Baby-Wearing And 19 Other Simple Things Moms Mess Up Big Time (According To Doctors)

Okay, messing up happens to the best of us. So before we go anywhere with this article, we should absolutely reassure each and every reader that it's okay to make mistakes. It's just not okay to make the same mistakes over and over again as well as making specific and vital ones.

At least, this is the thought that most doctors have when dealing with the things that moms mess up the most (say that five times fast). Among the most prevalent things that moms tend to get wrong is baby-wearing. Of course, many moms love doing this, as they feel closer to their babies and believe there are similarities to how primates carry their young. And that may be all very well and good, but it doesn't stop moms from making some really silly boo-boos that put their child at risk.

This list will delve into this topic as well as 19 other ways that moms tend to mess up with their kids. The vast majority of these entries pertain to parents of children under the age of 5. And each of these entries comes from doctors and medical experts through sources found at the bottom. These sources are great links for further research. So, without further ado, here are baby-wearing and 19 other things that moms mess-up big time, according to doctors.

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20 Letting The Baby Play With Particularly Small Objects

Small objects and babies aren't good bedfellows and doctors want to remind moms of this so they stop making this very bad mess-up. babies love sticking things into their mouths as it's their way of trying to figure out what exactly they're coming into contact with. And you can imagine how bad things can get if they put a tiny toy, sequin, desk item, or hygienic item in their mouths. Parents absolutely have to be on top of this because their baby won't be able to figure this out for themselves. Although not every instance ends poorly, you don't want your child getting into a habit of doing this as it will be more challenging to alter as time goes by.

19 Not Giving The Baby The Menu That They Absolutely Need

Feeding babies and young children the right foods is something that is a "must" according to most doctors. But doing the opposite of this is one of the most common mess-ups that moms make. The first two years of a baby's life are absolutely critical for the growth of their brain and body. This is why they need to get Iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, and vitamin D. Skipping foods that are iron-rich, such as beef, may compromise your baby's growth and development. Therefore, doctors want to ensure that moms pay attention to what their kids are eating and that they are receiving al the vitamins and nutrients that their growing bodies need.

18 Strollers That Double As Shopping Carts Are A No-Go

There's a stroller, and then there's a shopping cart. They are two things. Two very different things with two very different purposes. Here are the best strollers of 2019. But some moms totally mess this one up and combine the two in order to more effectively do their shopping. Doctors really don't want this to happen and aim to remind moms that they cannot make this mistake. Filling up a child's stroller with food while they are in it is bad for them. They need to have room to breathe. Additionally, resting a basket of groceries on a buggy will likely tip it over. Either way, the result is negative. But moms can forget this when they are caught up in the moment and just want to shop successfully. This is why bringing another person with you is so important.

17 Wearing A Baby Over An Active Stove

Via: Pinterest

Pink got into trouble when she posted an image of her wearing her baby right in front of an active stove. Concerned mothers and doctors everywhere made sure to let her know that having a newborn so near a warm pan with fire and gas everywhere was a bad idea. To make matters even more unpleasant, Pink's six-year-old was kneeling on the counter right beside this. Sure, Pink was there to make sure everything was okay. But something could have gone wrong really fast. This is why doctors want to make sure that moms don't make the same mistake as this musical icon. On Pink's social media, one mom wrote, "I babywear all the time except when I’m cooking [warm] meals. The better alternative, I suppose if you really must, would be wearing the baby on your back."

16 Flipping The Car Seat In The Opposite Direction Sooner Than One Should

As it turns out, many moms are actually flipping their baby's car seat around far too early. As much as they, or their child, may want to be facing forward, they actually need to be facing against the grain to be safe. The CDC says that 59 percent of car seats are improperly used which means that their effectiveness is greatly reduced. Additionally, the Academy of Pediatrics has made it totally clear that infants and toddlers should ride in car seats that are rear-facing until they are at least 2 years old. Doctors urge moms to read the literature on this and to stop making this mistake so that their child will be comfortable and safe.

15 Starting Solid Fruit, Steak, And Escargot Far Sooner Than Appropriate

Once again, we, as well as doctors, have to talk about another common mom mess-up that has to do with what a baby eats. Some parents believe that starting solid foods will help their baby sleep more effectively. This is why they add things like cereal at meal time. In fact, more than 40% of parents start solids before their child is 4-months-old. But doing this means that you're introducing food to a baby's immune and digestive systems that aren't fully developed yet. This means that they can't defend themselves against potential allergens. As a result, the risk for food allergy, eczema, celiac, and gastrointestinal issues go way up. This is why doctors want to make sure moms don't mess up on this particular food rule.

