Miracle Baby Survives After Being Stuck In Birth Canal During 22-Hour Labor

We all want the birth of children to go smoothly, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Logan Marr is two, and a happy, healthy baby with no issues whatsoever. However, according to the Mirror, it's a miracle Logan is here at all. The newborn got stuck in his mother's birthing canal during a 22-hour labor that went from bad to worse. Weighing 9Ib 11oz, Logan ended up being deprived of oxygen to the extent that he had to be revived by doctors. It took them several minutes to bring him back.

Oxygen deprivation this severe can often lead to long-term complications, such as brain damage and learning difficulties. To minimize the chance of this happening, doctors placed him in a specially designed cooling jacket for three days after he was pulled from the canal by a doctor. Their efforts worked. These days, Logan is two years old and doing all the normal things that other kids his age do. According to his mom, Lauren, you would never be able to tell that he had such a rough entry into the world. "He's such a character," says the 23-year-old.

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It wasn't just the birth that was difficult for Lauren, but the pregnancy, too. The first-time mother developed gestational diabetes which was often difficult to manage. As well as that, the 20-week scan seemed to show that the baby only had one eye, holes in the heart and an unsymmetrical brain. Absolutely distraught, Lauren, along with her partner, Stewart, were preparing for the worst. However, when a second scan was performed it showed a completely normal, developing fetus with none of the issues previously mentioned.

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At first, Logan's birth appeared to be going well. Lauren delivered Logan's head in 20 minutes, but it then became clear that he was stuck from the shoulders down. Doctors began to pour into the room as they tried to manipulate the baby out by pushing on Lauren's stomach. When that didn't work, a doctor had to reach inside of the birth canal and remove the baby that way.

Despite the traumatic experience, the family were allowed to go home 11 days later.

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