10 Things To Know About Baby Swaddling (& When To Stop)

Swaddling is very important when it comes to babies that are really young. That is why most hospitals will make sure that moms and dads know how to do it before they leave the hospital with their new baby.

This is definitely something all parents will be glad they learned about. That is because little ones tend to settle down a bit after they have been swaddled.

But swaddling a baby is not always an easy thing to do, which is why moms and dads need to be very careful when they’re doing it. Here are some interesting facts about baby swaddling, as well as some signs parents need to stop doing it.

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10 Babies Need To Be Wrapped Just Right

Infants need to be swaddled a certain way, because there are a number of things that can happen if they are wrapped incorrectly. If a new little boy or girl looks similar to a burrito, that means they have been swaddled the right way.

But it is easy to wrap them a bit too tightly, which is dangerous since that can restrict the child’s breathing. It can also lead to the baby having a problem with his or her hips. If a baby is not wrapped tightly enough, he or she probably won’t be very soothed since they will likely be able to move around a lot.

9 The Baby’s Arms Should Never Be Straight

Mothers who swaddle their babies have to make sure that the child’s arms aren't straight. If they don’t, they are basically defeating the purpose of swaddling them in the first place.

Newborns tend to make fast movements, which can startle them. That is another reason why it is best to swaddle new babies. But if they are not wrapped up the right way, babies can still do this, and no parent wants their child to feel startled or scared.

When a baby is swaddled, their arms should be bent. This will keep the baby from being able to move their arms around.

8 If The Baby Is Rolling Over, It’s Time To Stop

If a child is able to roll over while they are swaddled, moms need to ditch the swaddle. One of the main reasons why swaddling is an awesome idea is because it helps keep babies safe. But if they are able to move enough to roll over, that means that they are no longer prevented from getting hurt.

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The reason why this is such a big deal is because babies can’t always get back into their original position once they have rolled over. If a child lays on his or her stomach for too long, they might not be able to breathe.

7 Too Many Layers Can Be Bad

Those who are swaddled should not wear a lot of layers of clothing under the blanket they are wrapped up in. Swaddled babies are typically very warm, so if they have a lot of clothing on as well, that can result in them being too warm.

Babies who are dressed in thick clothing or lots of layers while they are being swaddled can end up developing something called hyperthermia, which basically just means that they have an elevated body temperature. Being too warm is never good for anyone, so moms and dads need to be sure that their little ones are wearing something light before they wrap them up.

6 His Or Her Legs Should Not Be Straight

A baby’s limbs should not ever be straight when their parents swaddle them, and that includes their legs. If a little boy or girl is wrapped when their legs are not bent, they could face some pretty big problems in the future.

Children who have straight legs when they are swaddled will likely experience something called hip dysplasia, which can cause them to have unhealthy hip development. This also means that they might face some trouble when they are learning how to walk. The consequences of swaddling a baby when their legs are straight are serious, and they can last a long time.

5 Babies Should Not Be Swaddled All The Time

Little ones seem to enjoy being swaddled since it reminds them of what it feels like to be in the womb, but there is such a thing as too much swaddling. While new babies might need to be wrapped up a lot, doing it all the time can actually have a negative impact on them since it prevents them from being able to move.

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Parents should make sure that their new little boy or girl gets plenty of time to move and stretch their arms and legs. Babies do not need to be confined to a blanket every second of the day.

4 Swaddled Babies Should Be On Their Back

Babies need to spend time laying on their backs, and that is even more true when they are wrapped up tightly in a blanket. If a child is not placed on their back when they are swaddled, they could face some pretty serious health issues.

Those who are laying on their stomachs or their sides while being swaddled are at a higher risk for developing SIDS than other children are. There are also some other ways parents can make sure their babies stay as safe as possible, such as making sure the child’s crib does not have a lot of toys, pillows, or blankets.

3 Babies Should Not Be Swaddled While In A Car Seat

Babies can get a bit fussy when they are being placed in a car seat, but that doesn’t mean parents should swaddle them before doing it. If parents do this, they will be unable to ensure that their little ones are properly secured in the seat.

That is because the bottom section of the seat belt must be placed between the child’s legs. If he or she is wrapped up in a blanket, that part of the seat belt will not be in the right place. But, there are actually some blankets that are made for this type of thing.

2 It’s Not As Important As Skin-To-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact between a baby and his or her mother is a very big deal, and there is nothing that can really replace it. Babies really enjoy being swaddled, and they can benefit from it greatly.

But they can actually get many more benefits from getting a lot of skin-to-skin contact. This is actually quite beneficial for mothers as well.

Little ones usually calm down when they feel their moms holding them. This is usually very calming for mothers as well. It also helps strengthen the bond between a mother and her offspring, and it helps the child’s brain development as well.

1 If They Can Get Out Of The Swaddle, It’s Time To Stop Doing It

Those who find that their children are suddenly starting to free themselves from being swaddled need to quit doing it. If a baby is able to break free, that could be a sign that they should have been wrapped up a bit more tightly.

But if a baby was swaddled the right way and still managed to break free, moms and dads should not continue to do it. Babies who do this are probably too old and too big to be swaddled.

Infants are usually between three and six months old when they are able to do this. On average, children outgrow swaddling by the time they are four months old.

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