14 Forgetting To Burp The Baby On Day One

Most new moms are just exhausted from their delivery. Therefore they can often forget about some of the most important things to do with their baby on the very first day of their life. Even though a baby will likely sleep most of their day, doctors want to remind moms that they cannot mess up and forget to wake the baby in order to burp them. Burping babies frees up room in their belly so that they can settle in well and feed for a longer time. Burping done in between smaller meals is beneficial to a baby who sputs up or who has gastroesophageal reflux. Releasing trapped gas also helps babies rest more soundly and, therefore, helps moms get a night of better sleep too.

13 Giving In And Smooching That Newborn Baby

Via: Picgra

How could moms not want to smooch their baby as soon as it comes out of them? After all, kissing is a very natural sign of affection. Additionally, a baby's skin is so smooth and soft to the touch that it just feels too good. But doctors want moms to stop making the mistake of smooching their baby. This is because kisses are bad for newborns who are prone to many of the bad things that kissing can transmit. Babies have very little immunity during the first bit of their life. They are in the process of developing these shields and need time to do so before being smooched. Things like cold germs, eye infections, lung issues, and the like can easily be passed to a baby via a kiss. This may not seem like a big deal, but to a baby, it absolutely is.

12 Spending Too Much Time Spoon-Feeding When Weaning

There's a common misconception that babies need to be spoon-fed for a year. This is not true. Babies can begin the transition to chopped, table foods at around 8-months-old. By the first year of your baby's life, they should be eating table foods, you just have to modify the textures so they aren't too tough. Your baby should also be using an open-top cup with small amounts of liquids so that spills are minimal. Of course, you should follow your babies' development cues, but this is pretty important. Sppon-feeding them for too long can create a number of physical issues and psychological needs. This is why doctors want moms to avoid doing this for too long. A little spoon-feeding is normal and important, but too much is going to hinder their development.

11 Letting The Baby Snuggle And Sleep With That Bottle

Via: Piknow

Letting a baby sleep with their bottle is one of those habits that moms fall into because it's just so much easier than dealing with a fussy and demanding baby. But doctors want moms to stop doing this. The biggest issue with letting a baby sleep with their bottle, or even a pacifier, has to do with the development of their teeth. Formula or milk left on the teeth for a long period of time will lead to a number of issues. A good alternative to this is swapping out the milk or formula for a bit of warm water for the baby to enjoy will falling asleep. But doctors would prefer it if not item was given to them while they are sleeping as it can pose a number of other issues.

10 Treating That Feeding Schedule Like Visiting The In-Laws

Via: Picgra

Doctors want moms to stop messing up when it comes to their baby's feeding schedule. They can't treat their babies as they would visiting their in-laws, meaning that they can't pretend to be sick with a rare tropical illness and skip out on it. According to WebMD, most babies feed as many as twelve times a day. This can mean that a mom has to feed to her kid every two hours, around the clock, especially in the first few weeks. Not doing this will result in a baby going hungry which could lead to more important issues. Although it can be challenging to see when a baby is full or not, moms need to make sure they stick to a specific feeding schedule so that a baby will be healthy and avoid feeling fussy.

9 Following Pinterest And Sleeping With Loose Sheets And Pillows

Via: Pinterest

If you go on Pinterest, you will see a number of beautifully photographed images of babies fast asleep amongst pillows and soft linen sheets. In fact, this very image is taken from Pinterest. But it's this image, and the rest like it, that doctors want moms to stop looking at. This is because it promotes unsafe sleeping habits for newborns. Excess pillows and blankets pose many issues for a sleeping baby who cannot roll out of positions they may find themselves in if they aren't being watched by an adult. There are many products on the market that claim to be okay. But doctors want moms to know the safety rules when it comes to putting their kid to bed. And almost none of them look like something you'd find on Pinterest.

8 Not Getting A Child Protected From Disease

Via: Twitter

There are only about a thousand reasons why doctors encourage moms to get their children vaccinated. Although some movements would have you believe that vaccinations aren't good for kids, or, even more hilariously, part of some world-controlling plot, there's absolutely NO truth to this. Sure, not all vaccinations are as important as others, some aren't very effective, side-effects have occurred, and not every child needs every one. But the vast majority are necessary for the health and development of that child and every other child around. Vaccinations only work if everyone partakes. So, making the personal choice not to get vaccinated is actually selfish and detrimental to everyone else, especially kids who haven't fully developed their immune systems.

