Your Baby's Spirit Animal, According To Astrology

Like the astrological experts always say, we can learn a lot about ourselves by turning to our horoscope. We can identify traits about our personality and preferences just by reading what our sign has to say about us. Heck, people even learn more about their significant others (and their compatibility!) by turning to the stars. So why not the stars tell you something about your kiddo?

Whether your little one is already born or you have an idea of their horoscope based on your delivery date, reading up on your child’s sign is a fun way to gain insight into the person your child will become as they grow up. While we’re not saying it’s always one hundred percent accurate (although we’ve never met a Virgo who wasn’t extremely organized), it’s still fun to imagine how your baby will grow up and who they’ll become.

Better yet, we suggest looking at the stars to discover what your child’s spirit animal is. Just like horoscopes, our spirit animals can also reveal qualities about ourselves to us as well as help us learn more about our loved ones. Do you think your baby’s spirit animal is a majestic, free-spirited bird? Or what about an energetic monkey that can’t sit still? Perhaps a sloth who loves nap time? Keep reading to learn what your child’s horoscope says about their spirit animal.

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12 Gemini: Monkey

Geminis are many things, but their top qualities include their adaptability, outgoingness, and of course, their intelligence. This is why a monkey is their ideal spirit animal. Monkeys are known for their smarts - experts say they’re one of the smartest mammals next to humans. This animal is extremely friendly but also goofy, making them the life of the party in the animal kingdom. Likewise, your Gemini child will be able to make friends wherever they go. Their intelligence lets them observe and adapt to their surrounding, while their love of socializing never keeps them in their shell for too long. Our guess is your Gemini baby will be talking way before all of your friends’ babies, which is just another sign of how smart your little one is.

11 Scorpio: Wolf

Scorpios are fierce, hard-working, and above all, they’re loyal. Like wolves, Scorpios thrive when they’re working in a pack (um, we mean group). They’re intelligent and resourceful and will do what they must to achieve their goals. If you have a Scorpio baby, your little one will likely be hitting milestones ways before the expected age group. They’ll be able to keep up with their older siblings or will develop a strong circle of friends from a young age. Wolves are known for being cunning and ruthless, so expect your kiddo to grow up with an intense work ethic and source of ambition. You might have a future doctor or lawyer on your hands!

10 Pisces: Golden Retriever

If you’re the mom to a Pisces kid, then you’re in luck. Pisces children are known to be the most well-behaved, even when they hit their teen years. Like golden retrievers, they’re very friendly and well spoken. Your child will never intentionally try to get in trouble and will be more respectful of the rules than their siblings who fall under different signs. Retrievers are known to be loyal and generous to their owners, so your little one will grow up with a golden heart. They’ll have a hard time ever being cruel to someone, which might make them a pushover at times. But you’ll love the warm cuddles your little one will always want to give you.

9 Leo: Lion

There’s a reason the lion is most often associated with Leos. People who fall under the Leo sign are natural-born leaders. Expect your baby to be talkative and out-spoken once they’ve said their first words. You’ll notice that your little one loves being the center of attention and has the ability to keep an audience captivated. Lions are King of the Jungle - or so they think - so you can expect your kid to have quite high confidence.

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While this is often a good thing, it means they’ll have the courage to get up to no good, so raising a Leo will be a bit of a challenge. But lions are known to be cuddly creatures at certain times, so you can expect big hugs from your kid that will make everything better.

8 Aries: The Leopard

You’re in for quite the handful if your baby falls under this sign! Aries are known for their intense energy, which is only amplified in their youth. Like a leopard, they’re always on the go and keeping busy. They can easily fix their eye on their prey - ahem, we mean goals - and quickly accomplish them. Expect an Aries baby to constantly be on the move. Mom needs to keep a sharp eye on her little one or else they’ll be off exploring somewhere else. Needless to say, Aries tykes are also fast, so perhaps you’ll end up having an Olympic athlete on your hands.

