10 Adorable Things To Save In Your Baby's Keepsake Box

As children grow older, they love looking at things that remind them of their childhood; even if they can't remember everything that has happened. That is why it is such a great idea to start a keepsake box for little ones to cherish as they get older. Parents can get creative and decorate the box any way that they would like. As a child grows, parents can start storing special, treasured items in the box for safekeeping. Things like their baby's favorite stuffed animal or toy, their first outfit, or even hospital wristbands can all go into the cherished keepsake box. Continue reading to see other ideas that can get stored in a baby's first keepsake box!

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10 The Outfit Baby Wore Home From The Hospital

There is just something so special about a baby's first outfit, specifically the one that they were brought home from the hospital in. Years ago, some hospitals gave out shirts for the baby stating where they were born. These days, things are much more different and the newborn usually comes in whichever outfit mom or dad has chosen for them. This would be the perfect thing for parents to save for their little ones. It can allow the child not only to see what the fashion was like when they were born but how small and tiny they were as well.

9 A Lock Of Their Hair

In many baby books, parents will take a lock of the baby’s gorgeous hair from their first hair cut as a kind of memorable souvenir. So, why not take that lock of hair and add it into the baby’s first keepsake box. Some parents are a little weird about this while others seem to love the idea. It is all based on your preference and what you would like to save. Sometimes we are born with one hair color and it will either darken or lighten as we age. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what your hair actually looked like when you were little?

8 Baby’s First Pair Of Shoes

Baby’s have the most adorable tiny feet. So hanging on to your newborn's first pair of shoes is a good reminder to show just how little your baby once was. Some parents will even still bronze their baby’s shoes as a permanent reminder. Most kids love to see what their first pair of shoes looked like. They seem to love it, even more, when they can actually touch and feel their first pair of shoes compared to looking at them from just a simple photograph.

7 Hospital Wristbands (Both Moms And Babys)

Another interesting thing to save would be the hospital wristband that both mom and baby are given if mom gives birth in a maternity ward inside of a hospital. You can even put them inside of a picture frame with your little one’s first photo. Saving it in a frame can oftentimes help preserve the ink and will keep it from fading over time. Some hospitals even give new dads a wristband that would be worth holding onto as well.

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6 Favorite Stuffed Animal

Children often get very attached to certain toys throughout their life. When your little one outgrows their very first favorite stuffed animal or toy, perhaps it is time to retire it to their first keepsake box so that they can reminisce about the good times the duo had when they were growing up together and reaching their first milestones. Children often cherish their favorite childhood stuffed animal or toy for years to come. If need be, you can always stitch up any wear and tear that your little one’s favorite toy may have.

5 Baby’s Very First Picture

Another great thing to add to your child's keepsake box would be their very first picture regardless of if it's the ultrasound picture where you first found out your baby's gender or their first photo that was taken after birth; or even both! You can either buy a beautiful frame or get as creative as your heart desires and make one yourself. Either way, it is bound to come out looking so adorable and gorgeous. The photo frame will also help keep the picture or ultrasound picture safe from wear and tear.

4 Baby’s First Major Holiday Outfit(s)

If you have created your baby a decent-sized keepsake box for your little one, you may want to consider keeping some of your baby’s first major holiday outfits. Perhaps just the most adorable of them all or your absolute favorites. Maybe something like their first Halloween or Christmas outfit. Or, if you don’t want to save the whole outfit, perhaps just a piece of the fabric from your favorite part of the outfit. Your little one is sure to love looking at them as they get older. And who knows, maybe one day when your child grows up and has children of their own he or she might use that very same outfit for their little one.

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3 Baby’s First (Or Favorite) Blankie

Some babies love holding on to their first blankie. As children get older and start walking around, you may even see your little one carrying their favorite blankie around with them from place to place. It can oftentimes be comforting to them. When your baby decides that it is time to retire their favorite blanket for something new, it would make an excellent addition to your baby’s keepsake box. You can mend any holes or rips that it may have in order to preserve the life of it so that your child can see it when they get older.

2 Baby’s First Spoon Or Fork

Baby utensils are just so tiny and adorable. When your child is old enough to eat with a spoon or fork they may find that it is their favorite thing to eat with. As your child continues to grow and graduates to the next size in utensils, you can take the opportunity to wash them well and then stash them away in your baby’s keepsake box. It may even be something that your little one can display in their own space when they get older.

1 A Newspaper From The Day That Your Baby Was Born

One great and interesting thing that you can add to your baby’s cherished keepsake box for when they get older would be a newspaper from the day that they were born. It may not keehave any real sentimental value, but it will most likely catch your child’s interest when they get older so that they can see what was going on in your area or even around the world on the day that they were born. Plus, if you wait to give your child their keepsake box until their eighteenth birthday, who knows what the status of newspapers will be. For all we know, they may become obsolete since everything is now available online!

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