10-Month Old Baby Miraculously Survives Fall From Second Floor Window

In what is nothing short of a miracle, a 10-month old baby managed to incredibly survive a two story fall barely unscathed.

Colorado mom Sarah Schumann was doing laundry as she simultaneously kept an eye on her baby, Boaz. But when she had her back turned for a split second to hang clothes on a clothing rack, the toddler managed to climb out of their second-floor window. Upon hearing a loud thud, Schumann turned around only to realize one of her worst nightmares had come true.

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Though the baby fell to the ground, Boaz managed to walk away with only minor scrapes and bruises to his face and hands. Schumann immediately called 9-1-1 and ran downstairs to tend to the infant, who she found lying on the ground. The infant was immediately rushed to hospital where doctors determined he was luckily just fine, apart from the various scrapes.

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Schumann realizes how lucky she is that her baby survived the fall and she hopes other parents use her story as a reminder to be extra cautious when it comes to having babies around windows.

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"Truthfully I think be as diligent as you can, but also give yourself grace because accidents happen to everyone, and it only takes one second and there's no possible way that you can prepare for every single thing that can ever possibly happen to your kids,” she explained to the media.

It’s not only important for parents to have their eyes on their babies at all times. As evidenced in Schumann’s case, even turning one’s back for a moment can be detrimental. It’s also important to take steps to childproof windows in order to prevent accidental falls.

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According to Very Well Family, there are several precautions parents can and should take. If your child can easily reach the window, consider investing in a window guard or gate. Bars are usually installed on the bottom of the window to prevent the child from falling out when the window is opened.

A window stop or wedge is another option. These devices prevent windows from opening more than four inches. The only downside is this means the window has to be primarily shut, whereas you don’t run into that problem with a window guard or gate.

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The site also warns against relying only on screens to keep children from falling, as kids can easily push the screens open. Schumann had a screen on her window, and it did little to prevent her baby from falling through. She explained, “I would have never thought that with a screen and window that at least I thought was should, he could've possibly fallen out the window.”

In addition, it’s wise to keep furniture away from windows so kids are tempted to climb onto them. If possible, it’s also a good idea to install windows that can open from the top rather than the bottom. Opting for non-corded window blinds helps prevents the risk of strangulation and are often harder to children to open on their own.

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And of course, perhaps the best way to prevent accidental falls is to not allow your kids to play around windows at all. Even if windows are closed, there’s still a chance they can crash through the glass of a closed window, which can lead to even more disastrous injuries.

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