10 Ways To Protect Your Baby From The Sun

The warm weather is finally arriving making your little ones want to play outside more and do activities they can’t when they are stuck inside. And as much as we want our kids to get fresh air and to explore the outside, the sun can be a dangerous thing for babies and toddlers.

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With the sun releasing harsh U.V. rays that can burn our skin, and the heat and humidity that comes with the sun, moms and dads need to think of how they can protect their kids from the sun’s ray. Follow this guide to help protect your little ones this season.

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10 Check Medication

As parents, we always want the best for our kids, so we will give them medication if the doctor prescribes it, but sometimes there could be side effects like light sensitivity that your little one experiences.

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It can be hard to believe if your baby has any medication that you have to check the medication and talk to your doctor about any possible side effects. Though the chances are small that there could be a light sensitivity side effect, it is better to be safe than sorry.

9 Play In The Shade

A simple way to let your child play outside without worrying about the sun affecting them is having them play in the shade. Though the shade will not fully protect them from the sun’s rays, it is better then them playing out in the sun without any protection.

If you have trees in your yard that provide a cool shaded area, then set up a play area there for your baby. Or, if you don’t have any natural shade, see if a canopy can be set for them to enjoy playing in the cool shade.

8 Swim Shirts

Everyone will agree that the best summer activity is swimming. As moms, we have planned and gotten the cutest swim outfit and floaties for our little bundle of joy. As babies tend to have sensitive skin, we need to think about how we can protect them while they can still enjoy a swim time.

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The easiest way to protect our kids in the pools is with swim shirts. Swim shirts are made in the same material as a bathing suit but will cover their whole upper body. And swim shirts are great for both boys and girls to wear in the summer.

7 Put A Hat On

Before you and your little one head out the door to play outside, make sure to grab a hat from them to wear on top of their heads. By simply having your kids wear a hat it can keep the sun out of their faces and protect their heads. Hats are ideal for protecting our baby’s head especially if they have not started growing air yet or if they have then hair. With the hat protecting their face from the sun we can ensure a fun playtime outside with no sunburn.

6 Wear Sunglasses

When you and your baby are outside, you need to think about every part of them and not just their skin. That is why it is important to put sunglasses on your kids. When picking out sunglasses for your precious little ones, make sure the chosen pair is U.V. protected.

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This means the sunglasses will protect their eyes from the U.V. light the sun releases. Having your kids wear sunglasses can help them keep their eyes nice and strong.

5 Make Sure Baby Is Hydrated

It is important for parents to be paying attention to our babies as they play outside on hot, sunny days. Because of the weather you want to keep track of how often your child is taking a break and drinking water.

By making sure your baby is staying hydrated, it will help keep him cool in the heat, so the sun does not affect them as much as it could. If you and your little one are heading out to play in the sun make sure to pack a water bottle for the both of you.

4 Get A Protective Stroller

As Moms, we can’t help but want to go outside and take our little ones for a walk. It's nice for both of us to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature. But when it is sunny out the sun could be hitting out babies the whole walk and that is why we need to invest in a cool stroller for our babies.

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A protective stroller is different than a regular stroller because it has a part on top that can be extended over the baby. This little part of a stroller can make a huge difference when we are taking the little ones outside.

3 If The Sun Is Really Bad, Stay Inside

When the warmer weather comes after a long winter, it is easy to always want to spend time outside in nature. Once the temperature increases and gets closer to 90 degrees, you want to start limiting the time spent outside and stick to when the sun is not at its highest peak.

When you are feeling hot and sweaty, then your baby probably feels the same way. If it's going to be a hot day, try to bring your kids out in the early morning or towards the evening when the sun is not completely up in the sky.

2 Lather Up The Sunscreen

If you and your baby are going to be spending time out in the sun, you need to make sure that you put sunscreen on your little one. Next time you go outside, lather up your baby with sunscreen thirty minutes before you have any sun exposure.

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Make sure that you are reapplying the sunscreen every two hours throughout the day to protect your baby from getting burnt from the harsh U.V rays of the sun. And even if it is a cloudy day the sun can still cause sunburn so always make sure to put some type of SPF sunscreen on, even if it's not 100% sunny.

1 They Follow What Mom Does

When it comes to their kids and the sun, the most important thing for moms and dads to remember is they do what we do. So if our baby sees us going outside without sunscreen, they are going to fight us the whole time we try to put it on them.

Or, if they see us laying out in the sun trying to work on our tans then they are going to want to lay out in the sun as well. Moms are the first role models that babies have, so we need to make sure we are setting a good example! If seeking further information, Parents.com, BabyCenter.com, SkinCancer.org, and WhatToExpect.com are also worth referencing.

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