Baby Stormi Looks Just Like Baby Kylie Jenner

Baby Stormi Looks Just Like Baby Kylie Jenner

Little Stormi Webster looks just like Kylie Jenner did when she was a baby.

Stormi was born last February to incredible media fanfare. Kylie was uncharacteristically absent from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram during her pregnancy, but returned to social media post-birth and carefully eked out images of Stormy to her throngs of adoring fans.

And as images began to emerge of Stormi, an eerie resemblance became apparent between daughter and mother. Some might even call it uncanny.

Exhibit A): pictures of Stormi recently released on Instagram. These pictures are naturally adorable, featuring Stormi and Kylie lying down together in a bed while Kylie makes duck faces at the camera (as she is wont to do). Stormi seems mostly confused by the presence of the cellular phone, but we can forgive her ignorance considering she's barely a month old.


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Exhibit B): pictures of Kylie as a baby recently released on her personal app and website. These pictures were released shortly after Stormi’s birth in early February, with Kylie captioning the images, “They’re even better because I have food on my face, lol. I guess I always liked posing for the camera!”

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Note the large black eyes, the luscious lips, and a full head of flowing black locks even at such an early age. Top it off with adorably chubby cheeks and an amused but confused expression, and it looks like we could be looking at a Kylie clone and not her recently born infant.

It seems that even Kylie herself agrees. On a Twitter Q&A that took place shortly after Stormi’s birth, a fan asked how Stormi was doing and Kylie responded to say, "she’s good 😊 still staring at her all day. she looks just like me when i was a baby 😊"

And just in case you’re still unconvinced, here’s another post of Stormi being fed by her grandmother that Kylie posted a few weeks back.

i mean.. does it get any better than this?

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There’s no getting around it, Stormi is definitely Kylie’s daughter.


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