Baby's Adorable Reaction To Daddy Lookalike Doll Goes Viral

This baby’s reaction to seeing a small doll made to look like his dad is nothing short of priceless.

It’s tough being in a military family. Either mom or dad sometimes gets sent away for months on end, missing so much time with their little ones. Not to mention how hard it must be on the baby to be without a father or mother for such extended periods.

One military family decided that their baby needed a daddy stand-in for when he’s away overseas. So, they found a way to get a small stuffed doll made with daddy-in-uniform printed on the front and back. The whole effect ended up looking almost like a 21st-century voodoo doll.

Although it may sound creepy, this family's little baby, Nathan, clearly loved the gift.

In a video posted by USA Today on their MilitaryKind video series, we hear Nathan’s mother ask, "Bubba, where's your daddy?" Then from off screen comes the military-themed father doll, and Nathan’s eyes go absolutely bug-eyed.


“Who is that?” Nathan’s breathless mother asks.

Nathan then starts to go into the baby equivalent of a conniption fit. If there wasn’t a clear stimulus for the event (like a crude analog for his father being tossed in his face) then the mother would likely have called an ambulance saying her son was having a seizure.

As adorable as Nathan’s tiny jerky movements are, they get even cuter once he reaches out and actually grabs the doll from his parent’s hands.

"Give daddy kisses," a male voice says, presumably Nathan’s father. Unfortunately, Nathan is still too young to understand English, or what a kiss is.

According to Fox News, the doll came from a website called "Daddy Dolls", which works to create small stuffed parent lookalikes for the children of military moms and dads. It is truly a great way to soothe a little one when their parent cannot physically be there.


That said, Nathan will surely feel his father’s absence. And while this small cotton replica is not a great replacement and certainly nothing like the original, it will surely be appreciated while daddy is gone to fight the good fight.


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