Baby's Eczema Was So Severe That His Mother Couldn't Even Hug Him

At the young age of six-weeks, Angelo Berry was diagnosed with severe atopic eczema and was given special adult ointment to overcome the skin condition.

Angelo's mother, Chiara Berry from Warrington, was devastated to find out her son had developed a severe skin condition in the second month of his life. She recalled that he was utterly perfect after birth but then noticed a decline in his weight and skin at around six weeks. "His skin was just getting worse and worse. We bought him cream, but he was losing weight. The health visitors said to take him to the hospital to get weighed." she told Liverpool Echo.

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After transfering to Alder Hey Hospital, he was diagnosed with acute eczema and given the severity of his condition, his mother agreed to the doctors prescribing him strong adult ointments. "We had to make a decision on whether to say yes to a cream for adults. The doctor said that he would be scarred by eczema or by the cream. But he has had no scars from either," she said. The infant was covered with cream and bandages for a period of three weeks to fight infections and heal his ailment. He experienced extreme discomfort, and "cried all the time" during the process.

He was prescribed special milk to regain weight and improve his health condition. The disheartening fact was that even the mother was not allowed to comfort or caress her child due to the severity of the sickness. "You naturally just want to cuddle your child when they are upset, but I just had to hold his hand. It was really difficult," she said. Angelo's father, Jonathan, added, "I wished I was ill rather than Angelo."

The couple has an elder daughter named Rosa Maria who was also worried about her brother. "When my daughter heard him crying, she would go straight to him. I found it hard as a mum to say no to her, but she learned not to do it and would just pat his tummy," Berry said. The family has faced a lot of emotional stress during this time, but young Angelo has now fully recovered and recently turned two.

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He visits Alder Hey for routine check-ups and allergy tests. "The care Angelo received from Alder Hey Hospital was outstanding, and we wouldn't have our son the way he is today without them," his mother said.

Eczema is a severe skin condition in which patches of skin becomes rough and inflamed, resulting in itching and bleeding. We can only imagine how much pain and discomfort this two-month-old endured.

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