Baby's 'Demon' Face In 24 Week Pregnancy Scan Leaves Parents Terrified

Iyanna Carrington was excited to see her unborn baby at her 24-week gender scan but wasn’t prepared for the picture they showed her. The 17-year-old mother-to-be from Richmond, Virginia, shared pictures of the demon-faced child she was apparently carrying on Facebook after being reassured by the midwife that her baby girl was in fact normal.

Carrington had a sense of humor about the scan, considering the baby is not yet fully formed and it was merely a fleeting image taken as the midwife rolled the doppler over her bump a second time. What appears to be her baby covered in fur and devilishly smiling is an optical illusion.

The expectant mother couldn’t help but celebrate her demonic love child, writing that she “loved the devil baby so much already.” When she saw the first image, which confirmed the couple was expecting a girl, everything appeared as it should, yet after a second scan, Carrington and her partner Raleek nearly jumped out of their skin

"I said 'she looks like a ghost' in the doctor's office and the doctor said 'yeah, that's very [normal],'“ Carrington said. "Most babies hide from the camera. She looked towards straight at me and she scared me a bit because the room was dark. I don't know why she looked like that. Some people from the internet thought she was fake, but that's my real-life baby there.”


Posted by Iyanna Alston on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Equally shocking for the dad was that they were having a girl since he has two sons and expected a third. Once the couple settled down, they had a good laugh, realizing that their future daughter was far from being Rosemary’s Baby. " You can see her little nose on [the other image]. You can tell she's beautiful really," Carrington said.

At 24 weeks, a fetus has relatively see-through skin that is gradually becoming opaquer and usually has a pinkish glow, given the small capillaries that have recently formed. At this stage, the baby is considered "viable," meaning they weigh well over one pound, are developing airway passages and air sacs in their lungs and have more than a 50 percent chance of surviving with intensive care if you should deliver prematurely.

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During the final weeks of pregnancy, a baby will gain about six to seven pounds. At 24 weeks, their ears are extremely sensitive to sounds outside the womb and they can recognize your voice. Ultrasounds show that at this stage unborn babies love to play and will try to grab everything around them with their increasingly strong grip, including the umbilical cord, which they might swing or pull on.

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