Baby Zoey Ball Adorably Takes In Her First Lakers Game

Lonzo Ball's daughter, Zoey, attended her first Lakers game decked out in her own little Lakers jersey.

Lonzo Ball and his ex-girlfriend, Denise Garcia, welcomed their first little baby in July of 2018. Lonzo (nicknamed Zo) and Denise decided to name their daughter Zoey. Shortly after Zoey was born, the stress of being new parents was too much for the young couple and they decided to break up and co-parent. However, things were not that easy. Denise was a bit bitter about the fact that she was doing most of the parenting and told her Instagram fans that Lonzo "was a dead beat dad." Of course, this statement didn't sit well with Zo and he was obviously offended. They had a bigger falling out due to her, "I was joking" statements that she made on Instagram.

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Denise took Zoey to her first Lakers game last Wednesday to support Lonzo. Zoey was so adorable in her Lonzo Ball Lakers jersey. Baby Zoey was the greatest cheerleader and Zo was obviously very interested in showing off to his daughter. Lonzo had one of the best games of his entire career. He helped his team beat Detroit Pistons 113 to 100. Daddys always want to show off to their little ones.

It was really nice to see the family back together since their falling out after the Instagram "misunderstanding." It was amazing to be able to see little smiling Zoey in the stands who got excited every time that her daddy would run by. She was clearly the best cheerleader there and daddy's biggest fan. We are all suspecting if daddy plays like that every time that his daughter is in the stands then Zoey might be a more regular attendant to the games.

Hopefully, the couple can work it out and get back together because they really are a cute couple and they made one adorable little baby girl together. Parenthood is hard and many couples complain that they fight and argue much more than they ever have once they have children. Couples no longer get to do things for themselves and their time in no longer being spent with each other, but an angry little baby. Part of becoming a parent is learning how to maintain a good relationship with your partner through all of the adversity of raising children. Hopefully, they can fight through! We are all rooting for you!

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