan revealed that his spine and spinal cord had not developed normally. The condition that little Jasxon suffered with could lead to substantial physical and cognitive developmental problems that might even lead to paralysis.

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During the surgery, the doctors put the spinal cord into its right position and then closed the gap in the spine with a patch. It is important to note that the patch will not cure Jaxson's condition, but will probably lead to a "significant improvement" of the condition later in his life, said Bassel Zebian, a consultant neurosurgeon from King's. The surgery was very important for Jaxson. Improving the function fo the lower limbs can be the difference between little Jaxson learning how to walk and him not ever being able to walk on his own. It is a significant improvement, but certainly not a cure.

Sharp said that when she found out that her son was going to have Spina Bifida she was given a bunch of different options. One of the options was to abort her baby. Sharp never even thought about aborting her baby. That was never an option in her mind. She always knew she was going to keep her son. Although the surgery is rather new and the first one that has been done in the UK, Sharp wanted to try to do the surgery to help her son.

Thankfully the surgery went well. The procedure took about 3 hours to complete. However, the surgeons said that it was very successful. The Sharp family was able to have their sweet little baby boy born and he is perfect. He was born a little bit early, but Sherrie Sharp said that she was so grateful for all of the surgeons who helped her son.

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