Adorable Baby Wore A Different Halloween Costume Every Day In October

Erica Allen from Baytown, Texas, dressed her seven-month-old baby in a different costume every day for the month of October. The results are too adorable for words.

Allen, who at first wasn’t sure what she wanted to dress her son Cairo as for his first Halloween, decided that she would go all out and have him wear a different costume every night of the month. “My husband always called me a very creative person,” Allen told Good Morning America.

Her plan came about after she went shopping for Halloween costumes and couldn't decide between four different outfits. In the end, she bought all four. She then had the "crazy" idea to design 31 different costumes. Her crafting, which is simply amazing, resulted in a variety of costumes, including a cup of noodles, a Reese’s peanut butter cup and a Kraft macaroni and cheese can.

For the last night, Cairo was dressed up as a Cabbage Patch Kid. Allen, who works full time and has two other children, still managed to find the time to schedule an at-home photoshoot for each of the outfits. “Everything came together, and Cairo he was a great sport -- a very calm baby!” she said.

Her favorite costume, and this writer’s as well, is the mac n' cheese look, which she said only cost her an unbelievable $3 and took 20 minutes to make. At first, Allen posted the photos quietly to Instagram, but when a friend saw them and reposted them on Facebook, the photos went viral with 68k shares and 13k likes. “It just went crazy,” Allen said.

The proud mother says that the online acknowledgment was completely unexpected, and she appreciates the recognition for her hard work. “I’m just overwhelmed ... and I’m thankful,” Allen said.

Considering that baby portrait photography can cost anywhere from $170 to $500 per session, which includes the photographer's time for a pre-shoot consultation, the session itself, editing the final photographs, and the cost of the photographer's equipment, supplies, and travel expenses, Allen’s feat should be an inspiration for amateur photographers and moms everywhere.

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In addition, baby Halloween costumes on Amazon range from $15 to $150, therefore, Allen’s ability to make an adorable costume for just $3 is astounding. Perhaps most admirable of all is the fact that she’s made a scrapbook for her child that he can treasure for a lifetime.

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