7 Taurus: Baby Deer

Think of the Disney character Bambi - that’s exactly your baby’s spirit animal if they fall under the Taurus sign. Tauruses are naturally affectionate and docile. That’s why Taurus kids require so much attention. Expect your baby to be attached at your hip for most of their childhood (especially if you’re doing extended breastfeeding). On the upside, a Taurus side guarantees your little one will grow up to be gentle, just like a baby deer. They’ll like be an awesome, supportive listener and excellent at maintaining relationships. Even when your child grows up, they’ll still have the same tender and graceful spirit we know deers for.

6 Cancer: Crab

We’re not just saying that cancer children’s spirit animal is a crab because that’s the horoscope’s sign. There are many other similarities to be drawn between this sea creature and kids falling under the cancer sign. For one, you can expect your child to become withdrawn in overwhelming situations.

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Like a crab, they’ll retreat back into their shell, metaphorically speaking. But this means your little one likely has a diverse imagination and doesn’t mind spending time by themselves. Like crabs, your kiddo will try to avoid conflict at all costs, which will actually be of benefit to mom and once the kid reaches teenagerhood.

5 Aquarius: Cat

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If there’s one thing the Aquarius sign is known for, its intelligence. Any kids who fall under this sign will excel at their milestones and in school. But along with great brains can also come awkwardness. Just like a car, Aquarius kids will prefer to spend more of their time alone than friends. They crave that solo time so they can process their thoughts and explore their interests. Aquarius kids can struggle to socialize, meaning they may come across as standoffish. But deep down, Aquarius kids are playful and enjoy just letting loose. Like a cat loves catnip, your Aquarius child really just wants you to get down and play with them. Sounds simple enough!

4 Sagittarius: Horse

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Whether young or old, Sagittarius signs are free-spirits. They hate being tied down for too long and rather prefer to be on the road. Like horses, they openly embrace change. They don’t need to know where their rider (or the universe) is taking them because they’re down for any adventures. Just like horses always seem to be smiling, Sagittarius kids are eternally optimistic. They can sense when others are down and will do what they can to lift the mood. They have an endless sense of curiosity and adventures, which is why you’ll have to keep a close eye on your Sagittarius baby.

3 Libra: Elephant

Too many people think that elephants are just oversized or clumsy. But we need to give more credit to this majestic animal and all of its good qualities. Libras are most similar to elephants. They have a strong moral compass and a natural sense of justice. Like elephants live in herds, Libras thrive when they’re in social situations and could never imagine living alone.

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Your Libra baby will be one of the most popular kids at Mommy & Me Group. From a young age, your child will be strong at cooperation and teamwork. Similar to how elephants band together when one of them is in danger or hurt, your child will have a strong sense of loyalty. They’ll grow up to be compassionate and understanding, making them one of the best sorts of friends to have.

2 Virgo: Eagle

While they’re great at networking, Virgos otherwise aren’t known for being overly social. Sure they can become the life of the party sometimes, but they often prefer to sit back and observe, waiting for the perfect moment to intervene. Like an eagle, they can spend hours waiting and watching. And as perfectionists, the rest of their time is spent perfecting their craft, just like an eagle is constantly on the hunt or tending to its nest. A Virgo baby may be quiet and seemingly unamused, but don’t underestimate what’s going on in their head. Like eagles, they’re brilliant. Their intelligence will soon start blossoming after they have their first words. Similarly, they may seem like more of a solo child than one with a lot of friends, but that’s just their eagle-like work ethic for you.

1 Capricorn: Spider

Okay, we get that no one wants to think of their cute, cuddly baby as a spider. And while Capricorn babies are definitely cuddly, whereas spiders are not, they still share many qualities with this mysterious animal. Capricorns are known for being practical and grounded. They’d rather have a few close friends than many acquaintances, but they also value time alone to work on themselves and their projects. Like spiders, they thrive in solitude. Just as a spider waits patiently for a fly to get trapped in its web (and not to mention how long it takes to create the web), Capricorn kids are patiently and will work hard for what they want. Capricorn children can be difficult to catch, again just like spiders, which is why raising them is such an adventure.

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