10 Baby Symptoms That Will Freak Moms Out (But Are Actually Normal)

Babies are these adorable, fragile little human beings who sometimes uncontrollably do some strange things. Moms need to remember that their little one is new to this world and their little bodies are trying to figure things out outside of the womb. There may be some things that a baby does that has some real potential to freak a new mom out. But there are a lot of little baby symptoms that seem odd but are actually quite normal and nothing to worry about. Things like spasms when the baby is sleeping, a pulsating soft spot, and even baby acne are all nothing to worry about. Continue reading to learn what baby symptoms are actually pretty normal.

10 Abnormal Breathing With A Stuffy Nose

Stuffy noses, sounding congested, and abnormal breathing sounds are more common in young babies than one would think. If your little one has been having issues with these three things pretty much since birth, it is usually nothing to worry about.

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The stuffy nose can happen when a baby is born or breastfeeding thanks to mom’s estrogen levels. Estrogen can be transferred to the baby and is known to actually stimulate the nasal passage, according to Parents.com. It usually fades at the baby gets older and within her first two months of life. By the time she reaches 6-months-old, her nasal passages should have doubled in size completely resolving the issue!

9 Spasms In Their Sleep

If your baby has ever had seizure-like jerky movements in their sleep, and only when asleep, it can be very scary to see your babe jerking about. It may even freak you out a bit, but there is nothing to worry about since these movements can be completely normal. According to Parents.com, this phenomenon is something called benign sleep myoclonus. Don’t let the big name freak you out any more than you already might be. Another more common myoclonus is the hiccups!

8 Lump On The Chest Of Baby Boys

Finding any kind of lump on your baby can be scary. It can really become confusing if all of a sudden, your little boy looks like he may need a training bra. But mom’s estrogen levels may very well be the culprit here if your little boy starts to look like a maturing little girl. If you notice a lump growing on your son’s chest, perhaps directly under the nips, it is nothing to stress out over. In fact, according to Parents.com, an estimate of 50 percent of healthy babies can have this phenomenon happen to them. In some cases, the baby may ever produce a white discharge resembling breastmilk. This usually clears up by the time the baby is one-month-old.

7 Spit-Up With A Red Tinge

If your baby ever has a tinge of red mixed with their spit-up, it can be quite frightening. But it’s usually nothing to ever worry about, especially if your baby is breastfeeding. Nursing can wreak havoc on a woman’s nips, and sometimes they may even bleed or crack while the baby is feeding. Other times, there could be a small tear in the baby’s esophagus caused by forced upchucking that usually heals on its own.

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Unless there is a significant amount of red, your baby should be just fine! If you ever question how much red is safe, it is always better to err on the side of caution and get your baby checked.

6 Orange Tinted Skin

If your baby is looking a little on the orange side, and she is too young to spray tan, while it can appear scary, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The orange color can kick in when a baby eats a lot of vegetables that are high in beta-carotene such as sweet potatoes and carrots and it is known as carotenemia. It is known to tint the skin an orange color. Carotenemia does not affect adults but happens in young children because of the way the baby food is processed, according to Parents.com.

5 Yellowish Skin And Eyes

When a newborns skin appears yellow along with the whites of their eyes, it is something known as newborn jaundice. It is also common among young breastfed babies as well as those who were born prematurely – before 38 weeks. The yellowing of the skin looks much scarier than it actually is. It is caused when there is an excessive amount of bilirubin in the baby’s blood – the yellow pigment of red blood cells, according to Parents.com. Since a newborn’s liver is immature, their liver doesn’t get rid of the excessive amount of bilirubin.

4 A Pulsating Soft Spot

Imagine looking at your baby’s soft spot to notice that it is pulsating. It would most definitely freak you out! However, if you do happen to see this, you don’t need to worry because it is actually quite common for newborns. The reason it looks like it is pulsating is that it is just blood being taken to the brain, according to Parents.com. As soon as your little one's soft spot fuses together, the throbbing will go away. The soft spot at the back of your baby’s head will usually fuse around 4 to 8 weeks and then 9 months to two-years-old is when the soft spot on the top of the had should vanish.

3 Newborn Acne

When you think of who gets acne, more often than not, you would not add a newborn baby to that list. But if you start to notice little white bumps on your baby’s face, there is no need to worry because newborn acne is actually quite common, according to Verywellhealth.com.

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It is usually caused by a hormone passed on from mom to baby during childbirth. There is no need to bother with trying to figure out how to treat it because it usually clears up by the time the baby is one-month-old.

2 Hiccups Galore

Hiccups can happen to anyone young or old and are nothing to be worried about. Hiccups can be a nuisance, but Mayoclinic.org describes them as involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. There are many reasons for a baby having an abundance of hiccups, such as feeding too fast or swallowing too much air when eating. If you do get concern about your little one’s hiccups, keep a hiccup diary to keep track of when they are and what triggers them like feeding.

1 Constipation

Infant constipation is common in many babies and is something that does not need to concern Mom. NationswideChildrens.org has stated that many times babies are not constipated and are just setting their own schedules for their business. Moms need to remember that even though they want everything down a schedule, babies don't work that way and your baby might just be irregular at the moment in that department. So, if your baby is providing smooth and soft stool then there is no need to worry.

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