7 Swaddling Tighter Than A Hug From Auntie Ray

Via: Pinterest

Without a doubt, swaddling is the most convenient ways of taking care of a newborn baby. It allows them to stay safe while also keeping warm and comfortable. Many babies even sleep better when they're swaddled, although swaddling their arms should stop once they're old enough to roll over on their own. Despite all of this, doctors still want to remind moms not to swaddle their babies too tightly. This is one of the most common mistakes that moms make when it comes to their newborns. Tight swaddling can hinder their circulation while they sleep and while they're awake. Tight swaddling also stops a baby from learning how to use their arms and legs, something that's vital for the development of their motor functions.

6 Some Incredibly Incorrect Baby-Wearing

Via: People

As mentioned, this list does include some of the most typical issues to do with baby-wearing; something that doctors find that moms tend to get wrong. One of the most recent and famous incidents regarding incorrect baby-wearing occurred after actor Julia Stiles posted an image of her and her child. She was instantly called out by critics for wearing her baby incorrectly, which could have caused issues on both the oxygen-front and the baby's limbs. Although she wasn't happy with the mommy-shamers, Stiles did thank them for pointing out the mess-up she had made and that she would, from now on, read the instructions properly. This is something that doctors urge moms to do as not everyone has a mass of fans who can point out their mistakes for them.

5 Not Knowing The Rules, Regulations, And Comforts Of Car Seat Straps

Via: TiniTrader

When it comes to mommy mess-ups, car seat issues are usually top of the list. This is why doctor's are pretty tired of reading about the improper use of car seats, especially when it comes to the littlest ones. We've already spoken about the issue with car seat positioning, but we also have to talk about straps. These straps need to be placed firmly over a child and survive the pinch test; meaning that you shouldn't be able to pinch the strap between your fingers. Additionally, puffy coats can make the straps less effective. Not every strap on a car seat is designed for every size of the child. Therefore, adjusting the straps to suit your child's needs is a must that parents cannot forget. On top of this, the straps must be straight and not twisted, as the twisted strap can also lessen how effective this imperative safety device is.

4 Leaving A Soiled Diaper For WAY Too Long

Many moms don't think it's that big of a deal to let a soiled diaper sit on a baby for a little while. Either they're out and about and don't have a moment to change, or simply trying to get their baby to eat or do something else. But doctors want moms to stop making this common mistake as a diaper that's soiled or wet can be very irritating to a child. Rashes are the most relevant things that can occur. But it's generally really unpleasant for a child and can lead to other issues. But, most of all, it doesn't smell good. Moms need to be on top of this. And nowadays, it's far easier to be thanks to some of the diapers that actually show moms that they are wet. Seriously, there are some pretty impressive products out there.

3 Back Off Helicopter Parents, Doctors Aren't Fans

Via: Picbon

Helicopter parenting is something that only the last couple of generations have had to deal with. Or, at least on the level that it's on today. Helicopter parenting can be something as simple as constantly managing what a child does, no matter of their age. It can also be trying to control their environment, including their friend group, academic life, and athletic life. In short, it's about constantly being there and constantly solving issues that some kids need to figure out for themselves. This is why doctors actually tend to believe that helicopter parenting is a mistake. Doctors on Live Science have done enough research to claim that these intensive parenting ideologies are actually detrimental to the mental health of a child. Kids with helicopter parents tend to be more anxious, more unhappy, and have a harder time with social skills, emotional maturity, and executive functions. So, maybe you want to let your five-year-old play unsupervised once in a while.

2 Tenting A Stroller With A Blanket... Especially On A Warm Day

Via: Hint Mama

Tenting a stroller, especially on a warm day, is a mega-mess-up in the minds of doctors. Since a newborn's skin is so sensitive to the sun, moms think that draping a blanket over their stroller will protect them from the sun. And they're right, it will. But it absolutely doesn't protect them from the temperature increase that happens inside the stroller. In fact, it's equivalent to leaving your child in a car on a warm day with all the windows done up. There are so many bad things that can happen if you drape a blanket over a child's stroller when out in the warmth. This is why doctors urge parents to know about the risks at play here and to stop making this choice immediately.

1 Underdressing And Overdressing The Baby

Via: Pinterest

Moms are often given somewhat ambiguous instructions concerning a baby's temperature. So, it's easy to understand why so many moms overdress or underdress their child whenever they leave the house. Babies can't easily express how they're feeling in regards to their temperature; are they too warm, too cold, how do we know? But doctors want moms to pay closer to attention to this as many less than positive things can occur when a baby's underdressed. Additionally, bad things can happen when a baby is wearing too many layers. There's no easy answer for how to this. In fact, it can drive a mom looney and that's understandable. A good rule of thumb is to know that a baby is generally just a bit more sensitive than you would be to whatever temperature you're experiencing at the moment.

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