Baby Who Underwent In Utero Spina Bifida Surgery Has Been Delivered Without Complication

A baby had a surgery while in-utero to correct his spina bifida. He was just born at 37 weeks and he's completley healthy.

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Jessica Trinkle thought she was having a normal pregnancy. She felt like baby was healthy and she was feeling very great about her pregnancy. She was getting more excited to be able to welcome their son into this world. Her world got turned upside down when she figured out that her son wasn't as healthy as she thought. Jessica learned that her son, Parker, had spina bifida. She immediately went home and started researching her options. Jessica learned that there was a procedure where Parker could be taken out of the womb to perform surgery. The surgery was called "open fetal surgery." She thought that the decision was a no-brainer and they chose to continue with the procedure.

At 25 weeks Jessica underwent the surgery. During the surgical procedure, the mother’s abdomen and uterus are cut open, allowing surgeons to close the opening in the baby’s back before returning him for the rest of the pregnancy. Jessica was able to continue on with the pregnancy and she delivered her healthy little Parker at 37 weeks.

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It was a miracle that the surgery was a success. Parker Trinkle was born on February 6. He was born by c-section at an Orlando Hospital. He weighed 5lbs and 5 oz.  He was the first spina bifida patient that never needed a NICU time and was able to go home with his family shortly after he was delivered.

Oklahoma Fox News

The Trinkle family have had their son home for a month and they know how much of a miracle he truly is. Although they have learned that even though the surgery was a success, their son will go through more challenges than other children. He will suffer with a few special needs that will need a little bit more attention than other children. The family wishes they could say that he didn't have any special needs, but then Jessica went on to say that little baby Parker is just "that special."

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